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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. soundblast75
    I would have to try for myself now[​IMG]
    So far i have only had the default velvet ones and really..no complaints, but i am a fidgety one..
  2. eldani
    Hello everybody [​IMG]
    I'm new to the forums, so wanted just to post some first impressions. In fact I got the headphone yesterday (serial 999) and got quite lucky about the price; about 450$. I don't know if I'm allowed to post names of shops here but I can assure you it was a serious and well known dealer here in Switzerland (although now, they raised the price a bit and have a waiting time into November, so I'm really lucky).
    About the headphones, in my humble opinion: They look and feel great. They sit very well, almost a bit tight on the head, but probably this will adjust with time. I listened mostly with an Ifi Micro iDSD and it sounds just gorgeous.. For the first time I heard details I never heard before in well known music, through the whole frequency range. Maybe the mids are not at the most forefront but everything seems to be in place. You hear enough bass and also sub basses, but it's not annoying. Of course it does not have the open stage of an AKG 701 but it's a closed headphone. Although it does bleed to the outside a little bit, maybe that's because of a small hole that is in each ear-cup. About the isolation I will know more in the next days, when I will take it on the train (also about reactions or non reactions of passengers sitting next to me, when I'm driving it loud with the iDSD). They do get warm a bit, I also use the leather pads, because I want more isolation.
    What I was the most surprised about, is that you can even drive it with an Ipod or Iphone, so you can listen to a good level riding on a bus. (but the device is on full power and needles to say, it's not the quality and dynamic you'll get with an headphone amplifier).
    As you see, I'm not very skilled in writing in English and about headphones experiences and don't even know if my opinion is asked in here. Probably my new joy of listening is also about the Micro iDSD, that I also got new the last days (especially to accompany the 1770 on train travels). I do neither have a lot of time these days to write elaborate reports, so excuse my naive writing.
    to the other owners: Does anybody know about a carry-around case? Because the one that comes with is much too big for daily travel.
    I need a shorter straight cable, can I take anything with micro xlr?
    oh: and get rid of your murky mp3s, the 1770 shows everything [​IMG] 
    don' believe the hype, listen to it instead
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  3. Oregonian

    Thanks for your input, YES it is welcome!
    I like the Slappa hard case - I believe it will fit the 1770 easily as it does the Denon D2000's among other large headphones. 
  4. aras
    These look very promising, I guess the main competitors are the sony Z7 and the shure 1540. Many shared their input vs. the Z7, anyone compared 1770s to shure 1540s?
  5. Oregonian
    I'd like to hear someone's comparison vs a Denon D5000 or D7000 or Fostex TH600 - those seem appropriate in quality and sound. 
  6. beyerlove
    The case looks great.
    In some reviews, I found The Slappa PRO hard case accepts DT770 and DT990 with ample room, then easily fits DT1770PRO because dimensions are almost identical.
  7. pietcux
    The new Beyerdynamic T1 v2 comes with a much smaller hard case. Maybe it would fit the DT1770.
  8. beyerlove
    And beyer released new version of DT hard case. Eyes on it.
  9. pietcux
    Thanks for the link. It wasn't there yesterday. The only gripe is that the DT1770 is not listed. I hope it fits too.
  10. Happy Hamlet
    So you are the one who snatched it away from me [​IMG]. Thanks for your impressions, looks like it is good enough to warrant the slightly increased price.
  11. KSB1978
    What is the soundstage like on these?
    I'd like to get another closed headphone, but I want something that has as much of open sound as closed cans can get.
  12. pietcux

    It is not available in Germany and the shipping to Germany is 42€. [​IMG] 
    Ordered it from good old Amazon now. [​IMG]
  13. Solrighal
    I've been looking for a losed-back pair oh headphones for ages now and these are very appealing. My perfect headphone sound is what I have right now - Project Ember > HD 650. how similar are the DT 1770's? They're obviously going to have some limitations because of the sealed nature of them but that's OK. I just can't stand emphasized treble & prefer a warmer sound. Also, I know these are 250 Ohms but how do you folks think they'd sound driven by a Sansa Clip+? Not ideal obviously but it's just for bed-time listening, podcasts & the like.
    Thanks in advance for any info you guys can lend me.
  14. Synthax
    If you look for closed HD650 - go with Beyerdynamic DT150 - You will be surprised :)
    I have had HD650 previously.
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  15. Solrighal
    Yeah, I've heard that from others in the HD 650 thread. But this is new & shiny [​IMG]
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