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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. bjamn
    This has not been my experience. While the 770's rest comfortably (lightly hugging my head), the 1770's are squeezing tight (uncomfortable so). Not exaggerating. 
    Hope they relax, or can be stretched.
    After the bass imbalance, I'm up to two strikes with these...
  2. pietcux
    I have no imbalances at all and the clamping force is perfect. The headphone sits exactly where I put it for hours. Just like I need it.
  3. bjamn
    Wanna trade? [​IMG]
  4. plakat

    Ears? Head?
    I'm in luck: the DT1770 fits me perfectly... but thats something very personal of course.
    Regarding clamping: to me the pressure applied by DT1770 and DT770 is about the same. The T1.2 is noticeably less though. 
  5. plakat

    Thanks for checking... I have to admin I was too lazy as my K7XX is packed up in its box at the moment...
  6. bjamn
    I meant the 'phones. [​IMG]
    I don't think my head's big, I wear 7 3/8 hat (US). Maybe I just got a snug pair. 
  7. plakat

    What I wanted to say is that comfort is very personal and not necessarily a function of head dimensions... every person has different preferences where pressure is acceptable and where it is not. The HE1000 was such a case for me: it put pressure on the back part of my jaw, upper part of the neck. I could not stand that and would never buy it by that fact alone (furthermore I like neither its sound nor its finish, so that was an easy decision :wink:
    But as the DT1770 headband is metal I think stretching it carefully may do the trick. I'd grab it by the ends of the headband, not the cups or the yokes though. And I take no responsibility for that advice...
  8. pietcux
    Today I could put the DT1770 on the head of a coworker, who owns the DT770 since 25 years. We did not have much time, but he did listen from his smartphone to a female Jazz singer, who's concert he had attended last sunday. He smiled, said that the DT 1770 is a great headphone, better than his DT700 and decided to donate the DT1770 to himself on Christmas this year.
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  9. Waro
    I brought my DT 1770 Pro back to the store, because it made my head hurt strongly after 1-2 hours. Stretching didn't make a difference. My small ears did fit perfectly inside the cans and my head isn't big too, by the way.
    According to beyerdynamics datasheets the DT 1770 Pro has not the same clamping force as the DT 770 Pro, they did more than double the clamping force!
    http://www.beyerdynamic.de/shop/media//datenblaetter/DAT_DT1770PRO_EN_.pdf 7,2 N
    http://www.beyerdynamic.de/shop/media//datenblaetter/DAT_DT770PRO_EN_A7.pdf 3,5 N
  10. pietcux

    They stated more than one time here that they changed the way they measure the clamping force and that it is nearly the same. Btw, mine do not clamp too much to me.
  11. gelocks
    For the record, they don't clamp as hard as any Ultrasone Headphone I've tried... (and others). I think it's a good/nice "grip" though. I've been enjoying mine quite a bit. Time to test those "leather" pads for the next few days.
  12. Hifiaddict
    I just found a new review on the dt 1770 adding the link if anyone whant`s to read it.
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  13. ph58
    Hi guys , i want to know about the Mids and Highs + Detail , Soundstage of the DT1770 pro , i'm not asking about Basses because i know that it have plenty . Thanks in advance . 
  14. pietcux
    This can has all you want with a decent quality. Highly recommended.
  15. ph58

    Thank you ,and i have more questions:  Have any one try this can with the Ibasso DX100 ? , How about for a portability use ? Is it easy to drive with a DAP ? Thanks in advance
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