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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Essence STX
    Hi everyone,
    How does the DT1770 PRO compare to the DT1350 in sound quality(specially vocal)? I just wanna know if this a worthy upgrade from DT1350 to DT1770 or not?
  2. Music Path
    Does this beyer has hot treble? I heard the dt770 series are good for electronic. For a closed can lets give a try.
  3. HiFiGuy528
    I heard that these are like T1v2 + DT770 = closed-back T1!
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  4. Music Path
    Would be great if so, aka: Bang for the buck. 
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  5. DecentLevi
    Without having tried the DT 1770 yet, I can tell you that if it's meant to be an upgrade from the DT 770, then it's sure as he** gonna sound way better than DT-1350. I've owned the 1350 for a few years and tried the 770, and it just has a lot more clarity, stage and even broader freq. response than the 1350, overall 2-3 times more refined. And given all the interest for this new headphone, I'm sure you'd have no problem reselling it to one of us if you don't like it.
    I actually tested the 770 with electronic music and it had done mesmerizingly well with that genre. But I went with the DT 880 instead at the time
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  6. Mad Max
    Given that 1350 is so much physically smaller and meant to be portable unlike DT770, that's not really a fair comparison.  Good full-sized headphones that go for over $100 online will generally always be upgrades to some degree or another over the little portables.  Unless using a big ol' DT770 on-the-go is fine for you.
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  7. Synthax
    If this is true - I MUST HAVE DT1170
    If it is not true, I will not trust you in the future :)
  8. beyerlove
    Believe me, I'm a fan of DT150 too.
    They say DT1770PRO is an upgrade of DT770, but IMO the sound signature is more like DT150.
    Of course tighter, more punchy bass and lotta detail in treble will convince you it's a sure upgrade from DT150.
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  9. Mark Up
  10. Baycode
    Did you try removing the foam covering the driver of DT150? If you do so, does it come to a comparable level for clarity of DT1770PRO?
    The price difference is too much for two HP's. Does the price difference warrant the improvements you hear (for DT1770PRO, of course YMMW)?
  11. KT66
    As an audiophile/musician for 30 years and worked in hi end retail too I can tell you that making a purchase based on graphs is dangerous, bordering on the idiotic.
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  12. beyerlove
    DT150's cost/performance ratio is superb, and generally the price go up higher, the more you have difficulty to find difference.
    and this is all very subjective things, so I can't warrant improvements.
    But DT1770PRO's bass is seriously seductive. it's tighter, punchy, and adds music dignity and depth that you really can enjoy.
    It's the point you never can get from DT150 whatever mod you put on it. so IMO it's worth 400 dollars difference.
  13. AdamTR
    What about the mids and highse? The DT150 seems to have a bit of recessed highs how is the DT1770?
  14. beyerlove
    Mid are excellent with very natural, lively vocals.
    and highs are bit forward than DT150's with different level of detail and clarity, but not as harsh as DT 770/990's and never spike my ears.
    I can't find weakness of this headphones yet. very well tuned and enjoyable. almost all aspects of the sound is just right for me.
  15. Lorspeaker
    whats cooking here...a $caled down T5p ? :p
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