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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. bimmer100
    Listening to "Christian Mcbride - Night Train"  it's detailed to another level. I love this sound!

    a flac, what i'm listening to, would be a better source...but sure. here is an idea. The realism is pretty impressive.
  2. lukeap69

    Very interesting! Please do tell more...
  3. doyouknowSBmean
    Another recording from Master11+HE1000:
    The midrange is ultra charming while pairing HE1000 with Master 11. Yes it is dark. Instruments are laid back. But the vocal is full of meat. Magnificent in playing back opera. It made me recall my father's old school Telefunken speakers. 
    I found this system is a perfect complementary for my Orpheus system. Both of them show the top of the line sound quality. But each of them shows different characters. M11 is fluid and soft. I'd like best is M11 brings me the feeling of involving while paring HE1000.Also I feel very relax while plug my he1000 into M11. But I feel a little tense plugging he1000 into rag+ygg and the midrange is relative thin. It de. From my audition in various of setups driving he1000s, the fatal problem for most of systems are lack of involving. Everything is good but too smooth which  make me gonna sleep. M11 is absolutely not the same. The magic midrange is darn sweet ! I am very happy that I could still get the charming midrange from Hifiman's after he6. 
  4. oculus
    I got the 10.32 which I presume is near enough the same.   I have never bothered looking for another dac/amp since as its just brilliant.   I am running HD800's balanced (normal cable) and the sound is sublime.
  5. chirawatf
    @ doyouknowSBmean
    Have you ever compared He6 VS He1000 on Master 11?  How much better He1000/M11 to He6/M11 paring?
    Has Master11 enough power to push He6 to the max capability?
  6. bimmer100
    the M11 has an HE6 mod that allows for a massive gain. More than enough to fully drive them with ease. The amp specs of the M11 are quite insane. It's literally a beast.
  7. bimmer100
    I think the Dac side is very close to being the same. Yet the Amp side is clearly not. The new amp is about twice that of the 10.32.  But it might not be a big deal for some people. It's just more capable now.
  8. Solude
    Both equally changed.  Big change amp wise is the move to the 150W buffer parts, 15W for the 10.32 like in the NFB1, but otherwise the same.
  9. chirawatf

    That's my concern. He6 needs amp that truly has enough power reserve to really sings. To compensate power deficit with too much gain is not the best option. So I would like to know that standard version of M11 (normal gain setting) can drive He6 properly or not.
  10. bimmer100

    Have you seen the specs of the m11??!

    I guess it depends how loud you want.

    The m11 is only at +16 gain... Many amps are significantly more and can't come close.

    The m11 is beastly. I will try to find a pair of HE6's at the local event here on the 25th. I will try them on the m11
    I don't doubt it will be enough for fairly loud listening.
    I prefer really loud, so I would choose to get another 6-10db bump. +22-26db total. And have tons of headroom for classical music
    It's not likely you will need it that often.
    What would your alternative be? The Ragnarok is another beast that does well if you want even more power... But price?!? Meh.
    The gain on the Ragnarok is set to +26db when at max for he6 listening. Soooo, what's wrong with getting the m11 with the +26db gain?
    That's not an issue. Were you thinking it would be higher?
    You won't even use that in 90% of all music you listen to. "Most likely"
    Unless you're wanting a deaf wish.
  11. Solude
    The HE6 gain mod is to help ensure that you CAN reach the power maximum given a less than 0dB input.  Or put another way, fans of metal won't have an issue with the default gain reaching max power but listeners of classical will since the recordings rarely average 0dB.  Lots of other media isn't recorded at 0dB either so if the HE6 is used it's a good idea to boost gain.  
    Even with IEMs and the GS-X mk2 I have to go to high gain +20dB from time to time to get the volume where I want it.  But on normal music low gain 0dB is fine.  That's an IEM, imagine the HE6.
  12. doyouknowSBmean
    I don't have a he6 right now. I guess you'd better select high gain mod directly from A-GD while you order M11. The output power 9w@40ohm(class A) is absolutely enough for he6 but the gain set should be higher(>20dB IMHO).
  13. chirawatf
    Thank you very much for comments.
  14. doyouknowSBmean
    Impressions after 150 hours.
    The stage of master 11 is wider and I feel more spacial while use master 11. I find the depth of master 11 is fairly good. Better than YGG,HEV90,CD6005 built in DAC in terms of depth of soundstage.
    It is more robust and lively than others from my comparisons.
  15. doyouknowSBmean
    And I noticed that there are euphonic tune color from M11 compared with YGGs which makes M11 an involving toxic. And it is so powerful as an AMP. I use it directly to drive my vintage Telefunken speaker RB70 lol.
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