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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. pietcux
    So many questions!
    1. They don't leak a lot
    2. I find the coiled cable perfect for portable use, it has just the right length
    3. They scale with the equipment
    4. have only a real dog [​IMG]
    5. the mid bass hump is gone , subbass is available
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  2. bjamn
    Got crazy this afternoon... DT-1770 on the way!  [​IMG]
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  3. Koolpep

    Man, you are right, will discuss further via PM then.

  4. amnesiac75
    I'm torn between buying the dt1770 for $600 or getting the 1st gen t1 for $720. I've never owned or heard a $500+ closed back but have owned the sennheiser hd 600/650/700 beyerdynamic dt880/600 and akg 712 and over time I've sold off all but the hd600s and of all the headphones I've sold the beyerdynamic dt880/600 are the ones I miss the most. I currently use the schiit uberfrost/Asgard 2 and am just looking for something different/better and think maybe a premium closed back would be a good choice.
  5. beyerlove
    Hearing your liking of headphones (especially you're missing DT880), it seems that T1 1st gen would fit you better. 1770 is far solider than T1.
  6. Hifiaddict
    A am a newbi to reviewing headphones so i will try to explain my thougts on these cans simply.
    I have only had them for 3 days now.
    Comfort wise are really good maybe just a little too much clamping force on the side but it`s no problem for me wearing 
    them for 4-5 hours.
    Build quality is excellent fells really solid and will last a long time for me.
    Looks really nice i like the all black stealth look.
    The soundstage on these are really good dosen`t fell boxed in at all.
    The highs are very bright whitout being sharp or fatigue.
    The bass has just enough punch whitout being boomy 
    Overall i think it sounds very neutral and precise.



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  7. Synthax

    Be a good fellow and do a big description of sound after receiving them :)
  8. Rowethren
    Just got my Beyerdynamic DT 1770 and have been using them for a couple of hours... Not much to say other than WOW!
    I have them connected to an Uberfrost and a Lyr 2 with some nice Philips Miniwatt SQ tubes.
    The sound stage is so much bigger than the DT 770; I would say it isn't too dissimilar to the sound stage on my Hifiman HE-400i. There is a fair bit of bass (not as much as the DT 770 but loads more than the Hifiman HE-400i) but it is controlled and goes very deep. The treble is crisp and fast but not to the point of discomfort. Mids are much more present than on the DT 770 vocals all sound great!
    Only bad side I can see so far is that the clamping force is a bit too much. Hopefully this should diminish in time though and it still isn't enough of a problem to stop me wearing them for 5 hours solid.
    I prefer these to all my previous headphones including my Hifiman HE-400i, DT 770 Pro 80Ohm and some more expensive Westone W60 (obviously not as portable as the latter though).
    Anyone have any questions just ask!
    *Oh and if anyone was wondering they only took 2 days to get to me in the UK after ordering them direct from Beyerdynamic.*
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  9. Vartan
    DT 1770 Nominal headband pressure approx. 7.2 N

    DT 770 Nominal headband pressure approx. 3.5 N
  10. Rowethren
    I cannot be arsed to go through the whole thread to find the quote but the Beyer rep did say they changed the method that they measure the clamping pressure so it seems like a bigger difference that it actually is. It is higher than the DT 770 but it is definitely not double the amount of pressure. As I said a bit of wear and it will probably not be a problem anyway due to the steel headband stretching.
    On another note does anyone know if Beyer has used the same pinout for the Mini XLR connector as AKG does? Just interested so I can get a custom cable made. 
  11. normanl
    Could you please elaborate more on "1770 is far solider than T1". I'm also deciding between these 2 HPs.
  12. gelocks
    Do note, I saw a T1 sell for $450 on eBay yesterday... so, check the used market (including head-fi's own classifieds) and deal away if you'd like to try the T1s.
  13. DecentLevi
    Great video review on page 34, Mike. A few quotes I liked:
    Much bigger soundstage and better imagining than DT 770, "If you like the DT 770, don't try the 1770 because it makes the 770 unlistenable in comparison." The 1770 is a much smoother and more organic sound than the 770 and more refined. Seeking a closed back headphone with the perfomrmance of a $1,000 headphone, the 1770 is your guy. "I tell you this is a very very nice upgrade for the Beyerdynamic line"
  14. gelocks
    NTS alert....
    Case is very roomy and huge! Definitely NOT a carrying case.
    Two cables in the bag, room for the extra ear pads. 
    Case feels sturdy and looks good.
    Coiled cable and straight cable. Both have their own adapter.
    Similar to the DT770 design. Pads are the same type of velour, at least of what I remember the DT770s.
    Leather/pleather/etc whatever close up pics.
    Listening directly from my laptop (as days pass, I'll be testing from my other set-ups), surprisingly NOT as hot in the treble region, and I AM INDEED using the velour pads! But I'm pretty sure that there's a bit of a boost somewhere possibly 3-7khz just because a bit of sibilance is being emphasized just a TINY bit. Still, boost seems to be tastefully done and it's a bit surprising that my ears are NOT bleeding lol. Basically, not as hot as Shure SRH940s, Yamaha MT220s, heck even the Denon D5000 bothered me a bit with some tracks on this very same region. These seem to be more "polite" against these ones mentioned and against the 770 (all this from memory though). But they are not as "warm" either... they are something like in the "middle"... Bass is still there... not as much mid-bass as their DT770 Pro 80, Sony MDR-1A nor the D5000s (as I remember). Sub-bass is present but not overly so --> (do note, using the velours... pleather/leather might change this!). Expansive sound unlike the Oppo PM-3s (which are the most closed-in close backs I've heard in a while), not as wide as the D5000s/Sig DJs, more similar to Alpha Dogs/LFF Enigma's in any case.
    I still need to test a bit more and compare against what I currently have at home (i.e. MDR-1A, PM-3s, Sig DJs, weirdo T5p's, Dido D901, MH40s, etc.).
    We'll see if these actually make me start selling a couple of cans!! :xf_eek: :xf_eek:
    Tracks used: (I have the original files, not youtube...)
    (yes, I listen to a bunch of different things... :p)
    Will keep you posted with more notes...
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  15. Packdemon
    Hmm, the DT 1770 being closed-backed headphones with the performance of a $1,000 headphone you say? Personally, I'd disagree. You wouldn't get headphones like that unless if you custom made it or modified existing headphones yourself. But, I could be biased of course. I mean, I did modify a custom one pro headset to fit a Gen1 T1 driver (with the baseports turned to max), and then proceeded to fit it with a beyerdynamic HS 800 aviator leather headband and non-perforated leather memory foam earpads. This was done to give more base with the additional seal to fully make up for the lack of of base that was created by putting them ins a closed environment in the first place. This whole projected costed me a little under $600, not all that bad considered all the the features and functionality I get out of truly audiophile grade drivers being in a COP headset.
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