1. eclipes

    Ibasso T3 x Westone UM3X x Cowon J3

    Currently I use the J3 with um3x and Ibasso D12 as my portable rig. Due to the size, its becoming a hassle and very annoying to carry outside. I was wondering if i made the switch to the T3, what would I expect? I've read good reviews on the T3 but also issues with pairing with J3 due to the...
  2. nicholars

    Xonar essence ST with an external ibasso t3 headphone amp via headphone jack?

    Hello,   Great forums.... I have been doing a lot of reading over the last week or so about some new headphones and an amp....   I have ordered some Shure SRH840's and I am interested in an ibasso T3 amp connected to a Asus Xonar Essence ST/STX....   Currently I have Cambridge Audio...
  3. 2pacalypse33

    Ibasso T3/D vs. D-Zero

    Hey everyone I am looking for a portable amp and was wondering if anyone has compared the T3 vs. the D-Zero. I have read great reviews about the T3 but not sure how it compares to the D-Zero. They are both similarly priced but the D-Zero has a DAC which I don’t really know anything about. Do you...
  4. kenjidm

    iBasso T3 with ATH-M50s?

    Hello all,   First want to say thanks to everyone for this forum.  Without finding this forum I would of been the followers who bought Dre Beats.  Thank goodness I didn't.     Anyhow, I am a newbie so go easy if this has been asked.    I have the ATH-M50s and am looking to pair...
  5. farfly

    E11, Cmoybb or t3 for hd598 and d2k?

    Hi, tomorrow i will get a pair of denon d2k, and now im looking for an amp for it. My budget is 90$, i actually have a soundmagic a10 which i like a lot but i think is not very powerfull, and that is what i want. I find these 3 amps, fiio e11, ibasso t3 and cmoybb, i think the cmoy is the most...
  6. WakiDabeast

    Ibasso T3 or Digizoid Z02?

    Hey guys, So I'm about to purchase my first mid-tier portable headphone amp, and I was looking at the Ibasso T3 and Z02, since they are right in my budget and needs in terms of size. So my question here is, what are the attributes of each in terms of sounds. I do want a black background (which...
  7. iztis

    Replacing 2.1 Speakers, Upgrading from Creative T3s

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of upgrading my 2.1 speakers. I've been using Creative T3s and I really like them but for some reason for the past year, the music would randomly get loud then soft especially if whatever is playing, video or audio is bass heavy.   Not sure what's the cause, probably...
  8. burningv

    Should I change the battery in my iBasso T3?

    Recently I've noticed that I have to turn up the volume knob 1 or 2 two levels to achieve the same volume I had when I first bought the T3. Also, I've noticed a loss in dynamics. Will changing the battery alleviate this problem or is there an issue with the amp?
  9. MartWilliams

    portable amp for Galaxy Note 2 and Grado SR80i heaphones?

    Hi all. I've been plowing through these forums for the last few days and largely as a result of what I've read here and after testing a few headphones bought a pair of Grado SR80i's to play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now while I am very pleased with what I am hearing (being a non audiophile...
  10. Sprkd1

    Sony XBA-4 + iPod touch 64GB (latest/5th generation) = a need for an amp?

    I am planning on getting the latest iPod touch 64GB with the Sony XBA-4 earphones. My question is, will the sound be better if I used a portable amp? I read some previous threads and some mentioned that they heard no difference when using a portable amp. Does this mean it also depends on your...
  11. Rockem

    iBasso T3 vs E11

    Hello all,   I'm looking for a portable amp that will go well with my iPod & HD25 I read a lot on the T3 and was impressed, up until I saw couple of posts that rated the E11 on the same level right now I have the E17 which is good but a bit big and heavy for portable use   How do the...
  12. nucgaek

    Ultra-portable Amps

    I was just wondering what ultra-portable amps were available? The only ones I've seen so far are the Digizoid ZO2 and the iBasso T3, other like the T5 are similar in size but muc heavier, so  is there anything else worth considering in the $60-150 range?   Some specs:   Digizoid ZO2.3...
  13. Spyro

    Amping Worse Than Without Amp?

