1. rudyzhou2

    WTS>iBasso T3 (CANADA/US)

    Hi head-fiers!   Its been a long time since I have visited headfi (spent way too much money ) and I am back with new motivations...   Up for sale is an iBasso T3 in pristine condition (10/10), non T3D version, only used it once or twice and comes with everything included....   The reason for...
  2. olsonc84

    iBasso T3 Portable Amp [Perfect Condition with Box and All Accessories]

    Selling a perfect condition, like new, iBasso T3 portable headphone amp. I've had it for around a month and have put minimal usage on it. It has a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that holds a long charge (38 hours). It is one of the smallest amps on the market, measuring only 64.5mm x 37mm x...
  3. bulmanxxi

    Linearossa W1 (better than iBasso T3) BRAND NEW SEALED PLUS DOCK PLUS MINI TO MINI PLUS QB-EM card PLUS 2xAAA batteries PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!!

    One brand new sealed Linearossa W1 - brand new sealed.  Amazing little amp and rated higher than iBasso T3 by Skylab.  Comes with an iPod dock adapter for a line out and a mini to mini cable and a carrying pouch.  Will also include a USB battery charger and 2 AAA rechargeable batteries!  Also...
  4. Ultrainferno

    FS: iBasso T3 Portable amplifier (EU)

    Up for sale is my hardly ever used iBasso T3. I purchased it in March last year to use with the M50 but I never used those as portable cans. It is in perfect condition, with all accessories and in the original box. It hasn't been used for more then 15 hours in total.   More info about the...
  5. Rat Salad

    iBasso T3 full year warranty left. Less than 30 minutes use 100.00 (paypal only) delivered U.S.

      The T3 I am selling has a warranty good till June 2012.   All accessories, warranty card box etc. included   I bought a T3 from iBasso and it kept causing my J3 to shut down.  I had the T3 three days only so I insisted iBasso send me a new one.    Ibasso sent brand new one (one I am...
  6. Rat Salad

    Ibasso T3 Amp with full year of warranty left used 1/2 hour only 100.00 shipped to your door (+5 for canada)

    The T3 I am selling has a warranty good till June 2012.   All accessories, warranty card box etc. included   I bought a T3 from iBasso a for use with a Cowon J3     The Cowon acted funny (had amp for only 2 days) with the T3 so i had Ibasso send me a new T3    Ibasso sent brand...
  7. zero7525

    Ibasso T3 + CB06 Interconnect

    Hi, I'm selling an ibasso T3 portable amp with the ibasso CB06 copper braided interconnect. I live in Canada, so I am only able to ship to North America. The amp is in excellent condition, with the only quirks being the velcro taped to the back (I''ll give you a strip of velcros with it) and the...
  8. caracara08

    For Sale: 1 Month Old iBasso T3 ultra low usage + a couple extras

    I have a 1 month old iBasso T3 with super low hours for sale.  Originally purchased here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/556856/ibasso-t3-amp-with-full-year-of-warranty-left-used-1-2-hour-only-100-00-shipped-to-your-door-5-for-canada   I always wanted to try this sucker out and I am...
  9. eclipes

    Ibasso T3 x Westone UM3X x Cowon J3

    Currently I use the J3 with um3x and Ibasso D12 as my portable rig. Due to the size, its becoming a hassle and very annoying to carry outside. I was wondering if i made the switch to the T3, what would I expect? I've read good reviews on the T3 but also issues with pairing with J3 due to the...
  10. eclipes

    Ibasso T3

    looking for a mint condition Ibasso T3   Will Pay a very good price for it.   Let me know
  11. normalwrong

    WTB: IBASSO T3/T4 Fiio E7

    Im looking for a ibasso t3 / t4 or fiio e7 because my arrow amp has sent back for repair.. Please let me know if you ship to canada.
  12. wilzc

    Looking for Ibasso T3/T3D or any other portable sub 100 dollar amp.

    As title explains, am looking for a small portable amp under 100, to power several headphones, mostly low impedance types.   Will listen to whatever you have to offer!! (besides the lower e3/35 stuff)   Australian sellers would obviously be preferred. But I'll entertain and pay for...
  13. nicholars

    Xonar essence ST with an external ibasso t3 headphone amp via headphone jack?

