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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. chupacabra314
    Wow that's cheap. I was expecting a price similar to the Hiby R3 with similar features. Any idea whether they would do a kickstarter type of campaign first?
  2. HombreCangrejo
    I don't know, but probably no. And, my bad, the price I calculated was in euros. I saw preorder price in a russian shop and, in USD, is more like 159, but that does not match with the "under 150" statement in their FB page, so let's wait and see.

    The russian page was this one:

  3. AaronDude
    I can't wait to see this being sold on Amazon. These lower cost players are great for my lossy audio which is 99% what I listen to. I was hoping it was going to be under 130 bucks but I guess I could go with the shanling m0 if I want to be cheap. im just going to have to wait a couple weeks to make a decision I suppose.

    I'm hoping the body quality would at least be better than the flimsy plastic of the ap60. I got the semi leather case for it and the plastic that holds the player in the case broke up fast because the measurements are slightly too small for the player. I haven't dropped the ap60 in the year I've had it but I don't think it would servive if I did. The ap80 at least sounds like it will be sturdy with the metal and all and be able to take a tumble.
  4. chupacabra314
    FYI the ap60ii is metal and has physical buttons so they already addressed the original's ap60's drawbacks. I'm torn between the ap80 and the M0 too but the 80 has physical playback buttons which I didn't see on the M0.

    Let's see what the power output and impedance are gonna be...
  5. handwander
    If you need more buttons don't forget the M1 exists.
  6. chupacabra314
    Ah but I don’t like where the volume knob is on the m1.
  7. SunshineSketch
    I'm interested in it depending on what the battery life is like. If it's not Android based it should be alright.
  8. RyanM
    I'm pretty excited for this - Hiby OS, nice screen, tactile buttons, FM, 15hr battery life and the right price. Nothing not to like here. Any update on a release date yet?
  9. SunshineSketch
    On their facebook they said late June launch in a comment
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  10. IryxBRO
    Yep. I've got the same information directly from Hidizs. Late June. I would post more news if there are any.
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  11. rollemao
    No updates? Was about to buy the shanling m0 until I saw this.
  12. chupacabra314
    Yeah this whole artificial mystery hype building that so many companies do nowadays is so annoying.
    Ok, you don't know when exactly you'll be ready to launch, fine. At least give us the full specs so we can get something else now if we don't like them, instead of waiting for some random date.
    I guess it could be worse *cough*kickstarter*cough*
  13. handwander
    Aside from the exact retail price, what info are you looking for that isn't in the OP?
  14. rollemao
    Release date. Give me an actual date other than a second hand source saying late june. Specs look ok so far just need a price and release date
  15. chupacabra314
    Power output and output impedance. I'm really hoping for at least 70 mW@32Ohm and <1 Ohm impedance.

    When you're a small company launching a completely new product, especially as complex as this, it is very hard to nail down the date. Whatever can go wrong usually does in the last minute. I've been involved in several product launches in several small companies and it's just the nature of the beast.
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