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Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 Ohm amp?

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I've been looking at the 600 ohm Beyerdynamic DT 880s and am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an amplifier to keep up with the impedance. Or if anyone wants to suggest something other than the 880s, that's fine by me, too (encouraged, in fact!), but I am looking for some decent mid-priced cans that can have some quality squeezed out of them. I don't need anything super-portable when it comes to the amp, but something equal to or smaller than the size of a home network modem is preferable, since I relocate quite a bit.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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I se the Beyerdynamic A1 amp. Don't know if it is big enough for you.

Just remember it is only an amp, not an external soundcard/DAC.

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I move every two - three years and my home set up is actually what most might consider a portable/porch rig. I'm using 880 600 ohm's with a newly acquired Ibasso PB2. It sounds great as is, and my intention (and the reason I went with the PB2) is to either recable these guys with a balanced cable or acquire a set of HE5-LEs and recable them for balanced.


My sound preference leans quite heavily away from the bass emphasized signature which seems to be popular. I love a clear sound with crisp treble and mids and definitely don't appreciate a boomy bass. Some might characterize this as analytical. To put things into perspective, I absolutely adore my GR10 IEM's, 


I purchased an SR-71B and an Ibasso PB2 and prefer the Ibasso sound. To quote Pitts Pilot -  "the difference is like dusk and twilight" however I found the the RSA amp to provide a sound stage that seemed a bit artificial. The PB2 sounded better to my ears and is half the price. Those who like a slightly darker, bass heavy sound would probably prefer the Sr-71B - but then they would also probably choose a different set of cans too.  My Blackbird B will be up on the Sale / Trade forum shortly. 


When running the 880's I have the PB2 set to the highest gain and tend listen at around 11-12 O'clock on the volume. 

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