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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. lumenmax
    Anker, a very big electronic accessories company, used Kickstarter for their Eufy camera. They raised a bit over $3M. They could have easily came out with the camera w/o the Kickstarter campaign. They did it probably to test the market for such a camera.
  2. chupacabra314
    I’m not saying they won’t deliver. I just oppose the practice of using kickstarter like this. Reminds me of the practice of massive companies that buy off real estate to rent it on airbnb vs having long term renters.
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  3. silverfishla
    I see what you mean. Hidizs seem to be trying it different ways. They offered the AP60 Pro on Massdrop for $85, which was IMO a very good deal (but two months late on delivery). I wonder how much they will offer the AP80 for on Kickstarter?
  4. AaronDude
    Yeah, I ended up purchasing the fiio m7. I will try it out later. I had a feeling hidizs was going to do this. I would never buy anything on kickstarter myself. It still looks like a decent device but considering they never really updated the firmware version for the ap60 I think the m7 is a safer bet.
  5. rollemao
    freaking kickstarter... so much for "launching"
  6. chupacabra314
    They spent all that money on advertising and a freaking facebook chatbot but somehow couldn't spare an extra $50k for a decent product launch? Too many red flags for me.
    Was hoping the Hiby R3 would be available to the masses by now but I guess I'll have to try the M7 instead.
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  7. crezo
    I can understand peoples frustrations with companies using Kickstarter (especially large companies with millions to spend!), but it's a suoerb platform for small companies to gauge interest in their products and cut down on financial risks - not to mention a crap ton of free advertising.

    More often than not it's the only way smaller campanies can fund next gen development and manufacture.

    Taking Hiby & Hidizs as perfect examples of companies who have delivered before through Kickstarter I'd see it as massively low risk.

    Right now I'm torn between an R3 when they finally become available, and this AP80.

    This smaller form factor and physical knob are big sellers, but then the balanced port on the Hiby is something I'd love to try which the AP80 doesn't have.

    Tough decision.
  8. lesale08
    FF37008B-3788-4BF1-8503-B12CD46DE3F1.png 803FBEF5-FA54-4D86-B7B3-A6788C03C892.png 8B27C79A-36E2-439B-A4A1-FAC3DD38058E.png Just an off topic here juat want to share my experience with HIDIZS :triportsad:

    Seems like I am having a hard time getting my prize from HIDIZS' raffle last February of this year. Oh DH1000 where are you now...

    Tried contacting hidizs via facebook, here on headfi and on their email support but with no luck. Sad..
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  9. UnknownPlan
    It's almost middle of July....
  10. chupacabra314
    And I keep getting bombarded by AP80 ads on FB. Seems like a classic misalignment between marketing and production.
    I gave up on waiting and scored a Hiby from a fellow headfier. Just wasn't completely sold on the M7 at that price range.
  11. HombreCangrejo
    Hmmm... I have read both companies were related in some way, but have you seen that, when clicking over the Hiby logo in hibymusic.net, it takes you to the Hidizs page?
  12. crezo
    All the Instagram ads are driving me nuts. They don't seem to reply to messages either.

    I know you need to build hype before a launch, but iys getting a bit ott without any word of a launch date. But then I am massively impatient and really want one :wink:
  13. UnknownPlan
    r3 certainly tops this because of WiFi, but I want something smaller. Basically I want to use it as a Bluetooth reciver so smaller the better!

    According to the specs published this is more or less the same size of the M0 yeah?
  14. crezo
    Looks to be about twice the size of the m0 from pics. Ive not seen measurements though.
  15. maira
    Touch Screen size is 2,45`` AP80 and 1.54`` M0. AP80 has bigger Frame also....
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
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