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Best in ear headphones for under 300$? (bass)

  1. bifd
    Hey im looking for some in ear headphones for under 300$. Now that doesn't mean it has to be the best 300$. For example is their some headphones for 100$ that are pretty close to 250$ Ill take the 100$ all day.
    Now ill be running with them some so Ill need them to be able to stay in my ear and not fall off everytime I take a stride.
    Also I am kind of a bass head aslong its decently clear and not too muddy.
    Thanks so much
    Currently have ultrasone pro 900
  2. tzjin
    The GR07 has wonderfully textured bass. The IE8 has maximum bass quantity, while the FX700 is renowned for its bass quality. They may be slightly over your budget though.
  3. bifd
    Anything for under 300 Thanks but I can't afford those yet..
  4. tinyman392
    I have only heard one bass heavy phone that meets all your requirements, it'd be the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts.  Deep V shape though.  The other one has microphonics up the [fill in the blank].  It'd be the Monster Gratitude.  
    The ones that float around Head-Fi that are recommended:
    1. Future Sonics Atrios
    2. Sennheiser IE80
    3. Sennheiser IE8
    4. Ultimate Ears TF10 (iffy on fit though...  Doesn't fit most well)
    EDIT: Another upcoming option might be something like the Heir Audio 3.Ai which is coming out soon.  Reviews of the 4.Ai will be coming soon enough, I won't be joining the 4.Ai craze (not yet anyways)...  So wait up for impressions of the 3.Ai if you're interested as they sound nothing like the 4.Ai (from what I've read :p).
  5. tzjin
    Agree with the Heir suggestion. They look amazing, and reports are slowly popping up claiming they sound amazing as well.
  6. tinyman392
    Not much has been talked about the 3.Ai though (it's been focused on the 4.Ais).  The 3.Ai would be my suggestion for the OP since he wants bass.  So the 4.Ai reports will be nil for what he wants.  I am planning on getting a pair of 3.Ai, then the 4s (hopefully).  
  7. Nintendam
     you can pick up slightly used FX700's for under 300, theres one on there right now... for like 245
    I just lost my pair this past weekend (@#$!!!!!) GONE!
    anyways, if you want bass, these things are incredible... and their open vented design just adds so much more, every other top tier iem I have right now just can satisy that fx700 sound, its sad. I will have to sell or trade the rest for another pair.
  8. Cotnijoe
    Heir audio 3.Ai would indeed be a wonderful choice. Be putting up a review for it soon. If your willing to wait for it to come out... And possibly wait longer since theyre hand made and theres a line for them, they do a great job.
  9. basketball
    If you want the best quality bass, look no further than thee JVC FX700. Although the isolation is an issue with some, the bass is unparallel.
  10. mochill
    Sony xb90ex is the best :)
  11. sofastreamer
    what about aurisonics asg 1.2?
  12. tzjin
    The voicing is not for everyone.
  13. sofastreamer
    what does voicing mean?
  14. tzjin
    The sound signature. The ASG 1.2 is treble-recessed.
  15. tinyman392

    The 1.2 might be something the OP likes though. I'd definitely look at it if I were him. It works well with deep bass that is fairly linear (but focusing on the sub-bass). Detailed modes with ample clarity. Yes. It has recessed highs (that can take a bit of power from vocals), but for what the OP needs, it should suite well.

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