Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

  1. gLer
    Thanks for this. I've been meaning to weigh mine and this post prompted me to do so. My 2016 aluminum LCD-2F weighs in at 625g - albeit with extended yokes and a Lohb strap (although I doubt those add too much to the weight). By comparison my ZMF Atticus - which I always thought was meant to be heavier - actually weights 555g. I can feel the difference on my head between the two, but glad to report that with the Lohb strap, the LCD-2 is comfortable for long listening sessions without any fatigue. If anything the lambskin pads on the LCD-2 are the softest and nicest I've ever owned, and make wearing them a pleasure. The Atticus's Ori pads (also lambskin) are also very comfortable but a bit warmer on the ear.
  2. Mark R-S
    Despite their weight, I find the LCDs very comfortable, and the pads are a big part of the reason. I would like to try the Lohb strap though.

    I thought some of my other headphones were heavy, for example my AKG N90Qs weigh 450g, but the LCDs have given me a new perspective. Weight is only a number, after all :)

  3. tamleo
    Mines is ~520g. Rosewood 2.1 2012 version :)
    I have not tried any new Audeze ear-pads. To me, my 2012 earpads are not as good as somes on Japanese headphones I have owned(both material quality and comfortable affair). Though Japanese earpads often come with fake leather.
  4. SaddleSC
    Yes...560 grams for my Bamboo LCD2 and 636 grams for my wood LCD3.
  5. Mark R-S
    Just removed the grille and had a look inside my new LCD-2s. The design and assembly looks very clean and improved over earlier versions I have seen.

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  6. SaddleSC
    Cool pic...thanks for sharing!
  7. joed83
    I thought there were a few people using the zmf pads?
  8. LaCuffia
    I’ve said this before but the carbon headband is an awesome upgrade in the comfort department. It makes the LCD-2 feel lighter, and gives a bit softer clamp. It feels like a totally different headphone.
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  9. DavidA
    What I'm listening to tonight:
    Table-Top Dec 14 b.jpg
    Went for a whole range of styles tonight: SRH-1840, RS2e, LCD-2f, TH-600 and HD800
  10. Anjolie
    Awesome! I've got the LCD-2F as well and I really like it a lot. I'm curious as to your impressions with the Deckard/2F combo when you get the chance
  11. Anjolie
    I agree. I have the carbon strap headband on my LCD-X and it's very comfy
  12. Mark R-S
    I bought a Deckard together with my LCD2s, and the pairing is extremely good. I was happy with the m9xx, but compared to it and the mojo, the Deckard gives additional bass extension and authority. Overall, it sounds smoother, but without sounding softer or slow; bass is very fast and tight.

    I like the Deckard with other headphones as well. I've been reducing my headphone collection, so other headphones means the Denon D7200 at the moment.

    I'm really impressed with the LCD2. It doesn't seem warm or soft to me as it's reputation suggests. I find it very neutral and extended at both ends, and with very good levels of micro detail without having over accentuated treble.
  13. LaCuffia
    I was kind of surprised at all of the comments about the LCD-2 being too warm or laid back. Don’t find that all but maybe because I am not crazy about bright or analytical headphones and I have a different perception of these things.
  14. aCommunistSpy
    I asked Audeze if there had been any changes to the LCD-2 drivers since the case/cable have changed.

    They said "There have been no changes to our LCD-2 drivers since 2016 when we rolled out a series of driver revisions.

    Any LCD-2 with a serial number equal to or greater than 5426093 should include those revisions."

    Just putting this info here if anyone was curious if 2017 versions have any difference.
  15. WilsonT90
    I had the pleasure of demoing the LCD 2.2 non fazor. It was pretty heavy but exuded great build. The stage was super small but imaging and separation was clear cut intense.

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