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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Arttt
    Hi, congatulations on geting dt150. This headphone is one of the best closed headphones no matter price! Don't judge it yet, bass will fil in your headphones after about 200 hours of burn in. Leave it with music playing on over nights and in few weeks drivers diaphragm will straich and get more flexible, you will notice more bass and details, sound will be more transparent and relaxed...

    No akg headphones can compare to dt150 in terms of liquidity neutrality and tonal balance. But it will never sound as open and airy, analytical as your akg...
    Dt150 scale a lot depending on amp and source, I heard dt 150 with sooloos as source, chord anthem as signal cables and hegel hd12 as dac/amp, and I couldn't believe my ears. Huge sound! It didn't sound soft/mellow anymore or dark, lots of detail, with smooth analog kind of sound, mids were the best! Voices sound engaging and silky smooth, the only headphones that had a better analog sound I heard is hd800...
  2. Lorspeaker
    i have to agree with the handsome swede...sold every one of my akgs, 
    might venture to keep one just for classical music, not for vocals for sure.
    If u are edging towards AKGsound, but in a more musical closedcanformat,
    do check out the Yamaha Mt220...this is one very engaging can,
    i enjoy it so much with live recordings.
  3. kman1211

    The K712 and K702 Annies do well with vocals, I don't have problems with either on vocals but I did on many other AKGs.
  4. Arttt

    It's one thing to not have a problem with vocals, and another thing to have singer " whispering in your ear" kind of experience, that puts a silly smile on your face every time ...

    For that sound tonal balance has to be the main thing of headphone, perhaps sacrificing some level of detail and air between instruments.

    Akg is not about tonal balance, it's analytical and grabs your ears with details and air...
    Beyer is all about tonality and focus on that rather than impress you with separation or soundstage.
    For a closed hp , dt150 sounds " open " imo.

    Just comparing body of piano or guitar string between dt150 and akg 712 or 702 , decay and liquidity of sound , simply makes me smile with pride and blink at my dt150
  5. kman1211
    I know that whispering in the ear experience and I've had it plenty of times with the K712. I've always thought many AKGs had good tonal balance, some are all about air and details, but not all, the Annies and K712 are not all about air and detail, nor would I consider them analytical, they are about balance and tonality while not being too analytical or too lush. For me AKGs have a special musicality that has nothing to do with tonal balance that no other dynamics I tried have, many AKGs are too raw in the treble which does take away from vocals, but some do get it right. I find my K712 sounds fluid and has excellent tonality and timbre. The K712 sounds very different than the K702(original), it's wetter, more liquid, smoother, has less grain, clearer, warmer, darker, and it's soundstage and imaging isn't all messed up.
    I'm not a big fan of the K701, K702, and Q701 as I found them too bright and lean in the bass with an annoying bump in the 2khz region that made vocals sound hard(especially female) with an odd hole in the center stage. I absolutely love the sound of the K702 65th Anniversary and the K712 though. 
  6. Lorspeaker
    That's good news...I shall go back to visit these newer akgs...
    U heard the 812? What's your impression of that?
  7. Tostapane
    Thanks for the advices. my dt 150 are used (with new pads), I believe that their sound can not change .. I think it's a good headset but although technically better to K612, i  prefer akg to listen to music. I simply do not need this at the moment. that sense of greater clarity I've heard leads me however to want to buy new headphones. I believe that both sell and buy  a k712 for music and a can very bassy for movies and games.
  8. Tostapane
    if anyone is interested in one of the two contact me, I can ship throughout europe .. I do not know if I can in the United States ...
  9. kman1211

    The newer AKGs are taking a good turn in terms of tonality they are still picky though, the pickiness and variability in sound is a trait I like though. The K812 has a bit of the AKG flavor to its sound, it's very clean and clear. Soundstage is about as wide as the T1 but with more depth and bigger sounding. It's quite dynamic sounding and isnt what I consider laid-back, though it can sound a bit laid-back or aggressive depending on the system. Bass is tight, present, and has plenty of impact. Gone are the days where AKGs are bass lean(though I think the K701/2 and Q701 can output surprising amounts of bass when amped right) Midrange is beautiful, the treble varies quite a bit from system to system, it can be smooth to harsh depending on the system like basically any AKG. They generally sound the best on tubes. I personally think it has the best tonal balance and timbre of the current dynamic flagships. It can be bit of a challenge to bring its full potential out, I personally think it's a bit pickier than the HD 800 as I've heard more variation in its sound from system to system than the HD 800. It's easily on par with the HD 800 and T1 imho.
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  10. Arttt

    I have seen all the other flagships from grado, beyer, akg, audiotechnica,audeze being compared to hd800 with words like " it's easily on par with hd800"
    But I never seen anyone compares hd800 to any of flagship models mentioned above and said " hd800 is easily on par with t1 or 812 or RS1000"

    Hd800 is a benchmark and in a class of its own. Now I can understand people preferring other headphones to hd800 depending on taste and actually setups ( not all can spend 6000-10000$ on amp,source and cables to make hd800 shine)

    I will audition k712.
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  11. MrTechAgent
    Don't know about that,  except the slower impulse response on the T1, I prefer T1's fidelity over the HD800.
    Have noticed better timbre transparency on the DT48 over the HD800, I know Audio is subjective but the HD800 by no means is a "be all end all" for Dynamics, its a excellent Dynamic but not a "be all end all".
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  12. Arttt

    No headphone is imaging like hd800, nor soundstaging. Dynamics are lightning fast, there's no faster headphone. separation between instruments on t1 is good but hd800 has its own Island for each and every single instrument...

    Driving maclaren f1 to work and around city is boring, Porsche cayene is more fun to drive around city. But once you get on racer track that's where Porsche cayene gets boring and maclaren f1 become fun to drive...

    Same with music recordings, that's where your "fidelity" preferences are coming from...

    I don't enjoy all type of music on hd800 as much as I enjoy it on other headphones. That's why I got t5p for example.. T5p is easier on ears with most of the music and makes it more pleasant to listen, but it will never sound breathtaking on few great recordings as hd800, just as hd800 won't sound pleasant as t5p on most recordings...

    Hd800 is high end, perioud )
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  13. kman1211

    I've always felt a bit mixed about the HD 800, it's great but it never seemed like it was ever as good as it was made out to be, the systems were not really the determining factor the times I heard the HD 800 compared to the K812. I've heard the HD 800 shine, but I thought the K812 was a bit better when both were brought to their full potential. Preferences still apply even on the top of the line systems with high-end aftermarket cables. The headphone that is widely regarded as the best by the majority doesn't necessarily mean it's actually the best, especially since subjectivity and numerous other factors can play a big role on what the best actually is. I know Im the minority but I personally think the K812 is the best dynamic headphone currently on the market and it's a preference thing I admit. I respect and I like the HD 800 and consider it truly high-end with the right system behind it but I personally find its overly praised.
  14. Tiemen
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  15. Arttt

    Notice how low merry wearing dt150?
    Her ears touching top of headphones inside, I bet...
    I wonder why she choose to wear them so low o.O
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