Sep 26, 2010
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    cat, 2 cats, 3 cats......more cats :)
    cats again :))
    Headphone Inventory:
    Hifiman He-6
    Noble Kaiser K10 Universial
    Hifiman He500/Re600/Re400 single/re400 balance
    Grado RS2i
    Yamaha Pro400/500/MHT220/Eph-100/Hph-200
    Sony MDR-1A
    Beats Solo2
    UE9000/900/6000 and my long lived true love : 2x Fi10 :)
    Vmoda M80
    Yuin pk1/2
    Sen MX880/980 CX880/980
    Blox m2c/be3/be5
    Creative Air/CAL
    Denon D400/d600
    lots of earbuds and iem sub $100

    sold: d5k,w1kx,hd600, LCD2F,DT990/250,LCD-XC,Q701
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    decware csp2+ / tube: lorenz pcc88,lorenz gz32,gold lion 6922, philips jan 6922, tesla e88cc,pcc88 various rectifier tubes :)
    Pico power
    "old" Audio-gd C2.2
    fire stone beyond cute --> blown up T___T
    O2/C5/E12/Sunrise am-p1
    Little dot MK3 Electroharmonix 6h30 + Mullard 8100

    sold: fire stone bobby, corda meier classic,Audio-gd Master 9,audio-gd sa31
    Source Inventory:
    Audio-gd Sa1.32 --> realize that i like it more than any other dacs,even more than master7 --> so buy it again :))
    schiit wyrd+NAD M51
    Fiio X5 1st gen --> superb line out so buy it again ^__^
    Colorfly CK4
    Hifiman HM601Le
    Sony X/Z/F/HD1-3-5/A1000,
    Ipod 5.5/7/touch1/3/4,
    Zune Touch/30gb
    geek out 720,fiio e17/18,modi
    Benchmark DAC1
    heavily moded Nos Cap,Volt Mod,OpAmp remove TDA1543x8 litedac ah
    valab tda1543x8 non-mod
    Nationite S:Flo2 :)
    "BRICKED" rocco-p - ****hisound service

    sold: audiophileo, concero, vlink192,audio-gd sa1.32,audio gd nfb28. audio gd 15.32,Dac magic,MHDT paradise, Audio-gd Master 7 + di2014,AK100,AK120,Fiio x5
    Cable Inventory:
    Norne Vorpal Iem balanced
    Norne draug hd800
    Norne draug He500
    Crystal Clear AUdio USB cable
    DH lab Mirage USB cable
    Australian Aurealis Hybrid cooper/silver R1 Rca ics
    Eti express 4 XLR
    oyaide Rca ics
    Black cat silver star coax
    Audio principe (graves science) ics and coax

    sold:Custom Audio principe ACSS cable+froza audio noir hpc mk2 audeze
    Power-Related Components:
    Yulong P18
    Linear PSU and cable for USB dacs, Linear PSU for amp
    DIY occ cables
    Shunyata venom3
    Isotek premium
    Pangea AC9 (sold)
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