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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. aras
    How do these compare to Sony Z7s? Are they basshead worthy?
  2. Waro

    I was able to use the DT 1770 Pro with my Desire HD easily. I only used 30% of the maximum volume.
  3. grizzlybeast
    z7 bass should be easy to beat in quality. quantity well sony is more brave there than beyer 
  4. pietcux
    I have both. The Z7 is warmer, the DT1770 also is basshead worthy. But as the DT1770 is only 4 days with me I refuse to give a final classification. The DT1770 is a bit faster and has more treble. I can live with having both so far.
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  5. aras
    Looking forward to your impressions pietcux.
  6. orangekiwii
    Am I being a fool or what? How do you people have these to try? I haevn't seen these available anywhere. These intrigue me a great deal and have wanted to read more about them but haven't really been able to find anything let alone somewhere to purchase.
  7. DecentLevi
    Hi guys, you said the 1770's bass is controlled but powerful. I was hoping for more of a neutral sound signature overall. So would you say the bass sounds more true to life, or bloated to the point where you have the urge to reduce it by the likes of EQing?
  8. pietcux

    I got mine from Ebay Germany, dealer was Madooma.de.  Listened to them on IFA and needed to have them.  Beyer is only 200 km away from me, so I could also drive there and get me a pair. These are hand made in Germany, so they will come in relative small quantities to each country, depending a lot on the dealers planning and the factories capacity. My serial # is 00904.
  9. pietcux

    It is not too much, I never have the urge to EQ it down. The bass is just true life.
  10. Waro

    With some tracks I felt the need to turn the bass down.
  11. grizzlybeast
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  12. HiFiGuy528
    The bass on DT 1770 is not boomy like DT 770, it's refined. The imaging is where 1770 shines for a closed headphone. I thought there was something wrong with my 770 in comparison.
    I think these are excellent alternatives to Fostex TH900 in sound. 
    DT 1770 murders the Sony Z7 in every way... I'm sad because I liked the Z7 so much I own two pairs.
  13. TokenGesture
    And proper isolation/no leakage?  OK I'm in, where do I buy (I'm in the UK)
  14. pietcux
    Could you please explain that a little bit in more detail? I am not with you on this.
  15. XERO1
    Hey Mike!
    I'm really excited to hear that you think the DT 1770 is an all around step-up in SQ over the Z7 (I sadly was never that amazed by the Z7's SQ, but I still prefer them in the looks dept.)
    At the Schiit Show, you let me listen to your demo pair of $2000 McIntosh MCH1000's (which are made by Beyerdynamic) and we both agreed that they sounded fantastic (one of the best sounding closed-back headphones I've heard).
    How do the DT 1770 compare to them?  Are they even close?  [​IMG]
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