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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. Solude
    Headphone jack isn't RCA :wink:  Probably running a summer for the RCA output.
  2. mojolo
    OK got it. So we get the full benefit of 4x PCM1704UK in the following configs:
    - Balanced HP out
    - Balanced XLR out (in both pre-amp mode and pure DAC mode I assume)
    - RCA out (in both pre-amp mode and pure DAC mode I assume)
    Whereas singled ended HP out only utilizes 2x PCM1704UK.
    It also sounds like the M11 amp may be quite similar to the M9. These questions still remain:
    - Is the M11 more similar to the sound quality of M7+M9 or Dac19+C2? Based on input from this thread and Kingwa, it seems more similiar to M7+M9 (AGD does give it the "Master" designation, after all)
    - Is balanced output the only thing that differentiates the M11 dac from the Dac19? Balanced output adds an extra 2x PCM1704UK for sure. Does the M11 have any other circuitry to make it better than the Dac19?
    - Million dollar question: how much better is the M7 dac compared to the M11 dac
  3. LancerFIN
    I'll soon answer the M7 vs M11 question. My Master 11 should be shipped next week. Changed my order for 4th time. Wonder what Grace thought of my indecisive mind :D
  4. Solude
    The differences between the M7/9 and the M11 are power supply and the volume control being onboard or offboard.  The 19/C2 is the M11 single ended.
  5. lukeap69
    Ahhh. The man to answer million dollar questions. Eagerly awaiting for your comparisons! [​IMG]
  6. bimmer100

    @Lancerfin- Great choice!!! Go balanced with the M11! Of course.
    They all are slightly different. Choose what works best for you.
    All in all; they are almost all the same. Or extremely similar.
  7. LancerFIN

    NFB-1AMP vs H10 would have been interesting too. Well can't have everything.
    But if what Solude wrote is true then running M11 single ended should be quite equal to C-2 and that should be close to NFB-1AMP.
  8. lukeap69
    You're right. Just the M7 vs M11 is, I think, is very interesting now as I am more looking into my next (balanced) DAC, your comparison will be very valuable! I have the Rok so, M11 DAC is more what I am eyeballing for some time now...
  9. Solude
    The 1AMP is different in that it doesn't use the same caps or output devices in the analog section.
  10. Velomane
    What changes have you made? Why?
  11. mojolo
    Since the Master 11 is just Audio-gds latest TOTL integrated DAC/Amp, I perused the Ref10.32 thread looking for more info on what to expect and how the M11 may compare to other AGD models. Keep in mind that the M11 should be more neutral and dynamic than the Ref10.32, more similar in tone to the M7. Here are the pertinent clippings for those interested.
    Ref10.32 vs earlier Audio-gd DAC-only Reference models

    Ref10.32 vs Master 7
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  12. bimmer100
    Per Kingwa, the nfb1amp runs pure class A at 2watts per channel @25ohm while the c2 runs at 3watts per channel @25ohm in pure class A.
    Both are excellent choices for whether you run balanced or SE. More than capable.
    If you have headphones that are balanced, simply choose nfb1amp. And if you run SE, choose the c2 11th.
    Both are excellent amps.
  13. bimmer100

    What was your final order specification?
  14. bimmer100

    I was using the nfb-28 (2015 edition) as the amp for the DAC-19. I used the nfb-28 in balanced mode even though the dac19 is single ended. And since the nfb-28 didn't have acss inputs... I used a audio-gd RCA interconnect cable.
    I hooked up the nfb-28 to the master 11 and used the nfb-28 as the amp, m11 as the dac. I used the balanced outputs of the nfb-28 again. Yet something different happened. Still, a wider sound stage, although not as nice as the onboard pure class A m11's amp. Still better than using the dac19 as a source to the nfb-28. Somewhere in between would be a fair comparison.
    Anyhow. I can't say anything bad about the sound from anything audio-gd. And I would be happy with just about anything Kingwa makes. I'm most impressed with the m11. That's my opinion. I truly think he has made something special.
  15. Solude
    Especially at the asking price.
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