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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. rabbitsfoot

    ...This cracked me up JD...Yup, I have two DT150's and there seems to be a slight increase in clarity and treble response with the modded pair, though subtle.  I do prefer the modded one compared to the stock unit- though I am happy to wear them as well...but..given a choice..
  2. ilmothedude
    Hello, got these cans this week and I thinks they're indeed bloody brilliant. But these pads... feels a bit cheap and uncomfy after my Shure SRH1440 (which has velours). So of course I've been thinking replacing pads with something more comfortable. There has been discussion earlier so some pads are confirmed to be compatible.
    Alpha pads (a bit expensive though)
    HM5 Brainwavz pad (velour and pleather available)
    DT-100 velour pads
    I really like velour pads of my shures so velour would be awesome. Though, I've read that velour decreases bass too and I really like bass of DT-150. I've been thinking HM5 pads, especially velour pads, but I'm a bit afraid of what they would do to sound. Then again pleather pads would propably somewhat keep sound characteristics about same (don't really know) but then again are they that much more comfy than stock pads. Also, it's important for me that ears have enough room inside pads. I would appreciate some opinions, thank you very much.
  3. Synthax
    If you take DT100 velours and need more bass than do a bigger clamping of headband. Sorry for stupid photo but it is good instruction. You can bend them even the way the cross the mid od heapdhones but they are very strong at headband - don't worry about spoiling.
  4. ilmothedude
    I've read that DT-100 pads need to be stretched a bit that they fit to DT-150 and therefore they might loose some of their softness. I know DT-150 is really sturdy headphone as it even has a nickname "german tank". I wouldn't really want more clamping force as it makes headphones sometimes more uncomfy. Of course if you have setup you described and find them comfortable, I believe you ofc.
  5. Synthax
    Here you have the effect, to me worth to try:
  6. ilmothedude
    Thanks for the photo. They do look comfortable and pads seem to fit perfectly. I might give them a chance.
  7. Lorspeaker
    I didn't lose the rumble of the bass though mine is the dt100velor.
  8. Arttt

  9. Arttt
    I ordered dt100 velour pads, should come soon...
    If I don't like the sound of those pads I will make a voodoo doll of Lorspeaker and stick it with lots of needles )
  10. Lorspeaker
  11. ilmothedude
    Nice thing! Gonna order DT100 velours myself too. Bass rumble of DT150 is just so awesome. My SRH1440s seem so bass light in comparison now. Though I still love them ofc. It's good to have different sounding cans. Just gotta love metal music through DT150! \m/
  12. 396629
    Are the EDT100P 'plush' pads the velour pads ? They look to be a similar material as the DT231 pads which were always nice and comfy for me. 
    If not do they differ greatly from the 'velour' ?
  13. Lorspeaker
    mine looks like this.
  14. 396629
    Many thanks. Those look to be the ones then
    I may give them at try as they're not too expensive, about £18 in the UK.  I generally find the 150 very comfortable except when listening sat up in bed for some reason.  The bottom of the pads rub & irritate just below the ear/top of jaw and I thought the velour may be better..
    I'm just a bit wary as my last experiment with Beyer pads wasn't successful. Tried 990 pads (again in the hope of more comfort) on my DT440 and a great headphone was ruined (albeit easily reversible) sounding dull, bloated and 'closed-in' with a one dimensional bass.  Very different in other words.
    I imagine the thinner DT100 pads might effect the size of the soundstage more than the tone as they bring the drivers closer to the ear ?
  15. Lorspeaker
    the distance from the top of the velorpad to the white driver baffle is ONE INCH. 
    so far i have no complaints about the soundstage or rumble-ability of the dt150 with the velorpads. :p
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