Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. mbwilson111
    I do have the black ceramic version (C610). After trying the silver teardrop (C630) I gave it to my husband because at the time I preferred the Einsear T2 over it and the Xiaomi Pro (which I also gifted to my husband). I used that as an excuse to try the black one:) I have been getting too many things too quickly but I can give it a listen later if anyone is interested. I do remember liking it quite a bit. Been rocking the ZS6s for hours on end over the past couple of days so it might be difficult to listen to something else right now...
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  2. Vidal
    The Tingo isn't as good as either the B3 or the E-MI, probably a moot point as they don't seem to be available anymore.
  3. MuttonChew
    Alright, the B3 does sound like the best option to me. Have you encountered any fakes? I've found them on Amazon.ca here: https://www.amazon.ca/Easy-BOSSHIFI-B3-Earphone-Headphones/dp/B01867N1KE
    Do those look genuine to you?

    P.S. While I was looking for the B3 I came across many different listings for the KZ ZS5. You mentioned there being different iterations... are these (https://www.amazon.ca/Headphones-KZ...ie=UTF8&qid=1509058160&sr=8-1&keywords=kz+zs5) the newer ones or did I happen to find a generation 1 pair?
  4. Vidal
    B3 - I've had a few pass through my hands and never had any fakes. That listing appears to be the banned seller, whilst they were banned for a good reason selling fakes wasn't one of them, the price is good.

    The KZ ZS5, I would say that there's a fairly high chance that those are V1s - Amazon sellers tend to buy in bulk to stock up the warehouse and that listing went up before people started to get the V2. Only way to know for certain is to buy a pair and send them back if you find them too bright. The price on them is a little high.

    You might also want to consider these I think they're rather good. They're cheaper in the UK though. I was comparing them to the Singot EN700 and I actually prefer the cheaper earphones by some margin.
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  5. MuttonChew
    What do you mean by "banned seller"? Is the seller banned on Amazon.com yet still allowed to sell on the Canadian site?
    If the seller isn't reputable I'd rather buy them elsewhere. Do you know of anywhere that sells a genuine pair of B3 direct from China to Canada?

    I don't think I want to risk receiving the less favorable ZS5 so I'm gonna count those out. How do the ZS6 compare? I read your review and it sounds like the are a little heavy on sub-bass but other than that, they look like they would be awesome.

    The HT06 is still on my list, just not at the very top. I'll probably end up purchasing the B3 or ZS6 as well as the HT06 due to their relatively low price.
  6. djmakemynight
    Vidal meant the seller from Aliexpress that is banned from being mentioned in head-fi. We just can't quote the seller's name but many people here had successful trouble free purchases with them.
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  7. MuttonChew
    What did this "name that can't be named" seller do to get banned on the forum if you don't mind me asking?
  8. djmakemynight
    I can't remember the exact details but it should be along the lines of giving free samples to get good reviews here and promoting their shop.
  9. peter123
    That's not correct! I can't even remotely understand why someone would feel the need to answer a question that they don't know the answer too.......

    The whole thing is very well explained here:
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  10. djmakemynight
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  11. Vidal
    My review of the Schuder LV10 (faulty)


    Currently working on the Tinaudio T2 which will be a high scorer, currently comparing with ZS5 V1 and Moni One to finalise a score.
  12. B9Scrambler
    Glad you're enjoying the T2 :) (Forgot to add that I really like the new layout. Site is looking good!)
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  13. Vidal
    Cheers, for the feedback.

    The T2 are my cup of tea, if I drank tea that is. They're bright with just the right amount of bass and crucially the right type of bass.
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  14. Vidal
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  15. stryed
    Hey Vidal,
    how would you compare the Moni One to the Pioneer SE-CH9T?
    And where does the T2 fit in? T2 will be less than 30eu for 11.11
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