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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Youth
    Good to hear. What amp are you using?
  2. beyerlove
    Violectric V800 & V200 combo.
  3. Youth
    If you wouldn't mind could you try and see how it sounds on a neutral amp? Isn't the V200 dark sounding?
  4. beyerlove
    Put it into Schiit Asgard (another warm sounding SS amp, but brighter than V200). 
    Treble comes forward a bit but that doesn't compensate the difference between DT770.
    unlike most beyer headphones, the DT1770 seems to go well with brighter amp. very enjoyable sound.
  5. Max Choiral
    Fr Graph can't tell you, if a pair of headphones have coloured sound or not. It's a good to have one, but this thing can be confusing, and in the end you hear total opposite
    Let's stop this off-topic.
  6. Youth
    Thank you. I'm considering to buy this for when it gets too noisy for the T1.2
  7. TokenGesture
    How is isolation and leakage?
  8. beyerlove
    You're welcome.
    And I have to tell you I really love this headphone, say than my T5p. this is a smash-hit headphone from beyerdynamic.
    Youth likes this.
  9. beyerlove
    When you apply P-leather earpads (which come with DT1770PRO) to it, Isolation is great and leakage is minimum.
    I can't hear almost nothing when I put my thigh between DT1770PRO's earcaps, even with pretty loud volume.
  10. Swolenasty
    How is it compared to the Denon D7000 and the TH 900?
  11. TokenGesture
    Great thanks. Sounds like these are some good cans!
    Wonder if a second generation T5p is on the way though
  12. emptymt
    any comparison with shure 1540?
  13. beyerlove
    Pls wait for another guy who purchased DT1770PRO chimes in. I've never auditioned both of those headphones.
    I can say the bass amount is similar to Denon D600, but much tighter and controlled.
  14. Swolenasty
    Would you be able to compare them to the Mad/Alpha dogs?
  15. Waro
    Today I listened to the DT 1770 Pro in a store and I want to give you a short report. Just to clear things up: I'm not a native english speaker nor an audiophile, so please excuse mistakes.
    I find the sound of the headphone pleasant. The sound was detailed, but had no unpleasant heights, as they are often the case with Beyerdynamic products. The bass was as expected significantly, but precise. I didn't feel the voices to be underrepresented. From what I've read about the DT 770 Pro, I conclude that they made the sound more neutral. Not neutral, but a bit more, or at least mitigated the heights. If sound events took place in an unusual place I could locate them, so I guess the stage is not unusual bad. I can not attest a particularly good stage to the headphone only because in the songs I listened to this was not in focus.
    On the one hand in order to find a purchasing decision, on the other hand because I had a short wait for the DT 1770 Pro, I've tried other headphones. Compared to the T1 I would designate the DT 1770 Pro as "heavy". Where the DT 1770 Pro will be bought by fans of good, but not excessive, bass, the T1 should convince with its focus on the heights fans of crystal clear details. The T1 sounds in comparison "light". Light and heavy will also be a topic at the paragraph about comfort ...
    Very briefly, I have also tried the Sennheiser HD700, I had the same experience with it as with the T1 when comparing it to the DT 1770 Pro. I don't want say that I believe that the T1 and HD700 sound the same, but when comparing it to the DT 1770 Pro they go in the same direction.
    Finally, I have also listened to the Oppo PM 2 and PM 3. I felt the PM-3 as warm, but with less bass. So I think the PM-3 has sligthly stronger mids. The PM-2 was actually quite similar, also warm and otherwise balanced. But he was more airy than the PM-3 and the DT 1770 Pro, the stage seems to be greater, like the other open headphones.
    For me it was not 100% comfortable. At the moment, I use a lightweight, semi-open headset with velor ear pads, wich I can have the whole day on my head without it getting uncomfortable. These are the Sennheiser PC 360. I know as an audiophile you can just smile tired or laugh about it, but as you see I have the will to enhance the soundquality.
    When comparing the closed DT-1770 to the other ones it seemed heavier and has heated up my ears. They were not burning hot, I think for a closed headphone it heats even quite little, but together with the higher weight it is enough to say that it isn't uncomfortable but also it's not that comfortable that I could forget to have it on the head. The velour ear pads have heated up my ears less and were more comfortable for my taste, the leatherette ear pads, however could have made the bass stronger by their stronger isolation, but I'm not sure. I think most headphones I've compared it to weigh about the same, although they felt subjectively lighter. The open headphones have reminded me in terms of comfort to my headset, they had less pressure and felt light and airy. Even the closed Oppo PM-3 I found more pleasant than the DT 1770 Pro, it felt lighter and the ear pads were softer or had a lower pressure. I think all three open headphones I found more comfortable while the Oppo PM-2 was in terms of sound my favorite. About the Oppos I must point out, however, that the ear pads are small. My ears are small and fit inside of them, but if your ears are big the comfort impression could change entirely.
    I don't want to present you the closed DT 1770 Pro as uncomfortable - it isn't. But since I come from a half-open headset and will use it on the PC, which means in my case sometimes a usage for many hours without a significant break, I'm probably pretty picky.
    Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for a purchase, at least at first sight. Some minutes ago I arrived back home and put the PC 360 on my head and I realized the DT 1770's strengths. Detail-rich, voluminous, punchier - practically on all fronts a step forward for me. But it wasn't "flashing" me that much that I bought it despite the last doubts about the comfort. I'll probably go again to the store next week and listen more to the Oppos and the DT 1770 Pro. Perhaps the comfort is simply a matter of habit.
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