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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. eldani
    Lovely picture! But I assume you have to take off the cable?
    Also kind of stupid of Beyerdynamic that the made this huge custom case that comes with the 1770 but you still have to take off the cable to put the headphone in (!)
  2. pietcux
    Yes, you have to take off the cable, but that's just easy to do.
  3. Packdemon
    I'm not sure, but if you've ever tried T1's then I could compare my T1 COP to that so you kind of have a base of reference how mines sound. My T1 COP has an overall a similar sound to the T1 the highs and for the most part the mids were unaffected by the changes done and the base was adjusted to be almost as loud. Overall, however, the headphone do sound much louder, and have an astounding amount of isolation to them. The soundstage has gone down by a very small amount though.
  4. Mshenay

    It would be nice to see what the Cables are pin out wise, I have 2 no three Mini XLR cables at my disposale. All of them with Full XLR pin outs, I might buy this JUST to get the Stock 3.5mm out lol

    Though I'll have to find some one to mod em for me, gatta have them wood cups xD 
  5. bjamn
    Got these Friday. Short review: driver mismatch.
    30hz to around 200hz sits defiantly over to the left. Going back. 
    Solrighal likes this.
  6. Solrighal
    Man that's disappointing.
  7. bjamn
    Yeah, I really like them otherwise. Really really.
    Maybe I'll try again. (Sorry, Amazon)
  8. pietcux
    So you do not declare them as defective and wait for the replacement unit, that is sent for free? Did this with my Sony Z7. The cable was defective. Got the replacement unit , took the good cable and sent the unit back with the defective cable, but unused can.
  9. Swolenasty
    How do these sound compared to the T1 Gen 1? In terms of bass, mids, treble. I know the soundstage is smaller but by how much? Also are these more musical or more neutral?
  10. pietcux
    I heard the T1 v1 once a few years ago and was blown away by it's performance on cymbals. This was helped by the famous Beyer treble peak. The DT1770 and the T1 V2 still have very clear treble, but without the hefty peak. Beyer ironed the peak out as a sound evolution not a revolution. I had the pleasure to listen to both the T1V2 and the DT1770 at the IFA in Berlin last month. I bought the T1770 because it is in my price range and because it is closed. The staging of the DT1770 is very good, out of the head but more to the left and the right, whereas the T1 V2 is more 3 dimensional for sure. It has the angled drivers and as far as I understood, its divers are even more powerful as the DT1770s are and as the coil has thinner wire it is lighter and therefore the whole driver system is more responsive than the already very responsive DT1770 driver.
    DecentLevi likes this.
  11. bjamn
    I may have to do an exchange. These things really are fantastic. 
  12. bjamn
    The thing is, they didn't seem to start that way and I only heard it once they'd "burned in" gently for awhile. I've gotten out of the habit of running test tones (you always seem to find something wrong), but only do a test once actual listening uncovers a possible issue. 
  13. Swolenasty
    How is the sound compared to the T5p?
  14. dreambass
    I own the t-90 and 1540, love both. May I be so bold as to also ask for a comparison with these two.

  15. gelocks
    Quick and dirty: T5p doesn't have as much bass presence nor punch as these (DT1770). But what the T5p lacks in bass, has in mids and a less "hollow-ish" sound which I've been hearing on the 1770s. T5p's sounds more boosted up top but it's probably due to lack of bass being present. Overall in comparison, 1770s are warmer.
    SRH1540 was almost basshead cans to me!. Good mids and very good imaging but a bit too much mid-bass. Right now I don't find the 1770 as bassy or warm as the 1540s. Something that surprised me on the 1540s is they they almost had the "V-Moda" approach to "tame" the treble (from 4khz or so). Maybe not as exaggerated, but to my ears the 1540s lacked "life", lacked air. The DT1770 although capable in the bass department, it is definitely NOT as "muted" up-top as the 1540s. So I guess it would be a "preference" thing. Both come with lots of accessories, extra pads, and both are comfortable, etc. The 1540s can be found at a way lower price though... both are enjoyable. One thing that made me sell my 1540s was... leakage!!!!! The 1540s leaked quite a lot at decent volume levels. My test is always at work since it's a cubicle environment. If someone can listen to my tracks, that headphone failed...
    And I'm sorry to say that... at least with the velour pads on, the DT1770s seem to be suffering the same fate! :frowning2:
    I was just asked if I was listening to "Merengue" (tropical Latin America music) by a co-worker!!!
    (and yes I was... she could hear the trumpets and sax playing!).
    It might be due what I guess are the bass ports.
    Thing is that these call for a bit of volume, and when applied, leak! Oh well... will keep on testing.
    Right now: Sony NWZ A17 (no audio settings enabled -- no clear bass, no eq, no nothing) --> Schitt Magni
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