Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. Montgomery
    Anything cheaper?
    It's about $45.
  2. loomisjohnson
    the bosshifi b3 is around $30 (cheaper on 11.11) or the vivo xe800 (around $15--make sure you get an authentic version)
  3. Vidal
    I think the B3 might have too much bass, but here are some other options: -
    Both are bass light, the Vivo XE800 would have been another good choice but I think it's a big risk as Ali is flooded with fakes.

    As an alternative suggestion have you considered earbuds like the VE Monk?
  4. Vidal
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  5. loomisjohnson
    i don't hear as much bass on the b3 as vidal, but they are very tip and source dependent.
    our review of the klipsch x11i (which i'm growing quite fond of) is also newly posted.
  6. HungryPanda
    At that price Senfer XBA 6in1, Svara Red or TinAudio T2
  7. Vidal
    He's after something with very very low bass, whilst I've not heard the XBA or Svara I'm pretty sure from the descriptions they won't be what he's after.
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  8. DikZak
    Hi Vidal,

    Thanks for your clean site, I like the simple table for reviews.
    I am looking for an upgrade to my Senzer H1 and vivo XE800 and want to hear your thoughts.

    I really like the crisp sound of the vivo XE800 and really enjoy them when listening to more acoustic songs but when there’s a bit “more” instruments I find them lacking a bit of dynamics / bass.
    I really like the senzer because of it’a dynamic sound but I find the highs a bit hot and not as crisp.

    Both good IEM’s but both lack the last tiny bit. A mix between them would be perfect. What would you recommend?
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  9. Vidal
    Difficult to gauge as I don't know which bit of the treble you find hot on the H1 but.....

    If it's a great all rounder you're after then the Boss HiFi B3 or TinAudio T2 might be good choices, both have more bass than the XE800. Another option being the Magoasi BK50 which is warmer than the other two, I've not rated it as it just doesn't suit me, but others do.
  10. DikZak
    Thanks both were on my shortlist, as well as the EMI CI-880

    Well not really hot but H1 sounds less refined than XE800 in the highs IMO.

    What is the difference between those 2 you mentioned?

    Not a fan of warm sound per se.
  11. Vidal
    I'll have to have a listen back to back, will get back to you on that (if I can find the B3)
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  12. Vidal
    Listening back to back, the T2 would be my choice but I prefer the more analytical style.

    The T2 have superior clarity and resolution in the mids, with a more open feel. The B3 are warmer with more mid bass. Both have sparkly top end.

    The B3 are half the price of the T2 though, roughly
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  13. Metalmacher
    I've been thinking of buying the TinAudio T2, a lot of people praise them...
    How would you say they compare with Final Audio Design E3000, 1More Triple and TFZ King(a bit pricier buds than the topic suggests, but still intrigued)?
  14. Vidal
    T2 are in a different league to the Triple Driver, which I don't rate. Haven't heard the others so can't comment.
  15. snip3r77
    I got the TFZ king for 11.11
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