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Oct 13, 2019 at 10:30 PM
Sep 6, 2013
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New Jersey

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doyouknowSBmean Send PM

500+ Head-Fier, Male, from New Jersey

Proud owner of the MDR-R10 and SR-Ω. Jul 17, 2019

doyouknowSBmean was last seen:
Oct 13, 2019 at 10:30 PM
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    Home Page:
    New Jersey
    Classical music
    Headphone Inventory:
    Right now:
    Sony MDR-R10 (#4xx)
    Stax SR-Ω (#2xx)
    Beyer T1
    AKG K240S
    Mackie MC-250

    Magnepan 3.7i
    Focal Chorus 707

    Auditioned at Home (Longer than 1 Week):
    Stax L700
    SR1a by RAAL-requisite
    Ultrasone Signature PRO
    Ultrasone ED11
    JPS 1266 Phi CC

    Stax SR-009
    Abyss 1266 OG Deluxe
    Phenomenon Libratum (V4 Driver)
    Hifiman Shangri-la JR
    Stax SR-Ω (#4xx)
    Kennerton Thror
    MrSpeaker Voce
    Stax L300LTD
    AKG K1000 (#4xxx, Black Box)
    Stax SR009S (#12xx)
    Phenomenon Libratum (V3 Driver)
    Koss ESP950
    Omega Speaker System Super Alnico XRS
    Senn HD800
    Stax Sigma pro
    Stax Lambda Signature
    Stax SR007MK1 (#71xxx)
    Stax SR009S (#13xx)
    Omega Super Alnico XRS
    Stax SR007MK1 (#70xxx)
    AKG k872
    Stax SR009
    Sennheiser HE90 (#15x)
    Stax SR-Ω (#2xx)
    Sony MDR-R10 (#9xx)
    Sony MDR-R10 (#1xx)
    Stax SR007 MK2.9 (SZ3xxx)
    Stax SR007mk1 (#70xxx)
    Stax Lambda Signature Pro
    Sony MDR-R10 (#6xx)
    Omega Speaker System SAM
    Omega Speaker System 3XRS
    Omega Speaker System Junior 8XRS
    Focal Utopia
    Sony MDR-R10 (#10xx)
    Sony MDR-R10 (#8xx)
    Sony MDR-R10 (#engineer model, no SN)
    Hifiman HE6
    Orpheus HE90 (#18x)
    Stax SR407
    JPS abyss 1266 Lite
    Stax SR-Ω (#4xx)
    Sony MDR-R10 (#10xx)
    Sennheiser HD800
    Stax SR009
    Stax SR007mki (#71xxx)
    Senn HD580 (made in Germany version)
    Senn HD560 I Ovation
    LCD 3F
    Senn HD580 (later version)
    Senn HD600 (the very first version)
    Fostex TH900
    Hifiman HE1000
    ATC SCM11
    Beyer T90
    Audeze LCD3F
    JPS Abyss AB1266
    Magnepan 1.7
    Stax SR-009
    Hifiman HE6
    Beyer T5P
    HD580 (early version)
    HD540G (300ohm)
    Sony Z1000
    Grado SR325is
    Grado PS1000is
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Right now:
    Stax T1W
    KGSSHV (Built by Geoff Clarke)
    Headamp BHSE (Black)
    Arcam rHead
    Cavalli Liquid Carbon X
    Pass Labs INT 150
    Vista Audio Spark

