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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. GeorgeNapalm

    I used to have EL-8 closed and they were terrible. Worst headphones I've ever heard: tonal balance was completely off. I just got my 1770 today and I'm loving them. I had a brief chance to listen to them and found them extremely impressive for a closed headphone: true tonal balance, excellent soundstage and imaging. They best my favorite NAD HP50 in every way. And the build quality is top notch. The only downside is big clamping force. Cannot comment on leakage yet.
  2. plakat
    That was my, admittedly short, impression as well... the open variant was a bit better, but I disliked the design anyway.
    While I can't directly compare the EL-8 to the DT1770 as too much time passed since, the DT1770 immediately pleased me when I put them on for the first time.
    I know I listen at rather low volume so leakage is generally no problem for me (and I don't try to use any headphones at a library or near someone trying to sleep). But at my listening level the DT1770 does not leak much if at all.
  3. Hifiaddict

    Just bought this case from amazon for 20 pounds.
    Fits the phones nice and i don't have to take the cables off which is the best thing, and it has room for other things if i want.
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  4. RERO

    That seems okay.

    Does the 1770 have any ports?
  5. plakat

    Yes, it has ports of the same size as the DT770, but on both cups they are on the back side, just above the gimbal mounts. The DT770 has them left on the back, right on the front, obviously reusing the same cups while the DT1770 uses different left/right cups.
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  6. gonzalo05
    Would anyone be able to tell me which would be a better can between these and T90 Jubilee. This will be my very first Beyerdynamic thanks.
  7. DecentLevi
    I want to post a little advice to several people I've seen in this thread, including the previous poster above: It's not logical to ask "which headphone is better than another". Nobody can tell you which headphone - or which amp, DAP, DAC, cable, etc. is better than another. We can only tell you the differences between the two. You see, everybody hears things differently, according to their hearing ability and their preference - that is, the way we interpret & prefer the sound. So something that is better to one person will often be worse to another. If there was always a consensus that one product that bested all others, we would all be identical clones and there would be only one product of each category. So to answer your question of whether the T90 is better than the HD 1770 I will tell you:
    I have not heard either, but if I had then I would give you a comparison (regards to the way it responds to low / mid highs, soundstage, dynamics, etc.) rather than saying that one is better than the other. Furthermore, the better way to ask it would be to ask about which exact element you would like to have compared, such as "which one has more bass than the other", this way you can compare what it is you were really after.
    Also I would like to point out that for those giving up on the 1770 due to reports of isolation issues - please consider that attaining a good seal is influenced by the size/shape of your head and the earpad material, so what isolates bad for one may isolate good for another. I do recall reading more positive than negative on this one.
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  8. gonzalo05
    That makes sense, thanks for your input. I checked your profile and seen you have the HD650 I do too. How do they compare to any Beyerdynamic ?I have never heard any of their products.Thanks.
  9. DecentLevi
    Thanks for not taking my reply the wrong way - I know it may have come off as a bit harsh but sometimes we just have to be black and white about things.
    My take is the 'house sound' of Beyer. varies widely throughout their headphones, but they generally lean toward the brighter / smoother / more analytical side, that is somewhat treble focused and organic rather than grainy - but I've also yet to hear much in the soundstage dep't' from them. Sennheiser on the other hand seems to generally have one 'house sound' the is darker with lush mids and big soundstage; that is slightly more bass focused; the bass being very lifelike and well textured however, with lush vibrant mids; whereas the Beyer. mids often seemed more dry and clinical.
    But this is only in my opinion (IMO). [​IMG] 
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  10. gonzalo05
    That gives me something to ponder thanks again.
  11. Koolpep
    Oh the house sound:

    My beyerdynamics: DT770 88th LE, T90 Jubilee, DTX102, T50p (sold)
    My Sennheisers: HD650, HD598, Momentum, Amperior, HD25-1

    My experience with the house sound based on the above: hardly there, they are all very distinctively different. Sometimes different headphones across brands are closer to each other than to their "brothers". You can make out similarities between some of them, but then you will find plenty of other examples where this is not the case as well :wink:

    Best is to have an open mind and keep listening...now when can I listen to the DT1770 in Dubai, grrrrrrrrr.

  12. SNSDluv
    Has anyone actually answered the question, how does DT 1770 compared to T1 first gen?
  13. plakat

    I'd roughly say the DT1770 has a bit more bass, smoother treble, a bit less prominent mids, a bit smaller soundstage, a bit less detailed, a bit more clamping force, no angled drivers, detachable single-sided cable. Not to mention the obvious difference of closed vs. semi-open...
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  14. pietcux
    I could test today that the cable from the AKG K7XX works the same way as the Beyer cable. Left and right channel are the same. So we have a big pool of cable options.
  15. Hifiaddict
    Hey do have any link to where i can buy 4 meter straight cable for the dt 1770?
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