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Best portable amp and full size headphone combo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by n080d7, Jan 27, 2012.
  1. N080D7
    For my current portable setup I have been using my J3 with M50S and TF10 /w Lune Cable and have settled on upgrading from the M50S to more neutral headphones since I listen to a large variety of music (Classical, Ambient, Rock, Electro, etc).  So I was wondering if there are any opinions on this proposed J3 -> Headstage Arrow -> FA-003/FA-002w setup and if the portable amp is even necessary to drive the FA-003's with the J3.
    I am open to any other suggestions, including headphones since I enjoy all sound signatures, as long as it falls within the price range (under $700 combined).
    Thank You.
    Portable Amps Currently Considering:
    Headstage Arrow HE12   ($299.00)
    Leckerton Audio UHA-4   ($199.00)
    iBasso T3   ($119.00)
    iBasso PB2   ($325.00)
    Headphones Currently Considering:
    FA-003   ($155.31)
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm   ($309.00)
  2. caracara08
    only my personal opinion, but i could tell a  difference with the j3 and amp.  i always wanted to try the arrow with it since its the same size but everytime i buy a portable amp for the j3, i cant tell any difference.  i know others disagree.  
  3. N080D7
    I am now considering the Fischer Audio Mystify since from what I have read it works very well with the FA-003/FA-002w and the TF10.
    I am still just wondering if it is even necessary to use a portable amp with the J3 to drive the FA-003's.
  4. lee730


    UHA4 also works great with the TF10s. Its pretty small itself. Has an internal DAC and with its stock OP Amp its adds clarity to the mid range making it more apparent which would suite the TF10 quite well. It has low output impedance and has a digital potentiometer so it works great with sensitive IEMs.
  5. N080D7
    Thank you for the suggestion, I have never heard of the UHA-4 before and it has be intrigued from what what I have read so far.
    J3 -> ? -> M50/TF10/FA-003
    Possible portable amps so far include:
    Headstage Arrow 12HE
    Fischer Audio Mystify
    Leckerton Audio UHA-4
    Also currently reading up on the iBasso T3 and PB2 (PB2 would probably be a good amp for future high end headphones.)
  6. lee730

    Keep in mind the UHA4 is an arrow killer for a fraction of the cost. You also have good customer support as its near non-existent with Robert. He seems to always be too busy to satisfy the amount of business he intakes. Leckerton is very helpful, has excellent customer service and great build quality. Also you won't have to wait months upon months to get your item, even though already paid...
    You'll get a better amp at a fraction of the cost. Read Battlebrats review between the UHA4 and the Arrow. He expected the Arrow to sound better but that was not the case...
    And if you want more power than the UHA4 then opt for the UHA6. Maybe contact Anaxilus and get his opinion on it. He finds it to be the most transparent amps on the go. He does use a different Op-amp in that set up though...

  7. N080D7
    I read the comparison review and found it interesting, but I am not going to take the Arrow completely off the table since it still has the very long battery life and even smaller size going for it, but I am beginning to lean more towards the UHA-4, although I still have yet to finish reading about the two Ibasso amps (T3 and PB2).
  8. N080D7
    I should also note that I have been considering for months getting the DT880's 600 Ohm which from what I have read so far works quite well with the PB2.
    Possible headphones:
    Fischer Audio FA-003/FA-002w
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm (semi-open should be a good balance between open and closed, if I really need isolation I could just put in the TF10's if desired)
    Yet another note, I do not "need" a very long battery life since there are a ton of places to plug in any devices here on campus when necessary, but a long battery life is welcome.
    I am pretty much trying to get a really good somewhat portable rig since I doubt I will be getting anything else for quite awhile (college student).
  9. N080D7
    Portable Amps Currently Considering:
    Headstage Arrow HE12   ($299.00)
    Leckerton Audio UHA-4   ($199.00)
    iBasso T3   ($119.00)
    iBasso PB2   ($325.00)
    Headphones Currently Considering:
    FA-003   ($155.31)
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm   ($309.00)
  10. lee730

    Are you looking to power those 600 ohm Deyerdynamics with a portable amp? If so I'd recommend you consider the UHA6 or O2 reference amp from JDS labs. I Still don't see these amps doing such cans as much justice as a dedicated desktop amp could provide...

  11. N080D7


    iBasso PB2
    There are plenty of threads with the PB2 being recommended for the DT880 600ohm and other 600 ohm (high impedance) headphones:
  12. N080D7
    Would just like to "Close" this thread with that I have settled on the iBasso PB2 and Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm so no other suggestions are necessary.
  13. Predawnstar
  14. Timodeus
    I find the FA002ow to have a nice synergy with fiio 011. Like dead calm in your private chapel.
    Religious, serenity. Use low gain. ​

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