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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. mojolo
    Thank you for your replies.
    I actually think I'd be very happy with the amp section of the Master 11.
    I was wondering about the Master 11 in pure DAC mode though (connected to the Taurus) - whether it's better than the DA8 and how much "worse" it might be compared to the Master 7 DAC.
    Since the M11 is so new, I'm sure I'm unrealistic in hoping that anyone could have compared all these at this point though! And the M11's PCM1704UK vs the DA8's Sabre 9018 may be a matter of preference.
    If I had the money, I'd just get the M7 AND the Yggy and be done with it all. With my house renovations going on, money is a bit tight though. :)
    Perhaps I just bite the bullet on the M11.
  2. Solude
    Are your headphones wired for balanced?
  3. mojolo
    Yes, I have balanced cables for both the LCD-3f and HE-560.
  4. bimmer100

    There are actually only two audio-God master 11's sold right now.
    I have one, the other is by a guy on headfi with the screen name doyouknowsbmean
    that's it. I've been looking at the shipping manifest and have seen no more m11's sell yet...
  5. doyouknowSBmean
    I prefer the M11 as a DAC. I do think M11 is more musical than YGG. They both have great soundstage and resolution. But M11 is not that expensive and more versatile.
  6. defbear
    Ok none of my business, but how do you have current shipping records for the M11? Is there a wait for the M11 after it has been ordered? Are the new units shipping with the Amanero USB standard now? I will contact audio-gd but you seem the be in-the-know. Thank you.
  7. doyouknowSBmean
    abhishekSPS and bimmer100 like this.
  8. defbear
    Wow thank you. I have never seen a company put shipping records like this up. Fun information and a nice bit of marketing.
    abhishekSPS likes this.
  9. mojolo

    Happy you think that highly of Kingwa, but let's not turn this into a schiity hyped up thread.

    Seriously though, that's crazy and intwresting info to know. Thank you and sbmean for also sharing your impressions.

    Between your guys' feedback, all I've read on the M7 and M9 and the fact that Kingwa says the difference between M7+M9 and M11 is small, there doesn't seem to be much risk in purchasing at this point. :)
  10. mojolo
    Awesome. Is there any mid-bass hump? Also are the lows well-defined (not muddy)?
  11. bimmer100
    Whoops, that was a typo.. Audio-God. I meant audio-gd...
    I do think highly of Kingwa. I don't want to hype things up to be honest. The sound of the m11 is special imho. Very similar to m7/m9. And it's pretty clear the m7/m9 is world class already. You be the judge.
  12. bimmer100
    Yeah, the shipping manifest only shows extremely basic info. But fun to follow to see when people get another master 11. Literally 2 have sold that I have seen so far.
    I don't have any connection to Kingwa. I'm simply passionate about their products. It's hard to beat the bang for buck ratio.
  13. Rotijon
    I remember saying a few weeks back that the M7 to M9 combo was bad, i was using the HD800 and HE1000.

    Let me retract that, i heard it again and it was much much better. The first time i heard it, it was only just out the box, burn it or not, i have no idea, but it was good.

    No idea how does this compare to the schiit stack, as this was my first TOTL stack.

    Having said that, i have never enjoyed an open back headphone till the M7 and M9. I've always been a earphone or speakers guy.  In a way, they took my headphone cherries :wink:
  14. mojolo
    Haha, perhaps a Freudian slip since his gear seems to be so highly regarded.
    The only other AGD product I've tried is the DI v3, which I still own. I guess the M11 will be my second.
  15. xxxfbsxxx
    i think the shipping page only shows direct buyer, those who make purchase via dealer will not be on the list. I bought few pieces of agd via a dealer last time with direct ship from audio-gd warehouse and my name was not on the list :)
    anw, can you please tell me a bit more about the amp part of m11? is it quite far from m9? as im planning to buy the m9 but the attractive price of m11 really bothers me T_T 
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