    Hello,   Great forums.... I have been doing a lot of reading over the last week or so about some new headphones and an amp....   I have ordered some Shure SRH840's and I am interested in an ibasso T3 amp connected to a Asus Xonar Essence ST/STX....   Currently I have Cambridge Audio...
  14. 2enty3

    SOLD: iBasso T3

    For sale is an iBasso T3 for IEM's, in great condition, and used for maybe 100hrs Bought from another head-fier around same time last year, but used only for long trips and vacations. Price in Canadian includes shipping. Includes all accessories.   International/ outside NA, contact...
  15. 2pacalypse33

    Ibasso T3/D vs. D-Zero

    Hey everyone I am looking for a portable amp and was wondering if anyone has compared the T3 vs. the D-Zero. I have read great reviews about the T3 but not sure how it compares to the D-Zero. They are both similarly priced but the D-Zero has a DAC which I don’t really know anything about. Do you...
  16. rudyzhou2

    FT/FS>Hfi 780 + iBasso T3

    Located in canada,   both hfi 780 and t3 in mint condition and used not much, 780 comes with receipt, reason to trade is i have pro 900 and want to hear more variety in bass or vocals...   Looking for grado sr225i series, k701, ath series, beyers dt 770/880/990 or the senns hd500/600s...shoot me...
  17. rudyzhou2

    FS> Ultrasone Hfi 780, Ibasso T3

    Up for sale is a pair of hfi 780 and a ibasso t3   the hfi 780 was gotten from a forum member, it was bought this year and comes with receipt and warranty. Got a pair of ultrasone pro 900 so dont need them n more. some scratches on the cups but otherwise perfect   Going for $110 USD +...
  18. HiFlight

    iBasso T3

    I have for sale my little-used iBasso T3.  Sale includes all the original packaging and accessories.   Fine little amp! Price is $65 which includes US shipping and paypal fee.     Thanks for reading!  
  19. AVU

    WTB: iBasso T3 or maybe Pico Slim

    FOUND a Pico Slim. - Thanks.  
  20. kenjidm

    iBasso T3 with ATH-M50s?

    Hello all,   First want to say thanks to everyone for this forum.  Without finding this forum I would of been the followers who bought Dre Beats.  Thank goodness I didn't.     Anyhow, I am a newbie so go easy if this has been asked.    I have the ATH-M50s and am looking to pair...
  21. imackler


    Includes all accessories and packaging. Nearly perfect condition. Works perfectly.   Price includes priority mail shipping CONUS and paypal fees. If you want to send it paypal gift, drop off $4 from the price.   International priority mail would be $90.   Would be interested in...
  22. farfly

    E11, Cmoybb or t3 for hd598 and d2k?

    Hi, tomorrow i will get a pair of denon d2k, and now im looking for an amp for it. My budget is 90$, i actually have a soundmagic a10 which i like a lot but i think is not very powerfull, and that is what i want. I find these 3 amps, fiio e11, ibasso t3 and cmoybb, i think the cmoy is the most...
  23. WakiDabeast

    Ibasso T3 or Digizoid Z02?

    Hey guys, So I'm about to purchase my first mid-tier portable headphone amp, and I was looking at the Ibasso T3 and Z02, since they are right in my budget and needs in terms of size. So my question here is, what are the attributes of each in terms of sounds. I do want a black background (which...
  24. Sludig

    Phonak PFE 022+cash for iBasso T3

    I want to get an iBasso T3 or similar for a good price or I can offer my pair of like new Phonak PFE 022. I'm from EU. Best regards
  25. KraftD1

    Mini Audio (iBasso) T3 Amplifier

    For sale a Mini Audio T3 (Ibasso) in good condition.  Complete with box, 3.5-3.5mm connector, USB charger, etc.  The brand "Mini Audio" is for selling in China and "Ibasso" is for export selling.   Great little mini amp, this is the one with analog volume control.    Located in Canada...