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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. kwkarth

    1. I find that the A grills have much better control over self damping - good improvement
    2. New cable is mechanically less weight and more flexible - sounds about the same as 1st gen cable
    3. I have one of the first five pair ever sold and they are still wonderful - there was never a "DIY -type construction" problem  These cans are the sort of thing you can hand down to your children.  Screws don't "fall out" anywhere.  Never did.
    4. I have never seen any other headphone whose sound is so consistent from unit to unit.

  2. DeadEars
    I agree with Kevin re: LCD-2 consistency.  I'm on my second pair, about 6 months apart and they really are exactly the same as far as I can tell.  I've had a lot more variability with several versions of Sennheiser HD-580/HD-600/HD-650, where I had a couple of each over 6-7 years.
  3. ianmedium
    Here are a few pictures of my day old LCD2's along with my set up which is explained in my signature! Once my new Camera arrives I am going to set up a lighting booth so in the mean time please excuse the less than wonderful pictures, just tried to capture the lovely grain of the wood!

    Like my triple.fi10's I seem to be the odd one out finding the LCD's to be the most comfortable over the ear headphones I have worn to date, nearly 8 hours continuous listening last night and no discomfort..

    Maybe it's the wonderfully comfortable pads,love the smell of leather, reminds me of a Cadillac interior!

    I also like the simplified use of lettering on the sides.

    Then one with my set up.
  4. ktsai1283
    Beautiful, and congratulations!
    I just placed myself on the pre-order list today.  The wait's already killing me :wink:
  5. ianmedium

    Thank you! You wait should not be too long, in total mine was a week from pre-order to delivery!
  6. pp312


    Thanks for the reasurance. I'm thinking of the early days when there were a lot of posts about replacement blocks or something. I never read the Audeze thread very closely as I wasn't in the market for a $1000 headphone, but there did seem to be a lot of kerfuffle. Also the cutout in the wood where the armature meets the cup does seem a little rough--this has been commented on in a couple of reviews. My thought when I first saw them was of splitting wood, and then someone posted a picture of a split quite near that cutout. Eek, I thought. Well, no, I didn't actually actually think that, but it didn't endear the phone to me at that time. My other concern was, and still is, of the cable projecting down so far as to keep brushing my shoulder. I wonder if users have any problems in that area? 
  7. SP Wild


    I must seek out this version as I've complained that the version on the "Chronicles" and "Unplugged" album are live recordings - which I have complained as sounding very resonant with the LCD2s.  Is this particular version a studio mastered rendition?
    I have had no real issues with the LCD2 and studio recordings, but lately I have been investigating this resonant character of some recordings with the LCD2s and I am making a correlation with this issue and it seems to only occur on a few live jam recordings.  I have recently started toying with the LCD2s and software crossfeed pluggins...these pluggins seem to be able to correct this resonant issue completely.  I have the JR media plugin that tends to lean out the sound and another, Head-fit, that seems to warm up the sound.  In both instances the resonance was removed and staging coherence substantially improved.
    I am making a guess that perhaps some live recordings are recorded with speakers exclusively and using headphones might cause a phasing issue leading to this resonant character.  The use of crossfeed might solve these issues by time aligning the left and right channels correctly by blending some of the left and right data together as a speaker would.  Of course these are just my guesses here.


    Congrats...you'll love them, I'm sure of it.  The older models did not have offset connectors and some did complain of them digging into the shoulders, if the problem poses problems for you, there are cable vendors out there that seek to address these exact issues, and the prices are not at all unreasonable with some of the new cable makers.
    The cracked wood occurred on less than a handful of reported cases on head-fi, and considering how many LCD2 stock successfully moved I think this is a non issue, same as the adjustment blocks - never was a problem in the first batches and the few that were affected are addressed as best as possible by Audeze's excellent customer support.
    Now we just need to work out what will become of your HD650s... I only keep mine as a backup in case I don't have the LCD2s.  [​IMG]
  8. DeadEars
    The other thing to note about those of us who had LCD-2's that developed wood cracks is that the Audeze team reacted promptly to these problems.  They quickly and effectively recalled and replaced the faulty units.  This level of high-quality customer service should reassure any who worry about QC problems and teething issues.  Wood is a natural product, and can unpredictably have issues with expansion/contraction and cracking in the initial use period.  They also quickly got ahead of the problem for the small batch of headphones that had cracking problems with the plastic mounting blocks.  Our collective experiences reported here show that the Audeze team stands behind their products well! 
    No worries!
  9. Wedge
    Its a live recording, but I haven't heard the versions you have.  I don't believe I hear resonance, but perhaps I am missing it?  I listen to it through both speakers and headphones (including the LCD-2).
  10. ktsai1283
    Uh oh.  Just 1 week?  I ordered them thinking it would take at least a month (maybe the 1 month wait is outdated information?).
    I should e-mail them to tell them to hold off on my order, then.  Reason is, I'm out of the country until May 16 and would rather have it delivered to my home address in California rather than the Caribbean.
    I must be the only one complaining about how quickly Audez'e is able to deliver my LCD-2!


  11. kwkarth

    A few people have in fact mentioned shoulder interference, but I believe that was with the earliest versions of the can that had the jacks extending straight down rather than at an angle as they do now.
  12. ianmedium

    I am a fairly biggish chap with a shorter neck and have no problems whatsoever. Fact is one of the most pleasant surprise when I got mine yesterday was the bullet proof build quality!

    Honestly, all the other more expensive headphones I have tried just feel so much cheaper in comparison, especially the flimsy mesh on the HD 800s which seems to be perfectly positioned for your fingers to ding it every time they are put on or taken off
  13. pp312
    Thanks for the comments. I don't want to be one of those fretting nannies, but this is the biggest financial stretch I've ever made for a pair of phones and I want to still be using them in 5 years or even 10, unless of course another model comes out at half the price that turns out to be even better. [​IMG]
    One more question (but I'm sure not the last). A couple of reviews I read mentioned a reverberation issue, by which I presume they meant an echoey effect. This surprised me as I'd never read it before and the phone doesn't look like that would be a problem (it was a problem for me with the AKG K702). Yet another review described the LCD-2 as being even more ruthlessly revealing of poor material than the HD800, which is pretty much the opposite of everything else I've read. I know what you're going to tell me: don't read too many reviews. However, it's difficult when you're sitting waiting for new phones to arrive, and I want to get a congomerate of opinions. It's easy to just read this appreciation thread, but not everyone out there is totally sold on these phones (nor is there any reason why they should be), and I want their view as well.      
  14. pp312

    I know you'll forgive me asking this obvious question, but...why are you on a second pair? I'm sure it isn't because the first pair fell apart. [​IMG]
  15. kwkarth

    To some ears, they're that good.
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