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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    Mini disc did kick ass, I have very fond memories of it.
  2. okinear
    Sold a minidisc deck from a Pioneer system few months ago. Did not use it much for music though, mostly used minidiscs for data at work. Then it became difficult to find units to read them!!!
  3. ExpatinJapan
    I dont know.
    There doesnt seem to be an information screen everytime.


    @kenloveme Hidizs rep says

    “Ap80 does support Aptx codec, no worries! :), you can see it when you set your earphones/headphones on Bluetooth mode. The A symbol on the top screen means the aptx is activated. “


    When i connect sometimes I get the SBC other times by the BT icon top left corner by the BT symbol is an A.

    *Could this be the APTX indicator? I dont know. (EDIT: Yes).

    AP80 to FiiO FB1 earphones had the A.
    AP80 to iFi xDSD had the A.
    AP80 to Shanling m0(set to APTx) SBC. Had a S.
    Ipod touch 6G to ap80 no A (SBC)
    Shanling to to AP80 no A (SBC)

    I did connect it to the iFi Audio xDSD and it said ‘iFi HQ (aptX) Audio’ but i dont think thats conclusive. More of a name in the search settings.

    (I need a manual...)


    - Results inconclusive.
    EDIT( A by the top left BT icon means APTx).


    @IryxBRO do you have any idea?
    Not sure where to go from here.


    Additional Shanling m0 as source BT set to APTx
    AP80 recieving.


    Annnnd back the other way...



    Thats all I have sorry folks. Sorry.


    And this is why I dont do a full review or comparisons on devices until the end of (KS/IGG) campaigns when the final software/firmware and hardware builds are finally finalized.


    *Hibylink is a quite clever and handy remote
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  4. FunctionalDoc
    Congratulations Hidizs you just hit the $180,000 stretch goal so will be getting an additional color get out and vote for blue.
    BetterLate and kenloveme like this.
  5. abitdeef

    Good idea, looks like they still have to finalize the firmware- like does it really support aptx or is it more like apt????

    And hopefully LDAC happens sooner than later.
    ExpatinJapan likes this.
  6. IryxBRO
    Sorry, cannot help on that now cause don't have any receiver or headphones with AptX support.

    Moreover, never understood buying HiRes audio source to acquire the excellent SQ and limiting it on the last line by AptX or other wireless protocols... IMO
    AndySocial and ExpatinJapan like this.
  7. silverfishla
    To answer your question....the car, my friend, the car. My car has APTX reception and sounds nearly the same as running a line out from a DAP. The plus for running the dap’s Bluetooth here is that o can control the basic functions from my steering wheel so I don’t have to fiddle with the player while I’m driving. Also APTX cable for earbuds when doing chores around the house. Very useful for not getting hung up on doorknobs or catching fire when cooking scrambled eggs over the stove.
  8. kenloveme
    @abitdeef yeah sure hahaha and also the hi-fi player will be made of adamantium, who knows haha! :D
  9. kenloveme
    @FSTOP very glad that you love it! Regardless! :D. We will give an update soon regarding the survey, you will know! :D
    FSTOP likes this.
  10. kenloveme
    @Vimtoman Yeah it has a small red band :), Suggestion is noted, we will see if it is possible! It would make it even more dope I think, thanks!
    FSTOP and Vimtoman like this.
  11. kenloveme
  12. kenloveme
    @IryxBRO @ExpatinJapan Great and amazing job from you guys! Thanks for your inputs! :D
  13. kenloveme
    @FunctionalDoc Many Thanks Doc' for the support! We hope to go even further and do better! :D, regarding the new color, we will make an update soon about it! No worries! :D
  14. Vimtoman
    Wow it hit $180,000. Congrats Hidizs.
    kenloveme likes this.
  15. kenloveme
    @ExpatinJapan As you mentioned it and sharply noticed, it is an indicator to show if the connected earphones/headphones support apt-X. The A symbol on the top screen means the Aptx-X is activated :). So yes, AP80 does really support Apt-X. :)
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