    Can you see any scenario where amping an IEM could actually hinder the sound versus help it?   I have an Ipod 160GB Classic and an Ibasso T3 analog amp.  I am told the amp is a solid choice and quite transparent (a good thing) not affecting the sound sig of anything you plug into it.  ...
  14. powasky

    Is my T3 obsolete?

    I feel out of the portable audio world for a bit, but my recent purchase of a Clip+ and MP9927 have sucked me back in.  The 9927s are a placeholder for a "real" set of IEMs that will be purchased in mid-November (MA750, BA-200, GR07, something in that price range).     I own an iBasso T3, and...
  15. mrinflatable

    amp for Ipod & IEM?

    Hi i currently use a 4th gen Ipod Nano & Vsonic GR06 IEM as a music player to travel to work, gym, and just casual listening of music   Im just wondering if adding a portable amp will increase the sound quality (and bass)?   I'v been looking at getting something such as the Fiio E6 & LOD...
  16. N080D7

    Best portable amp and full size headphone combo

    For my current portable setup I have been using my J3 with M50S and TF10 /w Lune Cable and have settled on upgrading from the M50S to more neutral headphones since I listen to a large variety of music (Classical, Ambient, Rock, Electro, etc).  So I was wondering if there are any opinions on this...
  17. Frazo

    Fiio e11 vs Ibasso t3-t5

    if anyone has tried them please let me know which you like better for sound quality. thanks
  18. N0sferatu

    Small portable AMP with decent power

    I've done some homework and found that my phone (Galaxy S2) will not let you easily override the DAC in the phone so I'm forced with analog out.  With that said, I want a bit more power available on hand but I want something small enough that I can keep both the amp and the phone (it's rather...
  19. budgetboy

    J3 - ? - M50

    Hi.   I'm looking for the best portable amps under $250 that i could use to power the ATH-M50 headphones using the headphone-out of my Cowon J3.   In the meantime, I'll look for posts about amping the M50.   Thanks in advance.
  20. larrymd

    Q701 users, what dac/amp are you using?

    I am totally green for Hifi listening, just got a Q701 and my main listening source is macbook pro, also have a ipod classic (160G), but mainly I use IE6 for my ipod, which i think it is fine even without dac/amp. Hence I want to ask you guys which amp/dac (portable first, desktop is fine) you...
  21. gaspir324

    Best bassboost amps in 120$ range?

    I ordered my XB1000s which should arrive in 2 weeks. I want to get the most of it so I would like to know my choices. I've been looking iBasso T3/4 and digiZoid ZO (I'd wait for the 2nd gen). I really like the 32 levels of boost in ZO and I was wondering will iBassos be able to match it/overcome it?
  22. okachi_1987

    UM3X + E11?

    Hello. I have a pair of UM3X and i'm thinking of getting a portable amp from Fiio. Has anyone tried UM3X with E11? Appreciate your opinion :)
  23. joyog

    fiio e11, e5, or cmoybb

    I have been looking at portable amps under $100.  It would be used with an Ipod touch with audeo pfe 112's or sennheiser HD238's.  First off, do I even need an amp for this set up?  I do have the volume at about 80 to 90% most of the time.  Would I gain any sound quality with an amp?   I...
  24. Spyro

    JH5 + Ibasso T3 = JH14.5 Type Sound!

    I've been missing the boat here for a while....and need to shed some (hopefully) useful information to other audiophile fans.   The whole point of this thread is to say "LISTENING HABITS AND SYNERGY WITH EQ AND PLAYERS IS HUGE" determinent in quality of the sound you wish for.   I just...
  25. NonApplicable

    Westone 4 an Upgrade from Turbine Coppers?

    I am going to be purchase a pair of new headphones tommorow but I am looking for a step up from the MTPCs. I adore my MTPCs but after hearing some of the Grado's qualities I started craving certain aspects my IEMs did't project. I decided that a hybrid between the MTPCs and Grados Cans would be...