Aproear Feedback Thread - Vidal's sub $50(ish) Chi-Fi IEM Reviews

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  1. Vidal
    I haven't heard the Pioneer.

    There's a league table on the site shows how everything stacks up, Moni are better than the T2 by some margin, for me at least. This is primarily to do with the soundstage, the Moni feel more open and expansive whilst the T2 are narrower.

    I like an earphone that makes me forget I'm listening to an earphone and the Moni do that.
  2. loomisjohnson
    how do you find the isolation and driveability on the T2?
  3. Vidal
    I would say pretty average for sensitivity was set to the same for the Moni and T2. In terms of isolation not tried them out and about yet.
  4. paulindss
    Hey vidal, E-mi 880 are selling for 17$ with shipping now in here: and will be around 18, on another seller during 11.11. So because of the price-value ration I'm looking forward for them, as kz zs5 v1 are lost, and i'm afraid of zs6, that's also pricey. Tin T2 looks amazing, but it's out of my range. So, my question is, can e-mi be listened as sibilant ? could you compare the mid to high section with kz zst or swing ie800 ? e-mi can be more "comfotable" than these ? Do you consider e-mi a side grade to tin audio t2 ? I like kz zst - a upgrade to them would be awesome, but i did'nt like the sibilance that appears on swing ie800 on some sources.

    I expect not to be bothering, thanks in advance.
  5. Vidal
    The term sibilance gets misused - to me it means the S sound being overemphasised by the singer (about 7kHz). In that sense I didn't find the EMI sibilant but I didn't find the Swing sibilant either.

    Everyone hears differently and treble response isn't a straight line so I can't say that you'll find the EMI a better bet. I prefer the T2 to the EMI but the EMI have a superior soundstage, but that's very subjective.
  6. Vidal
  7. smltngs
    Hi vidal..
    Please recommend me a budget IEM similar to Kinera BAM03 /Remax 600M. Previoulsly have used IEMs like cowon EK2, brainwavz jive, rock zircon,KZ ATR, KZ ZS3 , KZ ZS5 etc.. but I really like kinera/remax. Both of them are not available in aliexpress right now, which is the normal store for getting chi-fi IEM to my country. I like the clarity,detail,almost no bass signature,lightweight of these pure BA IEMs. Could not find any info on the net for anything similar except for the abridgred reviews on your website. Would love to purchase something similar on 11/11. Thx.
  8. Narayan23
    Hello Vidal, would the Tinaudio T2 be worth purchasing if one already owns the Urbanfun Hifi? Or would they be just a sidegrade instead of an upgrade? I do like the Urbanfun but sometimes miss a bit of warmth when I listen to them. TIA.
  9. peter123
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  10. Vidal
    Not a BA but a BA experience at a silly low price -


    Available here

    I spent an entire weekend listening to these and didn't feel I was missing out too much.
  11. Vidal
    Some may argue they're a sidegrade but the fuller mids are a bonus, wouldn't say they're warmer though.
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  12. Vidal
    You did warn me but by that time they were already on route :cry:
  13. peter123
    Sorry mate :wink:
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  14. Montgomery
    I asked about Einsear T2 & Boarseman KR25D last time.

    Today i finally got KR25D – it was ~480 RUB on sale against 650 for T2.
    So... What can i say?
    I don't like them.
    I searched for something like Porcelain, but better.
    Just like i bought Porcelain to replace Panasonic HJE125.
    Something with good bright and loud mids.
    Mids had to be most loud and important part of all sound.

    And i got something with bleary mids hidden behind sub-bass.
    I'm trying to listen power metal – I hear only sub-bass punching my head.

    It was my first impression.
    Second wasn't much better.
    Third was "well... they are acceptable".
    Mids looking less sharp – but only because if i increase the volume – sub-bass will kill my brains.
    There is only 1 really good thing – KR25D definitely better than Zircon (i lost my Porcelain, so Zircon wast my last earphones before KR25D arrived).
    But still too much sub-bass.

    Now i'm looking for new earphones.
    With much less bass/sub-bass.
    What bright earphones you can advice?
    I think I should try something bright and finally understand how to describe sound i'm looking for.
  15. loomisjohnson
    bright with less bass would be the hiz ty g3, which is one of our favorites
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