Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. Vidal
    Ordered the VE Biggie and Smalls this morning and given how quick Lee ships stuff you can expect reviews of these fairly soon.
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  2. loomisjohnson
    just got my 11.11 package of the bosshifi b3s and svara red--on first listen the b3s are a surprising upgrade to the already excellent b3. review to follow on the site.
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  3. vladstef
    I know it's only a first listen but that is some fantastic news anyways.
    Can anyone tell me why there isn't a single impression of B3S on this forum, it has been on the market for months now?
    (just find it a bit strange given Bosshifi's reputation with B8 and B3)
  4. vector84
    I'm going to guess the FR curves posted in their sales material have left people confused as to whether the B3s is a completely different tuning, or just a different choice of compensation on the FR plot.
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  5. loomisjohnson
    my bosshifi b3s review should be posted shortly--very good iem. the svara red i received, otoh, are almost certainly defective--muffled low output--will be returned. the proverbial lump of coal...
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  6. Vidal
    The review is now live. Sorry to hear about the Svara Red, I can tell from the thoughts of others that these are probably not for me.
  7. termax14
  8. loomisjohnson
    yes. amazing for 9.99
  9. Vytautas
    Have made a ranking of phones according to current day best price (in EUR) / Provocative Ear (Aproear.co.uk) rating RATIO. It is interesting that all phones have some different components.

    LEADERS (>1):
    • Einsear T2 (1; 9) - balanced, tonally nearly neutral, emphasis on bass. Warmer than KR25D and UF MKII. Good for vocals. 10 mm DD.
    • boarseman KR25D (1; 9) - V-shaped, delicate, rather neutral. More airy than T2. Detailed. 9,2 mm DD.

    • Swing ie800 (0,9; 10,5) - good V-shaped. For complex music. Not as good as CI880. Large sound stage, good sub bass, better for voices than ZS5; 7 mm DD - similar but bigger than Urbanfun MKII FQ graph peeks.
    • Seahf AWK-009 (0,75; 13) - analytical. Slightly forward mids and sharp crisp treble. Track dependent, for small sound volume. Exceptional clarity, good for vocals, string instruments, small bands and rock. Big, just a bit smaller stage than ZS5. 7 mm (?) DD - ie800 like but with extreme high FQ peeks and much less bass.
    • KZ ZS5 (0,75; 13) - U shaped + mid centric, direct sound, "live" experience. Large sound stage. For complex music. Less good for vocals. Needs foam tips. Not as good as CI880. 10 mm + 6,4 mm DD + 2x BA. Some FQ response graph similarities with KR25D, which is more neutral.
    • E-MI CI880 (0,7; 14) - balanced, strong treble. Considerable accuracy and overall resolution. Most detailed but bright. Excellent mids, no sibilance. Less strong sub bass. Smaller stage that ZS5 but more clear. 7,8 mm DD + BA - have not found FQ response graph online.
    • Urbanfun MK2 (0,7; 13) - balanced, midrangeophile. Very detailed but still musical. More neutral than CI880. Excellent vocals. Less clarity, weaker sound stage that other phones in this list. 8 mm DD. - less strong, but more exact bass than Einsear T2.

    ONLY cheaper than 15 eur phones which have Aproear rating better than 9 are included. I hope this ranking has no huge flaws and may be useful for new comers. Is something missing?

    Some phenomenal KZ's with rating 9 or less - rather NEUTRAL:
    • EDR2 (2,5; 3,4 eur) - 7 mm DD. V-shaped. Gets better after removing foam from the nozzles (see RBW mod). MOST VALUE. Similar to Urbanfun (original, non MK2) FQ graph but sharper peaks and EDR2 lacks 10Khz peak.
    • ZSE (1,9; 4,75) - 8 + 6,8 mm DD - V-shaped, unique experience: dual DD (without BA) + open back design. Nothing is overemphasized, fun and engaging sound. Good bass. Less airy than EDR2. Mids less dark and highs more present and energetic than ZS3 or ATR. Treble could be sharper. Better if you are using EQ / amp, making adjustments - tips rolling, changing insert depth. Recommended for LQ records - Lo-fi hero. KR25D like, more neutral.
    • ED9 (1,1; 8) - 6,8 mm DD. Best balanced KZ. Lower resolution, but natural sounding: weaker bass and better mids than AWK-009, less clarity, worse sound stage. Natural drums, female voices, good for jazz. Has nozzle for bassheads. AWK-009 like FQ response curve peaks, but more smooth, neutral.
    Strong BASS:
    • ES3 (1,1; 8,4) 10 mm DD + BA. Good clarity, best isolation, works well with Bluetooth sound module. Better if you are using EQ.

    To me there are three questions:
    1. does AWK-009 is the same as AWK-I009?
    2. do I need Urbanfun MK2 if already have Einsear T2 and Swing ie800? Both T2 and ie800 have a better cable quality and comfort. Could Urbanfun MKII be called as less versatile for different styles of music than T2? ie800?
    3. does KZ ZS6 (not in a list above, have not listened yet) is a better option for electronic music option than:
    bass heavy simple headphones like QKZ DM300, Fonge T01 or Moreblue DM8 +
    KZ ZS5
    (I know that it might be both - v1 or v2; does not have still but tried and liked).

    Why would you favor ZS6 over ZS5 + bass heavy headphones? Personally I do not have any phones with a strong bass, but have ordered ZS6 already. I am inclined to do a Slater mod for ZS5/ZS6, so I think using cheaper ZS5 could make more sense. Could ZS6 / Einsear T2 just be fully enough?

    I don't listen to electronic music very often. I do not have almost any experience with IEM phones and want to pick a set of good ones.
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  10. mbwilson111
    I could easily be happy with just those two iems. I have too many total because of this forum. Other posters made me curious.

    I of course would also still need a few of my headphones and a couple of buds:)
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  11. loomisjohnson
    Just got the Advanced Sound S2000 ($19.99 on Massdrop), which I bought on a lark. Pretty impressive on first listen, with one of the most comfortable over-ear fits I've encountered, tho the stock tips don't seal well. Not detail monsters, but imaging is really, really good--these will compete favorably with the chifi budget champs.
    also submitted a review for the echobox finder, which should be posted shortly.
  12. paulindss
    Wow, the design and construction on these seem amazing by Photo, the cable too. Willing to see the Review.
  13. govie
    Thanks for all the reviews! I read both reviews about the KZ ZS5 and ZS6: the ZS5 has slightly better soundquality but the ZS6 has better comfort, looks & feel.

    1. Am I correct to assume that the ZS6 a better match for someone who goes on 2h trailruns just because of comfortarguments in your reviews?
    2. Atm the ZS5 costs €15 and the zs6 €24,-- which one would you advice to someone that like to go on 2h trailruns?

    Good up the good work!:)
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  14. MuttonChew
    Checking in here again with some questions.

    I ended up ordering the BossHiFi B3 from Amazon Canada and they arrived today after I waited around a month for them to ship from China.
    I opened up the package and found a box labled "BLON" with the slogan "Natural is natural" printed below.
    Inside the box however, the earphones and accessories appeared to be correct to what I ordered other than the "BLON" brand name printed on each earbud.

    I haven't listened to the earbuds yet and since I have no other pair of B3s to compare with I don't think it would help me authenticate them anyway.
    Has anyone heard anything about BossHiFi renaming to BLON or is something fishy going on here?
    Should I contact Amazon?
  15. Vidal
    BLON is BossHiFi, my last pair of B3 were labelled as BLON and are identical to the first pair I had
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