    Stax 007TA
    SRX+ ES Amp
    KGSSHV Carbon (Built by Birgir, #44)
    Schiit Ragnarok
    Koss E90
    KGSSHV Carbon (built by Endless lab)
    Stax T1W
    Woo Audio WES Maxed
    Stax SRM 600LTD
    Triode Labs 2a3 Monoblock
    Rupert Neve Designs RNHP (I really like this little ****)
    Stax SRM T2 (Original #65)
    Apex Pinnacle
    Headamp BHSE (Silver)
    Stax T1s
    Sennheiser HEV90
    Stax SRM 007T
    WOO Audio WA5
    Eddie Current 2a3MKIV
    Luxman P1U
    Grado RA1
    DNA Stratus 2a3
    Stax SRM 006TS
    Manley Labs Stingray II
    Orpheus HEV90
    Woo Audio GES
    Eddie Current Zana Deux Super
    A-GD Master 11
    Schiit Ragnarok
    Headamp Aristaeus
    Schiit Modi2 über
    Eddie Current 2a3MKIV
    Eddie Current 4-45
    Megatron (DIY by me)
    KGSSHV (DIY by myself)
    SRM 600LTD
    A-GD Master 9
    A-GD NFB 6
    Source Inventory:
    Right now:
    Marantz SA11S3
    SMSL Sanskrit 10th
    SMSL M3
    Schiit Fulla1
    Schiit Fulla2
    AudioQuest Dragonfly Red
    Oppo BDP-103

    Schiit GMB
    Esoteric K01
    Esoteric K03
    Marantz SA10
    dCS Paganini stack (DAC/Upsampler/Clock)
    Marantz sa8005
    Marantz cd6005
    Marantz SA8005
    Marantz SA1
    Orpheus HEV90 built-in DAC
    Schiit Gungir Multibit
    Marantz SA11S3
    TEAC TN300
    Off-Ramp 5
    Sonic Frontier SFD-1 MK2 SE
    A-GD Master 11
    A-GD Master 7
    Marantz CD6005
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Schiit Modi 2 über.
    dCS Verdi/dCS Elgar Plus/dCS Purcell Stack
    Woo Audio WTP-1
    Esoteric K01
    Mark Levinson No31.5
    Mark Levinson No30.6
    Schiit wyrd
    Bricasti M1
    Off-Ramp 5
    A-GD Master 7
    A-GD NFB 15.32
    A-GD NFB 1.32
    DA&T U2
    Audiolab M-Dac
    Have you ever wonder why there are such many jokes in this Hi-Fi community? The 'giant killer' nwavguy''s combo? The 'funny' audio science review (ASR) ranking? Science lost its power in the audio world? Scientists seem to be the most evil group in the audio world?Some of us even claim the best headphones were made in 30 years ago? Do you ever get a feeling that you live in the matrix world for audio? Your thinking is not controlled by yourself (but controlled by what other guys' writings : P) .

    Yes, you come to the right place and we are now pretty much talking. You can also send me PM, I am willing to give you pills.

    "You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more."

    ⦿ I have/had uber expensive headphone rigs, but not by any means am I a rich people. I drive a $2000 Toyota. I still use a crappy camera on my old iPhone 6. You can probably see from here how much I am into this hobby.

    ⦿ Spoiler: truth sometimes can be very offensive.

    ⦿ I am a science researcher, not an engineer (i.e. I am an interested in Why instead of How type of person). I spent my Ph.D. life in signal processing.

    ⦿ If you don't believe in blind tests, probably here it is the end of our story.

    ⦿ Over 90% of my music collections are classical music. If you focus on different music genres, we might end up with drastically different conclusions for the same system.

    ⦿ Recordings from un-amped instruments and vocals (i.e. classical music) benefit much more from better transducers. Personally I will stop at $500 (used) range headphones if I only listen to pop music (e.g. soundtrack, hard rock, EDM, metals etc). Buying hi-end playback devices for pop music is philosophically wrong because you are mostly listening to synthesized/fake notes generated from computers. However, it might be the reason that people listening to pop music like to spend much more money on upstream electronics. They don’t have a true reference so they’d like to spend money as long as there is a change (no matter it is good or bad on the sound quality).

    ⦿ I don't comment on the sound quality of any upstream electronics (DACs, AMPs, CD players, Cables, etc) unless I perform scientific blind tests on them.

