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Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dragoonv, Apr 24, 2012.
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  1. PurpleAngel Contributor
    My Beyer t90 is several years old, trying to find the slider repair kit.
  2. Storydog
  3. Mad Max
    It's best to contact and order from Beyerdynamic directly if you can for that.
  4. Mad Max
    T90 has a lot of resolution, a killer DAC is the way to go indeed.
  5. adydula
    Watching a video with a guys gut hanging out and a bottle of whisky and ranting and raving....wow!!

    Listeing with T90's right now and a Burson FUN amp with Sparko SS3601 op amps...

    Good stuff sounds GREAT, el crapo stuff sounds like el crapo.

    Light saber articulation...nothing medicore gets by and lots of people dont like this...so drink some more booze and whine!!

    Very different from the T1's here....but still uncanny sharp and clear...this is not sibiiant IMO here...its just that these cans are so dang unforgiving....
    and lost of stuff we listen to is well el crapo.

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  6. caenlenfromOCN
    exactly. t90 are really good. i regret selling mine.
  7. Mrcrunch08
    That's a pretty unfair judgement you have here considering there are more than two explanations. While I still own the T90's they are hands down the best worst purchase I have ever made in audio. I returned two pair hoping they had issues because of how painful they are. They are at the extreme of unforgiving and all three pair not only sounded exactly the same but sounded more like the description in that review than any review praising them. The only time I ever heard a T90 sound good stock is either with well recorded acoustic music or on an old vintage stereo owned by my friends parents. I don't own any old gear myself or anything with a high output impedance but the output impedance of an amp may help these but I really don't know. Maybe that is why you enjoy them while others(many others) find them painful. Maybe the music you listen to works well with them unlike the wide range of music that reviewer mostly uses for his testing. On top of that we have the hearing argument. For all anyone knows your hearing may not be great up high or people like myself may be over sensitive to the aggressive highend of the T90. If I'm being blunt I have yet to meet a person irl that tried my T90's with their selection of music and liked them. To be fair tubes helped but I never got in to the tube swapping thing. All I'm trying to say is there are plenty of valid reasons for him to have an opinion that doesn't match yours and you both can be right. In my case I am hearing what he was and regretted the purchase to the point I removed them from my music setup and moved them to my pc strictly for gaming. It wasn't until then I learned to love them. I have yet to find a better gaming headphone. That extremely boosted treble helps a lot and the imaging is insane. I'm also not against using eq with my pc setup and with eq these become one of if not my favorite for everything.
  8. FlavioWolff
    T90s might be the ideal pair for aging people who are less sensitive to treble
  9. caenlenfromOCN

    want to sell your t90's? I am looking to buy a pair in USA. i miss mine.
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Still trying to find a slider repair kit for my T90?
  11. GNR4EVER
  12. Storydog
    @ Purple Angel

    Nobody can help you, if you not make the things that were recommend to you.
    Beyerdynamic ist a helpful Company. Where ist the Problem?
  13. Magicman74

    I get all my parts off these guys. Just two older dudes who were trained in Germany by Beyer and are the US parts dealers. Drop them a line and they'll get back to you asap.
    Much faster then dealing with Beyer!!
  14. dhruvmeena96
    Replace dynamat with a acoustipack 7mm layered deading foam.

    It has butyl layer like dynamat, closed cell foam and top open cell foam.

    It will tune up the whole spectrum better and is lighter than dynamat.

    Due to bigger surface area of foam, it leads to better back wave damping in semi open design while its dynamat like property dampens the treble glare.
    So no bass loss and treble damping.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  15. Mad Max
    I think there are some "back waves" or something that shouldn't be messed with, that's why I don't keep dynamat around the main cup vent like he did.

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