Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

  1. gLer
    That really sucks! So sorry to hear it. May I ask which version were yours, and how long you’ve had them? Were you the first owner? Any warning signs - crinkle noises and such?

    I wonder if it’s a single driver failure how much Audeze would charge to repair it, especially since it’s a known risk with these drivers. One would hope if it’s a frequent repair occurrence, they’d have a special policy (and price) for driver failure repairs/replacements.
  2. Madcat207
    I am a second owner, had them more than a year; i am horrible with revisions, but i can describe em - downward connectors, metal headband with exposed foam. They look like 2.1 when googled, just with the original band.
    And no, no warning at all. In fact, they worked fine for the first part of the day, and after coming back from lunch.. just no audio from the left cup. I swapped cables, and made sure it wasn't my computer.

    As much as i love them, i will have to see what an estimate will come to. I have a set of i10s as well, and HD650s, so i am in no rush. I just wish they had lasted longer....
  3. PinkyPowers
    That's a real bummer. Sorry to hear. I dread the day mine stop working.
  4. Kad
    I was a pretty early adopter of the monolithic LCD-2s and crowed their praises.
    I adored their sound signature. I still do. Their impact and decay are just gorgeous and they are a brilliant all-rounder.
    But six years ago they broke for the first time.
    And nine months ago they broke for the seventh time.
    Each breakage has been a single ear failure for some reason or another.
    Because I live in Australia each RMA has meant at least month in repair. These RMAs culminated in their complete replacement as I had convinced myself that it was wood-warp breaking them and to go with an offered bamboo option instead. This replacement pair has now broken multiple times to crush all but the last vestiges of hope.
    Their customer service has been exceptional and in most of these cases Audeze paid the shipping, not this seventh though.
    For nine months I have wrestled with whether to send them away for repair again.
    It seems inevitable that whatever they do I'd be sending them off again within a year. To me they have been Persephone and it's been winter far too often. I cannot logically justify supporting their jet-setting lifestyle any longer when I could be putting the ever rising shipping cost towards something that will continue to work. I'd love any suggestions on what to audition. I listen to pretty much everything but modern pop and all the cans I've tried have felt lacking somewhere. Honestly, I feel miserable about the whole thing.
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  5. DavidA
    @Kad , were the drivers replaced with the most current version every time they were sent in for repair? So if you had them repaired 9 months ago they would have the 2016 Fazor drivers in them versus the older 2.1 or 2.2 drivers, is this correct or do they replace a 2.2 driver with a like version 2.2 driver?

    I'm curious since I really like the sound of my original 2014 Fazor and was wondering if the drivers would be replaced with the latest version if I ever had a driver fail on me.
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  6. Kad
    Well, because they've been sent away so frequently I'm not sure I ever got a complete grasp of their initial characteristic. It seemed to me they sounded a little worse each time, but it could easily have been a developing negative association or adaptation to their sound signature as normal, rather than exceptional as it is. Other open headphones I audition now tend to leave me unimpressed and I'm only running IEMs for the moment which I think of as good for IEMs with a touch of 'what can you do' apathy.
  7. DavidA
    Thanks for the reply and i guess like an old sports car you get to know your mechanic very well.

    My suggestions for a LCD-2 replacement:
    M1060, while I've heard them they didn't impress me and sounded dull and lifeless but there are some who love them and say its a poor mans LCD-2 (so many different impressions give the appearance of QC issues)

    DIY Ypsilon G1 driver build (around $350 to $450 for parts), great bass that to most of my friends is better than my LCD-2f but can be slightly bright for some:
    G1_image-1.jpg G1_image-3.jpg
    While they may look like a Grado they sound nothing like them.

    Some have mentioned the new AR-H1 but I've never heard it yet ($600).

    MassDrop HE4XX ($170) but haven't heard it either.

    Hope these suggestions help and other also provide alternatives
  8. GarageBoy
    Picked up an lcd2f aluminum... Hoping to get a deckard soon to see what the fuss is about. Box was resealed with packaging tape, but the plastic was still on the headband. Hopefully, it's the only time it'll be in it's travel case!
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  9. tglove
    hey guys, im tempted to jump in on the LCD2.1 bandwagon here despite the obvious driver failure issue...i must be a born gambler!

    anyway if someone has a 2.1 to sell pm me.....
  10. Mr H
    is there anything to do to prevent the eventual death of the drivers?
  11. paradoxper
    Audez'e getting their schiit together and if not, extreme luck.
  12. maheeinfy
    Audeze changed the stock cable on lcd2?
  13. Mark R-S
    Seems so. I quoted a post from just before mine where somebody else also received a braided cable. There's also an unboxing on youtube where you can see the braided cable:

    These are all from November, and I bought mine in November. Audeze told me that mine were manufactured in October 2017, so they probably switched over to the braided cable in production at around that time.

  14. Lohb
    Anyone with a new carbon headband that has the original old leather headband for sale PM me please.
  15. Mark R-S
    I just weighed my LCD-2s which I bought in November, and were manufactured in October 2017. Without cable they weigh 618g. In Aornic's review the weight of the Bamboo (which is what I have) is given as 490g.

    Anybody else weighed their LCDs?

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