Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

  1. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Those of you in this thread who own LCD-3's and are still purchasing LCD-2's: why? Seeing how many of you there are leaves me wondering if the upgrade to LCD-3 is really worth spending the entirety of what remains of 2 years worth of hobby savings on.
  2. MtnMan307
    Today I found a good-looking set of LCD-2 on eBay, listed at $500. I offered the guy 400 and he accepted, with a standard SE cable and case included in the price. I'm excited to hear them with the Jot/Mimby and compare to the HD650 and K7XX. Been wanting another headphone so we'll see how they perform.
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  3. DavidA
    They will give you another sound signature from the HD650 and K7XX, a good complimentary headphone. Do you know what version they are?
  4. MtnMan307
    I just know they’re the 2013 version with 70 ohm drivers.
  5. SaddleSC
    I own the LCD3s and just received my LCD2C. The reason I own both is the same reason I also own HD800, Grado and (most recently) Focal Clear. Different sound signatures for different music genres and to pair with different amps and DACs. A big part of the enjoyment of this hobby, for me, is listening to and comparing the different sounds and discovering my music again and again through different equipment.
  6. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Awesome. Would you mind giving me your comparison between the two? For music like Tool, what % improvement would you say the 3 brings overall?
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  7. MtnMan307
    I just picked up my 2013 LCD-2's at the post office today and listening right now.

    They don't blow away either the K7XX or the 650, more of an incremental step up in overall SQ, but that shows how good those cans are. My first impression is that they are sort of a clearer, more technically advanced HD650 with the soundstage more like the K7XX, maybe not quite as wide. I heard them at RMAF in Denver a couple months ago and had a difficult time evaluating open cans there. Listening to "Schism" by Tool and enjoying it, the instruments sound more real than with the other two headphones. The bass is more visceral as well.

    Is it worth building or buying a balanced cable for these? I'm using the SE output of the Jotunheim right now and they seem about like the K7XX to drive.
  8. DavidA
    @MtnMan307, you might want to get a balanced cable since the Jot was slightly better sounding to me with the balanced output the few times I was able to do some A/B comparisons with it but the Jot is not an amp that I've purchased or spent much time with since its a little on the bright side to me and didn't pair well with the headphones that I wanted to use with it (HD800, HD700, T1g1, HE560) but it does pair well with the HD650 as you've noticed. The Project Ember is my preferred amp for the K7XX over the Jot but this is just a personal preference in tone, not a worse or better.
  9. MtnMan307
    David, I do like the Vali 2 still with the K7XX now and then. It was my first open-backed headphone and first amp. They seem to like the extra power from the Jot but they also take to a tube.

    Oh yeah, I do use the balanced output but just for the 650s so far. I agree it is a great pairing!
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  10. PHC1
    To my ears, driven by Violectric V281 or SPL Phonitor 2730B/Schiit Gungnir Multibit/RGPC Power conditioning/Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 cabling and stock headphone cables on the LCD3 vs LCD2C, they are different enough where most would have a preference for one or the other. LCD3 being a more lush and romantic tonal balance and the LCD2C being a bit less so and sounding a bit closer to neutrality. The LCD2C is still a bit on the warmer side of neutral, which to my ears is always a good thing with so much of the music dynamic range compressed and loudness mastered these days.
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  11. PinkyPowers
    You will probably grow to appreciate just how much better the LCD-2 is the more you listen. At least, that's what happened to me. :)
  12. George Taylor
    Totally agree, let your brain get used to them. Throw on 10000 Days and let them work on you a bit.
  13. PinkyPowers
    When it strikes you the hardest is after you've spent a few days with the LCD-2, and then you put on the HD650 again. :D
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  14. Tompo88
    Strongly agree with this. After a couple weeks of my LCD 2 I found the HD650 unsatisfying. I try them every so often and usually end up reaching for the LCD2 or TH900.
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  15. gLer
    That perfectly sums up the HD650 for me compared to the LCD-2 or any other TOTL with even a smidge of bass. Without any other headphone to reference they sound great; as soon as you contrast them they fall flat. Paired with a good amp it’s a great one-headphone system solution, but throw an LCD-2 into the mix and chances are the 650 won’t get used much.

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