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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. crezo
    There's usually rants in his reviews which is why I find them so entertaining :wink:
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  2. BetterLate
    What HBB didn’t mention was what I consider a major differentiator, R3 has wi-fi and AP80 has FM
  3. xuyiguanyinsi
    And the balanced output
  4. Ashish100
    Any chance of comparison between ap80 and zx300?? Balanced?
    I understand that they are in diff price range but would like to understand the sq difference.

    Planning to buy that one as well.
  5. okinear
    Very good screen for the R3!
  6. AndySocial
    I was thinking the same. The R3 screen looks phenomenally better than the AP80 in this particular video.
  7. chaiyuta
    Sneak Peak of AP80 Color and Armband~

    AP80 01.jpg AP80 02.jpg AP80 03.jpg AP80 04.jpg
  8. Ashish100
    Thank you very much!!! High res photos..
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  9. silverfishla
    Can someone who has the AP80 confirm that the unit actually uses the APTX codec and is actively connecting with it? I just want to make sure because Hidizs said that it was in the AP60/Pro units but it was nowhere to be found. Just want to make sure that they are being honest with this one...for my sake and yours.
  10. abitdeef

    Wow that blue :)
  11. Luhar
    Those pictures just rekt me, I can't decide on a color now...... good thing they are leaving it up to majority vote [I believe?]
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  12. crezo
    Love that blue! Reminds me of my old blue Sony Minidisc Walkman from way way back when... f'n loved that thing.


    Really tempting to go for blue now, but I love the shiny shiny of the silver/grey. It would make a perfect combo for my blue v80s though...hmm.

    Tough call!
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  13. okinear
    Thanks for the pics!

    For some reason I had in mind that the back would remain black whatever the surrounding color?!?!
  14. okinear
    Minidisc... indeed long ago! Were they only for the Japanese market? I don't think I saw these in other places...
  15. crezo
    They came out in the UK back when I was at uni in 2000 I think. I actually got it direct from one of the Sony stores back when they still had their own stores.

    Loved it so much I went all in, bought a seperate minidisc deck for my home hifi and even a minidisc headunit for the car and sounded great in the custom instal O did... money REALLY well spent there haha :wink:

    Still think the format kicked the ass of cds but lasted all of about 2 years I recon till it died a horrific death, I blame Apple still to this day :wink:

    Got this makes me feel old!
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