1. kwonberry

    For Sale: Heir 3ai

    Hi all. Selling a barely used pair of Heir 3.ai IEMs. I bought them a few months ago but never found myself using them. They have maybe 10 hours use.   Comes with all stock tips (blue, red, purple 3 of each) cleaning tool, 2x rubber bands, and the case. All clean and well taken care of.  ...
  2. Carlsan

    Heir Audio 3Ai Heir Audio 3.Ai PRICE DROP SOLD

    In my continuing effort to sell audio gear that doesn't get much use, up for sale is a pair of Heir Audio 3.Ai I bought the set back in November of last year from a fellow head-fi member who had owned them for a month until he needed funds so had to sell some gear.   These earphones are in...
  3. ucrime

    Time for something new, Senn or UE 900s

    Hi everyone,    The advice here is always great, so I thought I would ask since I'm about to jump to something new.   Currently what I own are   TriFi10s with Fiio cord and Comply tips Etys hf3 I think. Audio Tech M50s (the straight cord)   I've problems will all of them, the...
  4. uglysteve

    UE 900 detail but with more bass

    I've been searching for the perfect IEMs for a long time.  I currently own a pair of UE 900s that are superb but for the fact that they have a very subdued low end.  I am a bit of a bass head but I also love the clarity of the 900s.  I also recently tried out the Bowers & Wilkins C5s which, to...
  5. mummer

    Most comfortable for lying on my side?

    I seek headphones/earbuds specifically for listening to binaural beats and relaxation programs while lying in bed, which will inevitably include lying on my side, head on a pillow. Would you be so kind as to suggest some models with this specific attribute? My budget is flexible and sound...
  6. Golila3

    Heir Audio 3Ai

    Selling the Heir Audio 3Ai from Canada. I am the second user and the first user claimed a 50 hour use, so these have approximately 100 hours of use right now. They are in great condition 8.5/10 and includes everything in the original box.   I am covering the paypal fee and shipping within...
  7. zhouf

    Heir Audio 3Ai

    Up for sale is a pair of MINT Heir Audio 3Ai's.   Something's come up and I need the funds. I've had these heirs for probably just over a month.   These phones will be shipped with Heir's Hard Case (which can withstand Hurricane Sandy), and the original stock cable.   $270 includes...
  8. zhouf

    Heir Audio 3Ai for Denon D600

    I got my 3Ai's about three weeks ago, an they're still in mint condition. Will include comply's.   I'm looking for a Denon D600... Will throw in a few bucks your way as well, as needed. Only entertaining offers in the US.   Thanks for looking!
  9. supracrazy_tommy

    ie80 vs. Heir Audio 3ai

      I would like to some help with this.  If anyone has tried both these iems.   I listen to mainly modern music so hip hop/rap/ pop.   I have never bought a CIEM, but the entry level ciem for the Heir look very appealing.     My choices now are the Sennheiser ie80, IEM Heir 3.ai or go...
  10. Tamirci

    WTB Heir Audio 3ai

    Looking for that earphone. PM me for offers.
  11. WinterCharm

    Heir Audio 3.ai/4.ai vs Apple Ear Pods

    Before anyone kills me and eats me, I know they are worlds apart. But, I'm focusing on sound signature here and have a question.     I just got my hands on apple ear pods, and I really liked their sound signature for the most part. They have basically exactly the sound signature I'm...
  12. enoyletoj

    WANTED: Heir Audio 4.A/4.Ai/3.Ai

    Hey all,   I'm REALLY looking to grab a Heir 4.A/4.Ai/3.Ai if anyone is willing to let them go.   PM me with offers! Or just to indicate and availability and we can work something out~ I also had a JH11 for trade if anyone's interested (:   Thanks!
  13. johntheman123

    Ferrari of IEM's?

    Hi,   So I'm by no means an expert audiophile or anything of the sort but am slowly becoming obsessed..   I live alone, and easily spend 12-14 hours a day listening to music using in ear headphones. I previously owned the Kilpsch S4's which I lost, and ended up buying some UE 900's from...
  14. KCTO

    Heir 3.Ai or 4.Ai to complement my SE535LTD?

