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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. TokenGesture
    And - leakage?  A lot, a little, none?? 
  2. Waro

    I was able to use it with my HTC Desire HD at only 30% volume. Don't get confused by the 250 Ohm, the Tesla 2.0 drivers are very easy to drive.
  3. pietcux
    Tested it with a coworker in our office today. As long as I listen at a level that is comfortable to me he does not hear it from his desk. Only when I turn up the volume to a level, that is very loud and no longer comfortable for me, then he can hear something, but cannot tell what I am listening to. Distance is 2 meter with no separating elements in between.
  4. ph58
    . Great to know that , i can sleep now in peace , thank you very much .
  5. gelocks
    A little, at mid-loud volumes it does leak but not Denon Dx000 levels or anything like that.
    It actually is easy to drive but it really loves power! To me, it sounds way better amped.
    Trying the leather pads today, it feels good on the ears, as comfortable as the velour pads. Bass is still tasty, maybe a bit more mid-bass. What I believe is a bump in the high mids, it is still discernible with the leather pads. All in all, I don't have a preference in either set of pads. The headphones sounds good with either of them to my ears. This weekend I will do some direct comparos.
  6. ph58
    Hi , i have more questions , it is about the sound signature of the  DT1770 , doeos it sound dark warm or clear bright ?  Thanks in advance .
  7. gelocks
    No and... No!? :)
    To my ears, they don't sound overly warm (with either set of pads). Compared to what I consider warm cans such as: Senn HD600, Master and Dynamics MH40, Shure SRH1540, JVC HP-DX700, AIAIAI TMA-1 Young Guru (super dark), Sennheiser Momentum, most T50RP-modded headphones (including Mad Dogs, Alpha Dogs, ZMF Vibro), etc. they are definitely NOT as warm. They do seem to have a bit of mid-bass presence as most of these mentioned but a definite different "vibe".
    Also, they are NOT bright either. I consider bright headphones: Shure SRH940, KRK KNS series, HiFiMan HE560, Beyer T5p, most of the Ultrasones I've tried (with the exception of the Signature Pro), Grados SR60, etc. But they seem to have an emphasis on the upper mids as I mentioned before.
    The tonal characteristic is basically "in-between"... it's as if Beyer decided to try and make it neutral but I don't think they achieved that either. All in all, I find the signature fun for them being marketed as a "Studio" headphone. They remind me more of a "tamed" Beyer T5p actually. More bass presence than the T5p, less high-end bite, good expansive sound, good mid-detail but not as in your face as with the T5p.
    Since I'm cheap, I wouldn't buy them at full price (lol), but bearing in mind the "happy medium" signature, good performance, extra pads and cable, cool looking box, and excellent looks (and well built it seems), I don't feel I "lost" anything buying them at full price.
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  8. ph58
  9. ph58
    And how do you compare it to the SigPro ?
  10. pietcux
    I decided that I need to get them, after listening to the Sennheiser Orpheus for full 10 minutes. I just went from the Senn booth on IFA 2015 to the Beyer booth and stumbled upon them. Gave them a look and a very long listening and was hooked. The Sig Pro is very good, but I had to let them go because for me the ear cups were to small. Sadly I sold them a few month ago, so I cannot really compare them. The Signature Dj was also sold because of the same issue. I loved the sound of both, as different as they are.
  11. Mad Max
    Haha, I wished T5p were brighter when I tried it last year.  I really look forward to 1770 now, thanks!
    I like a little upper mids emphasis, would you consider 1770 as emphasized as some of the other Beyers you've tried, ignoring T5p?  As emphasized as Grados?
  12. plakat

    Very good characterization of the DT1770... Yes, rather neutral, still engaging and on the middle ground between warm and bright. The more I listen to them, the more I like them.
  13. BrockSamson
    Do you guys think these would be good for gaming as well as music? Overkill perhaps, but would it be a good choice?
    I have a set of HD 598 which are generally amazing for competitive gaming in a quiet environment. Begin a low-bass open headphone however, they aren't as well suited for a more theatrical experience in a noisy environment. I can hear every footstep in a game along with every word on the TV show that my family is watching, and when Two Steps From Hell or other similar "epic" music starts playing with all its drum rumbling glory, I can hear all the details and quality but there isn't any feeling to it. Outside of games I listen to almost all music genres, but electronic or rock are high on my list so handling that well is important.
    I had been looking for a closed headphone and had the DT 770 (likely 80ohm) or Oppo PM-3 on my short list of candidates and then I saw these and was thinking that they might be a significantly more expensive best-of-all-worlds for me. Would it be? At home I have a Soundblaster Z which is amplified but with a pair of DT 1770 I'd also probably pick up a Schiit Uber Stack (and make full use of 3D positional audio over optical). If I ever brought them to work I'd either drive it straight from the Macbook Pro they gave me or perhaps get something portable like an Oppo HA-2.
    What do you guys think? Would this be a good match for me? Anywhere to hear them in person in the Chicago area? Are you guys ordering direct from Beyer or from other stores? No-name fulfilled by Amazon seller?
  14. DecentLevi
    I would venture out to say the DT 1770's would be a slam-dunk for video games! Being fairly neutral yet slightly warm, big soundstage and (usually) good isolation, go for it. The DT 770 was fantastic for electro in my book, so the 1770 should be too, if not better.
  15. DecentLevi
    However I don't recommend Oppo's current product line. After trying them multiple times with multiple setups, I've found the PM3 to be bassy/dark, un-detailed with rolled off highs, and the HA2 portable DAC/amp to be passively OK but also lacking detail retrieval, and a pretty small soundstage
    EDIT: looking at past notes, I had found the HA2 unit to sound neutral & detailed until I had compared it to a better DAC. I also found the PM-1 too v-shaped & not punchy, and the PM-2 too dark
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