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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. 396629
    Sounds good
  2. jdpark
    Just went from my used Rhinelander to a brand new Linear and I'm having eargasms like crazy. 
    I'm listening to Green Day's Dookie, just for fun, after testing out a couple of my standard Baroque classics. Woah. I'm sold. The background is truly silent for the first time in my audio experience.....ever. And the music just shines. 
    I feel like I'm at a punk rock show, even though it's a studio album, and not even terribly amazing in terms of recording. I'm 13 again.
    This ain't no snake oil, folks:
    Foobar Wav/Flac/Hi-Rez -> Chord SilverPlus USB -> HRT Music Streamer HD -> Chord CobraPlus -> Lehmann Linear -> Beyerdynamic DT150s with "window foam"
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  3. abhishekSPS
    can anyone of u confirm if DT190 is same as DT150...because DT190s are really cheap on amazon
  4. MrTechAgent
    Same drivers.
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  5. abhishekSPS
    hmm thanks MrTechAgent  they sure must share same drivers but I was wondering if they also sound exactly the same as well.
    I read here in this forum itself that DT190s manual says it is same as DT150s but with mic functionality, but I want a listener's opinion.
    Now given DT150s already have a very few owner here on head-fi or any audio enthusiast community for that matter I am pretty sure very few(or it might very well be none) would have heard DT190s.
    wonder if they sound exactly same as well...anyone????[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I have contacted the beyerdynamic itself but haven't received any response yet.
  6. Arttt
    Man stop this silly wonders and get dt150, it worth 200$ ... 30$ more or less in price is not important!

    I promise you, dt150 is one of the best closed headphones no matter price! Personally I prefer dt150 over t5p ( 1000$ headphone) even thou t5p got better separation ( probably the best seperation in closed headphones ) and more detail, soundstage is bigger but dt150 got something that makes me wanna put them on and listen to the music again and again.

    T5p now geting dusty because of dt150 )

    If your question is only about if sound is the same between dt150 and dt190 out of curiosity then answer is simple.
    The only headphone that sounds exactly the same as dt150 is dt150 )
  7. ballard3
       Same drivers don't imply identical sound. Never tried DT190, what I can say is that  DT150 is a great and underrated headphone
  8. rabbitsfoot
       I presently have the DT150 and DT190. They sound the same to me, as mentioned, they are supposed to be the same headphone except the addition of a microphone on the DT190. This microphone addition also changes the cable and headphone socket as there's an additional pin on the DT190 headphone end and there is also the addition of an extra connector ( xlr or other)- on the plug side for the microphone. The original cable that came on the DT190's I purchased was much stiffer and heavier than the DT150's cable-more conductors for the microphone. I didn't like this so purchased a new cable end (about $9.00 US,-Beyerdynamic prt. #: 905-933 available at Fullcompass.com) and made my own with some Belden cable I had lying around. I also removed the microphone as I wasn't gong to use this aspect of the phones. It's only the cost of the cabling you have to figure in which product is the better deal. In my case, I already had the wire and end so $9.00 plus shipping wasn't too much.  My DT190's had the cloth/paper driver covering in tatters, I cut away just the material covering the drivers and these seem to have a slight clarity increase over the DT150's though subtle. It may even be the volume is slightly increased due this mod and that's what I'm perceiving as 'slight clarity increase' over the DT150's. This is a great headphone- Highly Recommended. Purchase from Amazon-with a return policy-and send them back if you don't like 'em.
  9. Lorspeaker
    stumbled on this vid...whew, crazy great on the dt150...enjoy!!
  10. ilmothedude
    DT100 velour pads arrived today. As there might have been mentioned, they are indeed quite hard to fit but once you get them on they DO fit perfectly. Comfort is better than on stock pads, although there is less room for ear than on stock pads. Driver covering foam is seperate part so you can decide if you want to use it or not. There's more room for ear if they're not used. I haven't noticed any difference in sound. Amount of bass seems to have retained, nice rumble is still present. Soundstage seems to be same, though can't really confirm as I've listening much with SRH1440 and hence impressions might not be really accurate.
    I'm satisfied with my purchase. Thanks for recommenders.
  11. Lorspeaker
    u can still insert some foamstrips or cotton gauze on the backhalf of the pads,
    to distant your ears from the drivers...
    and more importantly, to angle the drivers for better imaging. 
  12. ilmothedude
    I know, I've done it with my shures. I haven't thought imaging thing though. It's better to have more distance on upper part of pad as driver is then more like ears angle, right?
  13. MrTechAgent

    Your hypothesis would be relevant if they were in a different housing. Since they are not, your hypothesis is pretty irrelevant.
    The minuscule changes if present would be there due to Driver Tolerances which with Beyerdynamics, are quite high.

    Kaldas Research Stay updated on Kaldas Research at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
  14. Lorspeaker
    i pad it on the back half of the cups, to angle the drivers....( this foto is that of the MT220 yamaha.)
  15. ilmothedude
    Thanks for photo Lorspeaker. I put some pieces of electric cable jacket under the back half of the pads.
    Here's photo, though cable jacket pieces don't show very well but they do raise the pads quite a bit.
    Results are GREAT! Comfort has improved as there's more room for the ears. Treble has become clearer and more detailed. Soundstage has also increased a bit. Now these are even more bloody brilliant phones!
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