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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Music Path
    This HP is successor of dt770 by name, but not in price :/ 3x higher. Supposly its entry gear?
  2. RERO
    I dunno, seems like it's more of a "step-up" like the T70 was to the 770.
    I always though that Beyer was putting a bit of the T1 flavour to the 770, hence the name D(T1)770.
    It's a continuation of it's legacy and at the same time bringing up the high-tech and sound quality a few notches. Hence a higher price.
  4. zackzack
    Those who have listened to a whole range of Beyer cans, where would you rank the new DT 1770 among these 
    DT 1350
    DT 770
    DT 880
    DT 990
  5. Synthax

    Reading from the stars:

    T1 > DT1170 > T90

  6. pietcux
    I only had the T70p for a short time long ago. So I cannot comment on all the cans that you request, but this could be Beyer's HD650.
  7. pietcux
    Btw, I switched to the Leatherette pads. What a fulminant  bass......[​IMG]
  8. Waro
    Whats your opinion about comfort/weight? I'll try it again tomorrow, hoping that I can justify the buy ...
  9. pietcux
    It is not too heavy to me, the weight is well distributed by the very comfortable headband. They clamp with just the force that is needed to secure them on your head. My Sony MDR-Z7 is more comfortable though. But not by a big margin. This is a PRO model. You will wear it proud and always know that it is safe on your head, never be afraid that it will fall off. And it is built like a tank, can take some heavy punishment for sure.
  10. pietcux

    Gelocks, I am afraid you must have this headphone. Would be interesting to hear about how you like it compared to the Sig Dj. I sold the Signatures because my ears got to big (getting close to 60)  for the relative small ear cups that Ultrasone constructed. The ED 12 was a treble peaky nightmare for me but the fit was much better than the Sigs. The Beyer standard fits my ears much better. And I think the DT 1770 is bass head material.
  11. Oregonian
    You may have just sold me on this.................
  12. deafdoorknob

    have you tried the DT1770s with your fiio e12a? is there enough juice for on the go listening?

  13. Beagle
  14. DecentLevi
    IMO, I think a bit of pad rolling (with provided or even aftermarket ones) would be able to get the bass to where you like it, or even tube rolling or EQ'ing. Even with the price of this thing, I think this 'can is special enough to justify the customization.
    Synthax likes this.
  15. grizzlybeast
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