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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. TokenGesture
    C'mon people more reviews/comparisons please...  [​IMG] 
  2. Packdemon
    Yup, and since most of their components are similar they can be replaced for one another with far ease and only in some cases do things have to be modified to make the new components fit. Forget about the Fostex T50RP headphones. Beyerdynamic are probably the best and easiest headphones to modify/customize, I do more builds with Beyerdynamics than I have any other headphones.
  3. Mink
    Please allow me to go off-topic just a second: I see you own both the Z7 and PM-3.
    How do they compare?
  4. TokenGesture

    Well, first the Z7 is a full size and the PM3 is a portable.  So the Z7 has the bigger presentation, bigger soundstage.  It is excellent on front to back layering.  It is very comfortable.  It is much darker than the PM3, by which I mean that the Z7's focus is on the bass and mids, while the PM3 is far more neutral. The Z7 is a marmite 'phone - those that like it love it, the PM3 I think would please most listeners.
    The Z7 leaks sound though which is a bummer so I'm still looking at full size closed options, hence my interest in this new Beyer...
  5. Mink
    I like the Z7 a lot for the reasons you just described. I guess I will pass on the PM-3.
  6. Mark Up
    PM3 reviews are conflicting. Tyll who I trust more says light bass. Others say very bassy, one said more than the LCD-2 (what?).
  7. Oregonian

    That would be awesome..................
  8. Synthax
    Want new and shiny go with ATH-R70x, same fullfilement in sound. But better clarity than hd650 and dt150. More treble also. But very linear. Best and most natural ATH I know. To me much better and listenable than w1000x or even 5000.
  9. Solrighal
    Those are open-back headphones. I'm looking for closed-back cans. Thanks though.
  10. gelocks
    It might be due to fit, seal breakage (i.e. use of glasses, long hair, etc. They have been measured with broken seal and that's basically what varies more, the bass) or driver variability. I'm in the camp that says: "light bass"!!! :wink: I like them for what they are though, decent performers, completely portable, etc.
  11. Packdemon
    There always are the ath-m70x then if you want closed-backed: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SC80YLM
    Solrighal likes this.
  12. Koolpep

    Ok, that asks for a match. I have the pm-3, pm-2 and the LCD2f

    So far I thought the pm3 were not quite a lcd2 but not so far away either.

    Will compare tomorrow, just attended a concert and my ears are ringing. Duh...
  13. grizzlybeast
    Do these leak a lot?
    Are any of the cables short enough for portable use?
    Are they scalable?
    How do they compare to something more in its price class technically like vs an alpha dog?
    Is there a mid bass hump or sub bass or both?
  14. Mark Up
    Earplugs always for me. The foam type that are cheap at the drug store. Everywhere I go that's over 80 db, always. Anyway, I'd enjoy hearing how the PM3 and PM2 compare. I'd hear conflicting stories about which has better bass. The Audeze of course, also. They are smooth highs, flat mids, thunderous bass powerhouses (a LCD 2.2 fz) when I tried them. They also fit my head. I don't know if the PM2 and PM3 have the same size opening (headband size) to fit larger heads or not. Most portables don't do as well at that sort of thing.
  15. grizzlybeast
    ^the PM3 thread awaits your discussion :wink:

    This thread has been derailed. Let's get it back on track. My stupid questions above were only an attempt to do so.
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