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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. beyerlove
    @RERO, @Synthax
    I'm going to test Pleather/Velour sonic difference when I return home tonight.
    and DT1770's stock Pleather earpads (comes along with Velour ones in the package) are very high quality and comfortable. they are made of new P leather material, and softer than EDT770S (DT 770's pleather earpad).
    I'm very fond of those new Pleather earpads because real leather ones (such as T5p's) require proper care and I'm bit nervous for it.
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  2. pietcux
    Beyer says leatherette. But the pads of the T1/T5p will fit for sure. They might alter the sound though.
  3. TokenGesture
    How do these compare to the T5p - a 'phone I wanted to love but just didn't get on with, I couldn't get an acceptable (i.e. a T1) level of bass out of it...
  4. kawaivpc1
    Now, its price is officially 599 USD on Amazon... 
    2nd generation T1 is 1k.
  5. borrego
    Obviously you belong to the "majority" group who can never get good sealing with the T70 shallow pads/cups. I belongs to the "minority" group who have small/flat ears which I can get good pad sealing with the T70. With good pad sealing the T70 is never overly harsh, though I do use EQ to tune down the ringing and high treble peak a bit...
  6. beyerlove
    @RERO, @Syntax
    I noticed perceptible difference between velour pads and pleather pads on DT1770.
    Specifically, bass amount and punch increase on pleather, treble amount increases on velour.
    I wrote DT1770 is not an upgrade of DT770 but DT150 on some post, but now I have to revise my opinion.
    That is:
    --DT1770 with velour pads is similar to DT770 in tonal balance
    --DT1770 with pleather pads is similar to DT150 in tonal balance
    If you like relatively flat sound or dislike too much bass - use velour
    If you like relatively base heavy sound - use pleather
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  7. Oregonian
    Just read on Amazon it's a mini-xlr. 
    Can the pads be easily replaced with something like the Alpha pads from Mr Speakers?  
  8. pietcux

    It is a cable like on the AKG K702, no standard 3.5.  The pads can be replaced with all pads that fit older Beyer headphones, it is the same mount as since forever and a day.
  9. pietcux
    Btw. got it, love it! This is the no BS. headphone that I was looking for since long. Nuff said for now.
  10. beyerlove
    Congrats pietcux !!
  11. TokenGesture

    I disagree - say more!   [​IMG]
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  12. pietcux
    Ok, it runs perfectly from my EU volume capped SONY ZX1 and even from my Sony A15. Will run it from my amps later.
  13. zackzack
    Amazon is sold out on DT 1770. 
  14. RERO
    @beyerlove Thanks for the impressions! Seems like velours are a good choice for me.
    It's in-stock on BuyDig (authorized dealer): http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=BEYDT1770
  15. Synthax

    How about scene presentation in this headphones?
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