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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. DarktoreS
    "Sabre glare trait'' on HA-2 ..? No for me, is very good match for travel dac/amp !
  2. TokenGesture
    There is no 'sabre glare' on the HA-2 to these ears
  3. emptymt
    That's very good to know, thx
  4. Mad Max
    That's T90 and T1 already.
  5. pietcux

    The T series are consumer models, the DTs are PRO models. On the IFA the project manager said that at least the open version should not be a big surprise as they always had both open and closed. That would be the DT1880, wouldn't it?
  6. pietcux
    Btw, the sound of the DT1770 is addictive to me. Just got me a copy of David Gilmore's Rattle that Lock album, I am very curious how that goes together.
  7. kawaivpc1

    How would you compare it to Audeze LCD-X, Shure SRH1840, AKG K702, Sennheiser HD800? Does it really sound pro?
  8. pietcux

    Oh I only owned the K702 for a long period of time. To me the K702 was good, but always a bit boring. The DT1770 is not boring at all. The DT1770 is not super neutral, it has a slightly warm sound with a very good controlled and powerful bass. vocals are very good presented and the high notes are fast and there without being peaky so to say. I find the sound overall very engaging and powerful without being fatiguing at all. The fit is perfect, tight but not too much. I find it very comfortable. I feels like a very reliable and long lasting tool.
    beyerlove and Synthax like this.
  9. beyerlove
    Well said. This is what I wanted to say about DT1770PRO too. very engaging and powerful.
  10. beyerlove
    8 is always reserved for semi-open phones by beyer's nomenclature. Full open back version would be DT1990PRO.
  11. bjamn
    Do we know if they'll release different impedance versions in the future? I have the 770 32ohm and think it's great (if weird) out of an iPhone -- wonder if there will be a 32ohm 1770 soon/ever.
  12. pietcux

    ups, my bad, you should be correct.
  13. zackzack
    Bring on DT 1880 PRO already....
  14. Hal X
    DT1880 PRO would be awesome
    Vartan likes this.
  15. zackzack

    Vartan likes this.
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