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Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dragoonv, Apr 24, 2012.
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  1. UntilThen
    Nice gear. :)

    I haven't heard a T1.2 and I did miss the T1.1. It's great with tube amps. I've been mainly using my HD800 until the T90 showed up yesterday. I did not expect it to sound so good. T90 is vivid and has more presence than the HD800 but loose out in details, resolution and soundstage. It's a great sounding headphone though.
  2. -Darkstar-
    I still use my T90's quite a bit. Listening to music on my Laptop with an Apogee Groove, listening to movies and gaming. Love their transparency.
  3. FlavioWolff
    My new T90 Chrome arrived today, and I will listen to it in a few hours and update this post with my impressions.

    But I admit that I don't have good expectations. I purchased it on impulse (oh, the german build and looks...) and after reading a few good reviews here and on google. After it was shipped I came across the harsh (z reviews) opinions about the treble. Considering that I couldn't stand the treble on the DT990 and the HE400 in the past, chances are that I will not like the T90. Funny thing is that I really love the Grado treble, and I find it WAY less piercing than the dt990s and he400 were.

    Also, my only sources in the moment are the Dacmagic XS and my macbook air mid 2012 onboard output.

    Will update this in a few hours!
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  4. Tracktionmonkey
    :triportsad: My beloved T90s are 4 years old now. And the right driver has lost some volume.
    I’m based in London, and wondered what the most economic and practical way will be to replace the dodgy driver?
    I’m reluctant to send them away for long as the T90s are my work headphones for my music writing projects. And I live in a place where I can rarely use my speakers. Thanks for any tips! :)
  5. FlavioWolff
    Updates, after about 3 hours of listening.

    Well, mind is a b*tch. If I hadnt seen the hating reviews, maybe I would like these a bit more.

    Anyways, so far: comfort and design is top notch. Cable is fine by me. Sound: incredibly recording-dependent. They blow my mind on some songs, and are almost unlistenable with others. Soudnstage is amazing and instrument separation is almost perfect. Bass is spot-on. Amazing texture and definition. Nothing lacking there for my tastes. EQing the 8khz in a 10-band digital EQ -3db made wonders, but I refuse to do it, as I like to listen to headphones as they were engineered. I also dont like the idea of having to EQ it on every equipment I throw it on.

    So, for now, my impression is that when they excel, they really do, but they are not great daily drivers. And they are awesome for most heavy/thrash metal. Male vocals dont have that much sibilance.
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  6. adydula
    Well that says something if they " blow your mind" on some songs and are "almost unlistenable" on others...you have a transducer that can articulate the good from the bad....simple as that IMO.

    Many people complain in the same manner for lots of other cans and look for the set of cans that make all songs listenable! Not going to happen!

    Eq'ing for each song is crazy to me.

    It points out to the crap thats out there from a recording and mastering aspect.

    This is why I look for very well recorded stuff...and spend my time there.

    The people that make these cd's etc...who puch the levers and dails in the recording and mastering have an enormous affect on the final product and this is what your experiencing with a good set of cans..

    The sad thing is there are some atrists that I like that have NO good recordings....its just the way it is and getting a higher sampled version "HD" is not going to make it better.

    I agree on your reading of negative reviews and that influencing your experience...its amazing on what your brain and ego can play in this hobby! lol!!

    I started a thread over at audiocircle.com under the SALK speakers main thread. Its "outstanding demo quality cds".....it is pinned so its easy to find....its been growing over the years but it has hundreds of recommendations for really good and well recorded and mastered stuff that will make your experience with your T90's or any other set of "good" cans a pleasure!

    All the best
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  7. FlavioWolff
    Yep, Alex, perfect statement.

    My sr325is are almost perfect all arounders, but can't match this instrument separation and bass layering. Also comfort is miles behind. I'm very happy with the t90s for now. Is the Dynamat thing still recommended?
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  8. DjBobby
    Beyerdynamic traditionally designed their headphones using amps which were based on old DIN IEC standard, with very high output impedance of 120 ohm. Generally all Beyers tend to sound harsh when driven by "modern" near-zero output impedance amps. Also, they require quite large voltage swing to be driven properly. Connected to any OTL tube amp, the T90 sounds mellow and without any harshness, you can listen to them for hours without any fatigue.
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  9. FlavioWolff
    Wow, that's quite interesting. Until I get my hands on one of those, I'll try pairing them with my stereo integrated receiver (HK 3390). People say that these receivers have lots of output impedance, since the headphone outs are directly connected to the power amp circuitry. Don't know if it's true, but will try and report as soon as possible.

    They sound like Ferraris, to me. You won't take a Ferrari to a bumpy street and expect it to perform and be a pleasant drive. But take it to a nice, even road (think good recording and mixing), and they shine more than anything.

    Here are my two babies: in front, the LaFerrari. In the background, my trusty Corolla.


    Both in Chrome, of course, thank you.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
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  10. adydula
    I had the Grados 325i's as well a few months back....

    I looked at several legacy receivers and most have a 120 ohm impedance....

    That said the T90s sound absolutley wonderful with the Bottlehead Crack and Bottlehead Mainline and Schitt Vahalla2. I have all three.
    Most of the headphones I have now are 250 ohm or greater hence the tube amps.

    WIth great material its about as good as it gets IMO.

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  11. MaceHane2
    Amongst my many cans I also own the T90 Jubilee, and as regularly stated they do indeed sound great with the Bottlehead Crack, which I own.
    I just wanted to share another recent discovery for me - I bought the lovely-looking Klipsch Heritage amp/dac recently and I have never heard my T90 sound this good. It is one of those lovely instances in this hobby where perfect synergy occurs. Powerful, dynamic, detailed and muscular-sounding. It is truly a sublime sound that these two units concoct with each other!
    Worth an audition if possible.
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  12. FlavioWolff
    That klipsch amp looks so good it isnt even fair. Those guys know their design..
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  13. trellus
    I love the unique look of the chrome SR325i, those are relatively rare, no? I have the gold 50th anniversary Grado SR325i, and also the Alessandro MS2i, which have the brushed aluminum cups.

    Interestingly enough, even though I've read a lot of negative impressions of the T90, often complaining of murderous treble, I've been leaning towards getting a T90 because I read the same things about the SR325i before I bought it and I love those. Like you, I think I'd appreciate the enhanced comfort and bigger soundstage and better instrument separation of the T90.
  14. adydula
    I had the 325i's and they sound a lot like the T90's. Both are bright leaning cans.
    They major difference to me is the comfort in wearing the Grados compared to the T90's.

    I really liked their sound profile, but the comfort factor to me over hours was the reason I sold them and the T90s easily take that place
    with no regrets here...

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  15. kman1211
    Definitely explains why every high impedance Beyer I tried sounds good on my Sony UDA-1, which quite obviously has a high output impedance and a good voltage swing. My T1.2’s sound lovely on the amp.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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