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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. bimmer100
    are you not worried about suffocating the m11? you have a towel over it, and another device? (cd player)?
    HOT HOT HOT. class A.
    I'm surprised you would do that. Maybe it's OK...but I would think some airflow would be ideal for it.
  2. doyouknowSBmean
    you are right it insanely increased the temperature for a short time... I don't use a towel right now.
  3. bimmer100

    Kingwa said it was ok for me to stack my dac19 on top of the nfb-28... But as far as I understand... The master 11 can't have anything on top. It could potentially damage the unit. The class A amp gets tremendously hot. I guess I won't risk it.
    I will email Kingwa and ask if it's ok. I swear somewhere I was reading it's not ok for th master series, the master 7/9 etc. likely the master11 def should get some breathing room.
  4. doyouknowSBmean
    I use some wooden tacks and buffer to separate my CD player and M11. I guess I need to buy a rack for them lol
  5. bimmer100
    Definitely! Protect that fancy smancy setup with a good rack.

    And I was curious if you used the master11 as an amp for the Yggdrasil. I wonder how the amp will help the Yggdrasil sound. And audio-gd's amps are really really good. The rag looks good on paper, but I bet the master11 would allow the ygg to sound a bit better. Just a thought.
  6. doyouknowSBmean
    My YGG is now on loan for a potential buyer[​IMG]
  7. Solude
    Didn't you say it ran cold?  The M11 sinks to the base turning the entire case into a heatsink, while the 28 uses heatsinks inside the case.
  8. bimmer100
    Yea, I forgot I had airflow on it all day. Big 2'x2' fan in the doorway pointed at the m11 and me. Without that on, it got really warm. I would think 125-145F is my guess. Depending on room temp. I believe the quote I read somewhere about 30degrees above room temperature is likely accurate. If the vents were closed and top covered, I would see it getting to 180/190F as a guess. Not sure if some components/internals could be damaged. My guess is... Yes. And it was cool those days I was judging it's temp.
    Lately it's been above 90degrees and I don't have a/c. It's nice and toasty! Especially when I don't keep airflow on it. I couldn't imagine how hot it would be if I plugged the top vents.
    And that's hot imho. I just assumed the master11 would be hotter than it is. Everyone described it as a substitute for a fireplace etc. that's a bit excessive.
    It's amazing what a small 120mm fan does to cool it down. I have one of those too, and run it at low Rpms. Virtually inaudible and makes the chassis hardly more than 90-100F.
    It's likely if you live in cool temps, it's fine to plug the vents and stack on top. But not ok if you are living in an area that is warm. 75F+.
    Just my opinion. I will ask Kingwa. I assume he designed it with vents for speed! It adds horsepower. No really, they must have a function. That likely would be to stuff a towel in them or dispense Kleenex or toilet paper. Or it's possible they were designed to be much needed cooling vents.
  9. Solude
    In the end if you can touch it... it's ok.
  10. bimmer100
    Changed up things a bit this week. I still will be modifying my side tables to hold more gear.
    At least i've got the Jriver controller (ipad mini 3) and spare monitor on top. Makes for a decent listening station. My PC is water cooled and pretty much silent.
    I'm going to play around with a gustard U12 next week and try i2S hdmi streaming to the Master 11. Not sure if i'll end up keeping it. I just will sell it if it doesn't go well.
  11. Solude
    Someone hates their neck :p
  12. mojolo
    Sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread, but do you prefer the M11 to the Ygg + whatever amp you used with it? Based on comments, it seems like the M11 offers unbeatable cost/performance so is this why you're selling the Ygg?
    I'm an inch away from pulling the trigger on the M11. It's currently listed at $1850 with the Amanero USB implementation (includes a $100 discount through end of July... not sure if this is what others paid when AGD was running the 5% promo). TBH, I see an Ygg in my future as well, once the waiting list is fulfilled by Schiit are more available on the second hand market.
  13. mojolo
    Has anyone tried the M11 in pure DAC mode with balanced out to an external amp? I'm worried about how much fidelity would be lost bypassing the internal amp... and wonder how the M11's DAC section compares to the M7 DAC in that case.
    I'm looking at replacing my Yulong DA8 + Burson Solosit with the M11.
    And also would use the M11 in pure DAC mode connected via balanced XLR to the Auralic Taurus Mk2.
    So my setup would look like this:
              ------------> HE-560 (desk-side)
              -------------> Auralic Taurus Mk2 --------------> LCD-3f (bed-side)
    I'd then switch between HP/Pre mode for the HE-560 and fixed volume DAC mode for the Taurus/LCD-3f.
  14. bimmer100
    I believe that is why he sold his Ygg, that's what he told me. Was too fatiguing. The m11 has a euphonic sound and is addictive. I own one too. It's hard to beat! :)
  15. bimmer100
    Is there a reason you don't think you would be happy with the master11's amp? It's amazing!
    If you just want the dac, get the master7!!!
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