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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. olor1n

    Congrats pp312. I've been on the verge myself, so given your outspoken defense of the HD650 (most of which I agree with), I'm really looking forward to your impressions of the LCD-2. [​IMG]
  2. Skylab Contributor
    Right, this was an issue for me with my pair, which was one of the very early ones, but the issue was really only with the early stock cable. With any of the aftermarket cables, which were not as stiff, it was not an issue.
  3. pp312


    And I'm looking forward to providing it, but I'll certainly be acclimatizing for a couple of weeks first. The 650s have been faithful companions for several years (I even have two pairs), and it'll take a well-balanced phone to supplant them. My only fear with LCD-2s is that they might lack enough treble presence, enough bite, but we'll see....
  4. castlevania32
    pp312 i told you on the other thread you wouldn't resist long [​IMG] come to the dark side my friend...
  5. pp312


    But not too dark, I hope. [​IMG]
    I could probably plead that I would have resisted indefinitely had not a used pair come up on Ebay, but the truth is that the constant comments about the LCD-2 being the perfect upgrade from the 650 were getting to me. Of course, I've only purchased the phones at this stage; final approval is yet to come. Hopefully I'll have them wrapped around my expectant head by Tuesday afternoon. 
  6. castlevania32
    Yeah, one who enjoys the hd650 has sparsely no chance being disapointed by the LCD2, at least soundwise. But that doesn't mean it is an HD650+. To my ears the LCD2 have a sound on its own and is not an upgraded hd650
  7. DeadEars
    The LCD-2's are definitely a nice upgrade from the HD650 as long as you have an appropriate amp to support them.  I still have my HD600 and my daughter has my HD650's.  But almost all my head time is LCD-2 these days.
  8. pp312
    Okay, I received the LCD-2 this morning and I've had about an hour's listening. I said I wouldn't offer an early review and I won't, but I intend to make three bald statements.
    1. I don't as yet hear anything that would cause me to immediately spurn the 650. What I hear is a refinement of the 650 sound.
    2. I will not be re-selling these phones on sound quality grounds.
    3. Time will tell, but I'm having a problem with comfort. It isn't so much the weight or even the considerable clamping as a combination of the two. I tend to be somewhat of a Dick Tracy character (or is it Batman?) in having a slightly egg-shaped skull, so that the headband rests directly on the top of my head and is not quite soft enough, given the weight. At the moment I'm experimenting with having the headband further back toward the crown to avoid that one-spot effect, but time will tell. I'd be interested in getting some feedback re comfort, as I've always found the 650 extremely comfortable. It's one of its great strengths.
    Construction seems sound enough. My one concern is the foam cushion on the headband, which doesn''t seem very thick and will surely compress further with time, no? What's needed is for someone to come up with a headband cover like the Beyer.
  9. Permagrin
    I made the mistake of listening to my 650s after having grown accustomed to the sound of the LCD-2s. It wasn't pretty...
    It does take awhile to get used to the comfort. Eventually though, you will hardly notice they're on your head. The HD 650s still beat them in the comfort category for me as well. My foam has held up so far and I don't recall anyone having to replace theirs yet and I've read almost all of the LCD-2 posts on these forums.

  10. bcg27
    Comfort definitely improved over time for me. It has gotten so that once I position the cups well I can almost forget I am wearing them. I used to get some neck/head fatigue after long listening sessions. I wouldn't say my hd600s sound bad going back from the lcd2s, they are just somewhat flat and lifeless in comparison. I find the hd600s to clamp much harder, and it's pretty much a toss up between which is more comfortable, althoug gun to head I would say the hd600s.
  11. pp312


    However, I'm sure you'll admit that open foam is not the most practical solution long term. I can see it compressing, disintegrating, getting quite dirty (remember that the LCD-2 has only been around for a year). With the number of firms putting out aftermarket cables etc for these phones, what about someone come up with a nice headband cover? Now that I would pay for.
    Also I find the foam is removing my hair one strand at a time, and at 64 I can't really afford to lose that many strands. [​IMG]
  12. Permagrin

    Quite true. Luckily (?) I lost most of my hair before I got the LCD-2s. :wink:

    In one of the other LCD-2 threads there's a link to another forum where someone actually made their own leather cover. Maybe someone here with the talent required will take it upon themselves to start their own MOT/business. I'm sure they would get a lot of customers.
  13. pp312
    Actually that link doesn't lead to any concrete mention of a headband cover, but there is vague reference elsewhere in the forum. Actually I've no doubt it will happen as the foam is the weakest part of the whole physical design. No way can it be a long term proposition.    
    This thread appears to be a little sleepy, so I might try and wake it up with a few juicy questions:
    Do orthos really need burn in?
    If so, how much?
    What changes can I expect?
    There seems to be conflicting advice about how much power the LCD-2 needs, some talking about ipods driving it and others quoting figures up to two watts.  
    I don't find the LCD-2 lacking treble at all. In fact if anything I'd call it slightly bright. Is that because I'm used to the 650, or is it an amp thing? (I use an Onkyo 9555 integrated. See: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/357405/onkyo-dx-7555-vs-headamp-gs-1-vs-onkyo-a-9555 ).
    Is this headphone easy to put on backwards, or am I just an idiot?
    Of course if all those questions (except the last) have been asked and answered you can all go back to sleep. [​IMG]
  14. Permagrin
    I didn't think I was inferring that, but anyway this is interesting:
    Originally Posted by bluemonkeyflyer /img/forum/go_quote.gif

    Alex at Audeze was immediately responsive to my emails before and after my purchase.  My wife is not satisfied with the appearance of the headband. I sent a message/link to him a couple of days ago about the unadorned headband and cell foam cushion.  He emailed me last night that he is working on the headband.  I appreciate the fact that he answers emails quickly despite his need to run his business and build headphones for outstanding orders.  I am really looking forward to what he comes up with for headband modification.

  15. Snips
    Hm...will these hurt my head if I wear them for several hours with spectacles?

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