Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. Vidal
    I've decided to open my own thread so that users of my site can ask questions about the earphones I've reviewed. Please don't PM me asking for personal recommendations as I will only direct you to this thread (from today).

    For those who aren't aware all the earphones that I and Loomis review on my site are purchased by ourselves for our own use. We don't have affiliate links to sellers as a kickback or receive free samples.

    You can donate to help fund our reviews if you wish - more donations = more reviews.

    To date there are now +160 reviews of a wide range of Chi-Fi IEM on Aproear along with some western brands for reference.

    @peter123 also provides reviews for premium equipment. Peter's thread can be found here
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  2. Vidal
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  3. SilverEars
    Which ones do you find to be the highly resolving, very detailed sounding? I'm not talking about appearance of high details by bumping up the lower treble, but real high resolving performance without much of a sparkle(or being too bright). Bass isn't a big deal for me, but mids are important as well.
  4. Vidal
    The EMI CI880 or the not on the list Ty Hi Z G3 probably are the most detailed I've reviewed so far.
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  5. maxxevv
    There still no news on the update of the Hi-Z G3 though.

    Any insights on that ??
  6. Vidal
    I was told by Penon that it was being updated but heard nothing since.
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  7. snip3r77
    Support Vidal bro
  8. VinceHill24
    Looking forward to your ZSE & KD1 review soon.
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  9. snip3r77
  10. maxxevv
    The QKZ K1's look interesting indeed. With 2 filters and a breathe hole aperture adjustment!

    If its done right, it means that those can come to have 4 possible combinations of sound signature ?? (did I interpret that correctly ?? )
  11. Vidal
    In theory yes, but in reality they're really fiddly and a bit of a PITA to adjust. So far sound impressions are OK rather than great.
  12. maxxevv
    Read some of its feedback on Aliexpress, not universally praised for the sound quality. So probably not that 'great' a earphone like your impression so far.

    By the way, regarding the ADAX HT06, apparently they have followed it up with a HT07. But it still hasn't appeared on Amazon, though you can find it on Aliexpress.
    Probably the same drivers, but the casing is a lot more bulbous, wonder if they sound will be better ??
  13. Vidal
    Good spot with the HT07, I'll wait for it to appear in the Amazon store though as I have a backlog of earphones to review.
  14. Middle
    Does the EMI have the little notch on the nozzle to help keep tips secured? Seems like a weird question since I thought this feature existed on all earphones. I gave KZ another chance and purchased the ZS5 but the shafts are perfectly smooth which means the tips get left in my head almost every single time I remove the earphones. This got old immediately so I will be returning them. I guess it's not much of an issue for other people because I don't think I have seen anyone else complaining about this.

    They sound great to me though, like a direct upgrade over the ZST.
  15. danimoca
    @Vidal, which are the most neutral (or neutral-ish) sounding you've tested?

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