    After a month of enjoying my Shure SE535LTD, I stumbled upon Heir Audio and it's gorgeous universal IEMs. Reading up on them, I discovered that both the 3.Ai and the 4.Ai's sound signatures provide the extra qualities that I wish from my pair- heavier hitting, deep bass from the 3.Ai and an ever...
  15. Inquis

    Grado GR8 or 3.Ai Heirs?

    My parents bought me Sony XBA-3s for $280 which is a total rip off at that price .....   They've agreed to return and get more bang for buck lolz   http://www.amazon.com/Grado-GR8-In-Ear-Headphones/dp/B002QL3CX8/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top   http://www.heiraudio.com/article_177.html  ...
  16. noxa

    Can't decide between Heir audio 3.a or 3.ai

    I'm looking for a new pair of iem's and the Heir audio 3 have peaked my interest but I'm not sure whether to go for the custom or universal, I know there are obvious benefits to the custom but is the extra expense and lack of wood finish as standard still worthwhile. If anyone has heard both and...
  17. aznsniper911

    Need more bass in my IEM

    Long story short my Monster Turbine Copper died and now I have to get a new pair of IEM but I need something with more bass!!! Yes those had some good bass and clarity but I want moar bass!!!:D my budget this time is about $400 and I listen to mostly pop/hip hop/rap with the occasional classical...
  18. Scott2578

    Westone UM3x, 4, 1964, TF10 or Heir 3ai

    I am looking at getting a new set of iems for christmas. I have owned a set of Shure E3C, and had a set of B&W C5s. I took the C5s back. I have had the shures for a few years, and they sounded good for what they were.   I am looking for an IEM that will give me great details in the mids and...
  19. Waiteyus

    Heir Audio 3.Ai Vs......Everything else

    Guys, im looking for a bit of advice. Its time for a new iem and i can't make a decision. There are a couple of earphones i am considering, or even combinations of earphones.   Heir Audio 3.Ai - From all the reviews read, no one has a bad word to say about these. Yamaha eph-100 - Good...
  20. S

    Looking for a custom IEM <$850 for my needs

    Hello Head-Fi community,   I'm looking for custom IEMs <$350 <$850 that fit my requirements. Here's a little more about what I am looking for in my IEMS-   -Build Quality: I want these in ears to last as long as possible, forever maybe, as I won’t be changing IEMs for a long time. I take...
  21. Timbo1

    Westone 4 vs. Sony XBA-4

    I'll start off by saying this is my first post and I'm new to the higher end earbuds. I've owned less expensive earbuds from companies like Bose and SkullCandy and would like to upgrade. I've read the reviews about the Westone 4 on here but haven't really been able to find anything on Sony's...
  22. darinf

    San Diego Head-Fi Meet: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

    ***Update*** Date has been changed to Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. Sorry about that.   OK, here it is, finally!   ***Update*** I have confirmed a location and time for the meeting:   The meet will be from 11:00am until 4:30pm on Saturday, November 3rd.   The meet will be held...
  23. AudioDwebe

    Which three IEM's covers it all?

    The proliferation of all things headphone related over the last several years absolutely blows my mind.  It seems there are new players getting into the game each and every month, making it confusing even for folks who've been 'round these neck of the woods for more than a minute about potential...
  24. Dogmatrix

    Firestone Audio, Fireye HD Impressions

    Just ordered the new Fireye HD will post pics and first impressions as soon as it arrives   Cant find much of a mention apart from a short reference to a prototype   Anybody already have one ?   Anybody want one ?
  25. BatManExe

    Recommend me a good IEM without an AMP and etc.

    Hi there,   Can anyone recommend me a good IEM or an In-Ear Earphone?   Below are my details: -   My Rig: iPod touch   Usage: Music   File format: 320kbps mp3 or Apple lossless   Music genre: Pop, Instrumental/ New Age   Type: IEM or In-Ear earphone  ...