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Amp for HD800's

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My old custom made tube amp is being repaired and I need a portable amp anyways. I'm not a huge fan of the tube sound, I much prefer technical accuracy(reason for the HD800's) as I use my cans to keep my ears trained. A friend loaned me his Ibasso D10. I have not played with the opamps yet but I found the highs too laid back and stage narrow. I would prefer a DAC/AMP since I use it with my laptop mostly and Ipod less often. 


in Short. Non colored amp, great open staging. Portable and can get the 300ohm cans pretty motivated as I like it loud. 


Budget, preferably under $350.




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I have not been present/lurking the forums for awhile but I think the majority consensus will be "get another pair of phones' if you are going portable".  With that being said I just took 5-10 minutes searching for you and it seems like it would be a bit difficult finding something in that price range.  The general opinion is that the only portables capable of even beginning to drive the 800 are the Lisa and the Headroom Desktop Portable.   If possible I will find and update you if any more names become available in my new-found love of lurking head-fi.

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Spending more time searching I think I found my answer, Ibasso D6, 650mW X2 (mind you at 32ohms) the D10 I borrowed is doing a fair job, but lacks power, and after swapping the opamp I got the stage to open back up, but with with a little too much treble now. I'll try the D6, since it can be "tuned" with different opap/buffer combos and should have enough power.

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Also look at the new Ibasso PB2 Pelican. Up to 2500mW per channel in balanced. It is balanced so you would need to get a balanced cable and an adapter for the HD800s, but you can roll opamps and it has a ton of power. A few members are getting their PB2s tomorrow, so stay tuned in the PB2 thread. I have heard very good things about the HD800s balanced.

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