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Music Path
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Apr 14, 2019
Apr 5, 2015
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Previously known as hm22music.

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Apr 14, 2019
  • About

    Music, Movies, Going Out, Gym,Travel, etc :)
    Tecnology in General, Science and Tecnology, Psicology, General Culture, etc.
    Headphone Inventory:

    Sennheiser IE800
    Sennheiser HD800
    Sennheiser HD800S

    Had / Sold:

    Beyerdynamic T1 Version 2
    -Sony XBA-H3 - (Fun IEM with good sound isolation)
    -Philips Fidelio X2 - (Great HPs for the price, very reveiling, sounds like listening with Audio Sistem, big soundstage, tilted drivers)
    -Audeze LCD 2.2F - ( My first top tier HP, awsome sound like in a club, but quite heavy)
    -Sennheiser HD650 - (Great HPs, started my interest with open back cans, classic!)
    -Sennheiser Momentum - (Great balanced SQ for a closed can, great purchase, good for cheking stuff)
    -Bose IE2 - (Disapointing audio, good to fall asleep with them watching someting)
    -Sony XB-30 EX - (Cheaper IEM for the beach, to get sand etc... not audio quality xD)
    -Sony XB-40 EX - (Started my interest in better SQ, even though they are average,
    not bad priced)
    -Sony MDR 910 EX - (Sold, bad SQ)
    -Sony XB-500 - (Didn't know about HPs and Head-fi back then, we have to start somewhere)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:


    Had / Sold:

    -Lake People P109A Aniversary Edition
    -Ifi Micro iDSD nano LE
    -Ifi iDAC2
    -Fiio 12 (Mont Blanc) Amp - (My first amp, excelent for the price, warm sound signature, good portability)
    -Ifi Micro DSD Amp/Dac - (My first DAC and serious desktop Amp/Dac, astonishing sound quality, well built, excellent adaptability, good tecnical suport, lot of power, big battery)
    -Ifi Micro iCan Amp - Great Class A SS amp, nice solid and full sound. Clear and defined bass.
    -Ifi Micro iTube Buffer/Pre Amp - Great Class A Tube Buffer and Pre-Amplifier, Organic Sound, Old School flavour, Great Bass, Improved Soundstage, Hours of listening.
    Source Inventory:
    PC w/ Fidelizer Pro

    Foobar 2000
    Audio-Related Tweaks:

    Foobar 2000
    Fidelizer Pro
    Music Preferences:
    House, Trance, Nu Disco, Chill Wave, Lounge, Downtempo, Garage, Future Bass, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Rock, Classic of:
    60´s,70´s,80´s,90´s,00´s and ocasionally some other genres.

    See Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hm_in_the_house
    See Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hm199134/playlists
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