    ⦿ The only conclusions make sense are those based on blind tests with matched loudness levels. Casual listening without strictly level matched AB comparisons will only end up with a **** load of BS.

    ⦿ I am not a cable believer. Don't get me wrong. Cables can make a difference. But most of those hi-end cables won't make your signal cleaner. In fact, I am not even a believer of those fancy swag super high-end DACs/AMPS/Players/Turntables. IMHO, good upstream electronics would only contribute to less than 1% (can be as small as inaudible) of the sound quality. In bloody fact, an integrated chip-set as small as your fingernail from any of those big tech companies, like TI and ADI, can produce literally identical sound as some $30000 DACs (please refer to my equipment inventory and you know what I am talking about). Not saying you can’t buy them, paying a premium sometimes makes us more like men, after all.

    ⦿ If you find two upstream electronic devices (like DACs/amps/players)sound very different in blind test sessions even if you matched their levels, it means at least one of them is poorly designed, no matter if it is R2R, Multibit or Delta Sigma whatsoever.

    ⦿ Amplifiers for electrostatic headphones sound slightly different from one and another. Probably it is because of the ES headphone is not popular enough to draw attention from those really serious people (like TI, ADI, NI, etc). Small market, after all.

    ⦿ What determines 99% of the sound quality are the two transducers. The first one is the microphone which does the recording job, another is your headphone/speaker. You have no access to the former transducer in most cases. So spend your money on the latter one.

    ⦿ Headphone transducer technologies stopped advancing around 30 years ago. Speaker technology matured even earlier. Every industry insider knows this (check what speakers Nelson Pass has as the reference speaker on YouTube). Just like cars, they are old technologies. Yeah, there is a glorious time for the audio industry. There were some super-smart people working on audio while dinosaurs still walk around on earth (probably in 1920-1940s, audio at that time is the AI as in 2019). For a more concrete example, headphones like HD580 beat some $3000-$5000 headphones nowadays. Don't be fooled by the market!

    ⦿ So why do they sound different? Why is my K1000 sound like **** with my Justing Biber (I am sorry I don't know how to spell his name correctly). Because the tuning of the major headphone market is based on the music preference of the major headphone users (of course the primary goal for a company is to make money, not become a saint). Today’s music like EDM, hard rock, electronics or others they have excessive bass and don’t care about timbre that much. The majority in the 80s likes un-amped acoustic/classical music. They are more about timbre/transient/air. That's why the best headphones (as in 2019) in classical music are still those made in 30 years ago.

    My favorite headphones, bar none:
    1. Sony MDR-R10 (bass light version). The best all-rounder, sweet sweet fresh harmonious sound (not as sweet as live concert though). Fast. Best bass department among all headphones. Playing stringed music is sublime!

    2. Sennheiser HE90. The most dynamic headphone. Lightning-fast. 'Everything comes back to life' sound. Silky smooth and glorious treble at the same time, bravo!

    3. Stax-Omega. Godlike soundstage. Simply out-of-head floating imaging. The best of all headphones (include K1000, Myshpere, SR1A) in the soundstage department. Super fast response like your supercharged Shelby GT500. Pure and unsweetened sound, lovely!

    Best in production headphones (I owned), If I have to enumerate:
    1. Hifiman Susvara
    2. Kennerton Thror
    3. Stax SR-009

    My headphone colormap, some examples (based on my years of experience dealing with un-amped instruments):

    Dark: LCD2, LCD3, 007MK2, HD650
    Slightly dark: Utopia, 007MK1, 1266, Voce, Ether/Ether Flow
    Neutral: HD600, HD800, HE60, HE90, SR - Ω, Susvara
    Slightly bright: HD580, R10, Thror, SR - 009, K1000, SR1a
    Bright: Lambda Signature, TH900, RS1, SR325i

    -Thanks for reading! Last updated - 8/29/2019


    Proud owner of the MDR-R10 and SR-Ω.
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