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Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. SilverEars
    I think if it sounds tinny that is likely the lower treble, but it is the property of the recording, but depends on the headphone signature regarding the tonality. Lower treble could be lefted a bit causing it. Mids are difficult to do well.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
  2. DShim
    @Vidal Just curious if you'll be able to test the BossHifi B3S version (there's even a silver cable version of it on aliexpress), not much information on the web about it. Was just about to order the B3 and stumbled upon the B3S.
  3. Vidal
    Can't afford it at the moment, sorry.
  4. Vidal
    Two new reviews: -
    • BVGP SGZ DN1 - budget hybrid from a company that uses alphabet spaghetti to come up with product names
    • Dodocool DA131 - the 5.1 surround sound earphone that really really isn't.
    Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 08.58.04.png

    I'm guessing only the UK contingent will get that reference Babs.
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  5. Tweeters
    Hey Vidal, how does the CI880 compare to TY Hi-Z G3? I have G3's now per your recommendation but I'm not sure if it's worth an upgrade. Also how's isolation?
  6. Vidal
    I'd say that they're average for isolation.

    As for an upgrade, tricky to answer as I haven't got my G3s to hand at the moment. I'd say the CI880 are nice to have rather than a necessity as they're similar to the G3 in some ways. The G3 seem more laid back from what I recall, I'll have the G3s back in my possession in just over a weeks time.
  7. vector84
    So, do you happen to have any recommendations for something that presents very forward and high clarity vocals with above average isolation?

    I know that's pretty much Ety's wheelhouse but ... well I'd rather not admit just how many pairs of Ety's I've killed over the years... :money_with_wings::toilet:

    EDIT: Took it upon myself to read through a good bit more of your stuff... seems like BossHiFi B3 probably? Would still love to know if anything else stands out in your mind.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  8. Vidal
    Isolation is not something I've particular tested - I always use foams which help in this regard - I would normally only notice the isolation factor if an earphone becomes my primary earphone which would then get some use in the car.

    Some like the ZS3 really have stood out in terms of isolation but these are not a vocal forward earphone by any stretch.
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  9. Middle
    After testing the E-MI 880 side by side with the ZS5 before sending them back I can confidently say I prefer the E-MI, It just sounds more clear to my ears. How did you wear them? The comfort image on the ali express page is wrong, it shows the left side earphone sitting in the right ear. I'm running the wires over ear right now with the pointy bits of the aluminum housing facing the ceiling. Other positions felt slightly weird with the angle of the wires. Did you burn them in? The included instructions have a pretty thorough burn in guide, I was wondering if it was worth following.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  10. maxxevv
    Don't have the ZS5 but the ZSE did require a little bit of burn in though. It sounded a little mushy straight from the box, but that was like 2~3 minutes of audition. Let it burn on pink noise for a whole night while I slept and the bass sort of tightened up and the treble details came through the next day.

    So I would think the ZS5 needs an hour or so of burn-in at least to get the best out of it.
  11. Vidal
    Latest review - QKZ KD1 - PITA to adjust and nothing special sonically
  12. maxxevv
    Just took delivery of my CI-880. Of course it came because it was highly rated by you guys. :)

    First impressions after a 2~3 hour burn-in on pink noise : The level of detail is really impressive. Soundstage is airy but yet not sounding artificial like some earphones do. Bass, Sub-bass are all present in adequate amounts for regular pop songs to sound good. Mids are not too recessed. Treble is sharp yet not excessive nor unnecessarily bright.

    Very, very impressed with it.

    With shipping, I paid US$20.29 for it. Its really hard to imagine you can do much better without breaking the US$100/- barrier.

    I took delivery of the Adax HT06, wasn't so impressed with it by comparison but maybe that one needed more burn-in or whatever. Shall update more on them and share my impressions as I get more time the two mentioned here.

    Thanks again for the recommendations. :wink:
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  13. Vidal
    @maxxevv glad you like the CI-880 at least.

    I'm not a big believer in burn-in so maybe the Adax isn't for you but I've been listening to my pair today and still think they're pretty special, but as everyone points out on here we all hear differently.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  14. Vidal
    Borrowed back an old school KZ to fill in a gap - KZ ED3 Acme
  15. Vidal
    Another review - KZ ES3 - probably v.good if you like bass but a touch too much for my tastes.
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