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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. pietcux

    Could you fit the drivers flat or angled like in the T1?
  2. pietcux
    I got the Beyerdynamic DT Case yesterday. It fits the DT1770 the coiled cable and a stack made of my Ipod Classic and my Fiio E12. The case was 28€ from Amazon.
    On top of that I made a test on how good the can isolates outside noise. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It has a turbine noise that is louder than the noise inside a Boing 747.  I vacuumed the apartment listening to Yello album Touch, one of my favorite albums and must say the can seems to do better than my Bose QC25 and it also sounds much better. I was using the above stack and the attached velour pads. with the leatherrette pads the isolation should be even better. So this might be also a very good travel companion.
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  3. Mshenay
    oooh 7.5N Clamping Force! I need something for when I work out

    Yes I know a $500 at the gym, well I used to use my XB 700 much less clamp an it never came lose

    But I really do need something for when I do my cardio, an I'm a walking guy... though maybe this wouldn't be the way to go...

    Either way I might just get it just to try it
  4. grizzlybeast
    well its got some clamp so it may work lol...you just want to try it admit it lol. 
  5. pietcux

    Just moved the lawn wearing it, works very good.
  6. pietcux
    I use to work out with my Sony MDR-EX1000 or the Sennheiser IE800. Same price bracket, but less prone to sweat, because the inner ear does not sweat afaik.
  7. Mark Up
    I'm impressed, quieter than Bose Quiet Comfort with velour vs. better seal pleather. Beyond noise, a silent background nets improved fidelity. Interesting on clamping pressure. If not mistaken, their cabling to the other driver is sturdy, and the inner headband metal. One could gently bend that. Or, just bend the metal between what holds the ear cups, and the end of the headband pad. I did that with Senn. HD650, that last part (not the main headband - since the plastic would break) to get me just the right amount of clamp.
  8. Krolik
    someone compare 1770 vs T90?
  9. kawaivpc1
    DT 1770 PRO is officially on sale on Amazon.com for $599.
    $599 is too much for me at the moment.
    I will wait till these guys reduce its price to $499.
    T1 v1 is now $799. It was $1399.
    What do you guys think about DT 1770 PRO's sound quality?
    Does it sound better than TH900, SRH1540, LCD-XC?
    How would you compare it to an open reference headphone such as HD650?
  10. Packdemon
    I fit them just as they were, I made no changes to the drivers body at all. I only made changes to the COP housing to make them fit was all.
    Basically, yes, they were angled. Which is good of course.
  11. plakat
    I would not count on that happening anytime soon... Beyerdynamic top models are made more for the long run and won't be replaced too soon. Which actually is a positive trait in my opinion... a headphone one can use for a long time and be content with it as there are no new toys dangling in front of ones nose each year (and don't hold my equipment list against me :wink:
    I received mine just a few days ago but did not get along to try it out for longer until today. And I have to say I'm even more impressed than at IFA... very detailed and spacious with deep reaching and impactful bass that is not overwhelming (as e.g. with the TH900), smooth, clear, yet never unpleasant treble, beautiful rendering of voices... wow. Fits very well with the Benchmark DAC2 I use.
    Build quality is really good, many smaller details of the headband were obviously reworked and are improvements over older models. The extension mechanism works better and has more distinct positions. Cups are rather deep, wearing comfort is just as good as any over-ear Beyer model I know (OK, the T70 was not that good actually, the cups were just too shallow). Clamping force may a bit higher than with the older DT770, but not by factor 2 I'd say. I think @hanselmann mentioned that the procedure used for measurement was indeed changed and numbers are not directly comparable.
    I have to add that I love its design... the new headband padding (yes, still rather simple to remove, just not as easy as with the DT770), the mounting of the cups to the yokes, the cups themselves (nice model number imprint in a good size, well fitting font), the holding of the pads now decorated away while still keeping with the simple change mechanism... very well done. And yes, I do appreciate the removable cable (and that there are two options already coming with the headphone). Actually I prefer single-sided entry and the mini-xlr with locking mechanism is a good choice.
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  12. mwprange
    would love to try these if I can find anyone local (St. Augustine, FL) that caries them. Please please please tell me DT-1880 PRO and DT-1990 PRO are coming soon too?
  13. DecentLevi
    As stated at the top of my post, these were quotes from a the Woo Audio video review, not my words. Anyway, how does the 1770 compare to your Custom One, if you've tried it?
  14. DecentLevi
    Right on, man! It's always a let down every time I'm out in public especially on the train / plane to see so many douchebags touting Bose and B#%&s. 
    I wish I had a T-shirt that says something akin to Bose and the (other B-word) sucks - wake up and go Beyerdynamic! (or Stax / Sennheiser).
    There are websites that allow you to print custom graphics onto shirts such as Zazzle BTW, so if anyone wants to design a shirt on this, you will win the 'awesome award'! [​IMG] 
  15. eldani
    A dealer told me the AKG mini XLR cables are crossed in polarity.
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