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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Synthax
    There is less bass in DT150 when you place transducers not on the axe of the ear.
  2. Lorspeaker
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  3. Synthax
    OK :)
    I mean axis? line of the ear? : )  U know what I mean...
  4. tame
    I have one year warranty, but after month of using, left driver dead[​IMG]
  5. jdpark
    Has anyone else found that these do pretty darn well with just an iphone, as long as you're using lossless files? 
    I've been enjoying traveling around with these just hooked up to an old iphone 4 (8gb!!). I haven't found the volume to be a problem, though the quality of the recording and the file itself do make a big difference. I'd imagine with most contemporary rock/hip-hop, etc. there's plenty of volume in the track. With older classical you may run into a problem that even at 100% you don't have a rich sound. However, the background is virtually black, and the sound is reasonably punchy and resolved for me, though I'm not expecting it to compete with a rig that costs a lot more.
    The soundstage isn't huge, but the tonality is great. The main problem is the lack of storage space. I have to constantly delete discs and put new ones on, which is a hassle. Sorry to be political here, but it's definitely better than my Samsung tablet. On the other hand, iTunes sucks.  
    However, the iphone 4 is not much better, if any, than my Fiio E10 coming out of my computer. And you have the added disadvantage of not being able to play 24bit music, which is still a problem on many portable devices.  
    Also, I have liked these coming straight out of the headphone jack of an old Denon CD player. Very nice lows and mids, though the highs could have been just a touch more resolved. An involving combo that could probably be had for cheap, as well, if you are one of those people who still listens to CDs, and at home.
    Bottom line is these phones are really the answer to a lot of low-budget/mid-fi combinations. 
  6. Lorspeaker
    yup...it sounded tall deep n punchy with my fiio E18,
    on my audiogd amp, clarity went up a notch...
    and gets into brilliance with a tubeamp thrown in.
    this dt150 scales v well.
  7. Lorspeaker
    Norah Jones on the DT150 is so seductive....like a hd650 in closed format.
  8. rabbitsfoot

    I'm a bit late to the party but have found these quite....excellent..... with no major deficiencies-love the bass, mid, and high frequency balance-warm but with plenty of articulation-very natural and just sounds 'right'. Better as my modded DT190's came with the cloth-like material covering the drivers in tatters and thought I'd just cut away the material completely covering only the driver itself. I now have a slightly more articulate sounding DT150/190 series phone. Not a huge difference but still noticeable. Probably the same slight clarity increase as removing the foam covering from the pads. Not sure I would have done this (or recommend) instead of the foam but it was already halfway there. Thanks guys for turning me on to these! 
  9. Lorspeaker
    the drivers are naked to my ears too...i prefer abit more clarity..i took away that silly foam :)
  10. Arttt

    I prefer dt150 to t5p :)
  11. jdpark
    How did you guys actually to the cutting? Any ol' knife? Hold it out in the middle with tweezers, and just cut around the edges? I'm scared.
    Also, btw, I'm listening to Continuo by Avishai Cohen and blown away with my HRT HD and Lehmann Rhinelander (Chord interconnects.) The bass is so tight. And the percussion and oud are great. Unfortunately, I have a lot of noise coming in from my router, which sits here on my desk. But if I turn it off, I have no internet. 
  12. Arttt
    Once dt150 is pluged into high end setup you get the sound something like a crazy expensive vinyl player would sound like, warm juicy full bodied rich with plants of micro detail and smooth yet strong dynamic. Boring live recordings that sound dull on mid fi setups suddenly sound breath taking, sound so cool and charming!

    Sooloos> hegel hd12> dt150 and you into sound luxury...
  13. Arttt

    Get wireless router and hide it in the darkest corner of your home, as I did ))
  14. rabbitsfoot

    Yeah, you have to be careful with a knife - when I was removing the cloth around the driver I noticed the driver edge is very close to the front near the cone edge -the driver is maybe 1.5"(inches) in diameter. I'd work from the middle out to the edge by slightly lifting the material and cut with some small sharp scissors such as made for grooming purposes.Try to cut at an angle across the driver housing face rather than downward toward the driver.I wouldn't get too involved in trying to remove every last bit of material for perfection as the material is very porous-obviously to let the sound through and this makes it tougher to get a perfect cut unless using sharp scissors. I'm not sure I wouldn't remove the foam from the earpads rather than do this mod- if you decide to resell the phones it would still be stock and the earpads could be replaced. I don't plan on selling mine any time soon  :wink:
  15. jdpark
    Well, I did my best hack job with the wifie's tweezers and 'magical' grooming scissors (I have no idea what they groom).  
    They still sound good, so at least that's good. I'm going to say I think there's some more clarity, because otherwise I just did a really dumb thing. 
    Edit: Okay. Big smile. I do think there's more treble **sparkle** here. That's good, because these don't mind a little sunshine.
    Cut away, ye heathens!
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