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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Koolpep

    Since the AP60Pro promised firmware update never happened - do we face the same fate with the AP80? Beta software forever? Any idea when a stable (non-beta) FW will drop for us? Stile l looks a bit unpolished in a few areas - the hiby link iOS app by the way as well - it's great when it works.... wish it would do so more reliably.
  2. Winterheim
    The silence from Hidizs is annoying. Especially when you see them hawking their other merchandise on social media.
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  3. moisespr123
    The AP80 seems to have a problem where it does not decode the SBC audio correctly when it's paired to some USB Bluetooth Transmitters that use newer Qualcomm chipsets. I think it is a resampling problem as the audio sounds high-pitched and distorted.
  4. cazone
    I recently bought a SanDisk 256go micro SD card.
    Filled it up with music. Readable on my MacBook and a windows 10 laptop.
    Also on my AP60 v1.

    But not the AP80....
    Scanning does not work. There is no music found...
    Any idea? Someone else had this problem?
  5. j4100
    Speaking of sd card anomalies. I took the card out of a FiiO X3 and put it in the AP80. When I go to the index, in files, all of the music folders and files can been seen, but when in albums, only 3 albums are shown. Why is this?
  6. AndySocial
    Have you updated the database since inserting the card?
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  7. moisespr123
    You can try to use the File view and see if the folders are shown and if the tracks are there. Then try updating the database. If is it set to Auto, it should update the database whenever the microSD card is inserted, so removing it and inserting it again shown update it. If it is set to Manual, then you must manually update the database.
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  8. cazone
    None of this is working in my case...
    Database update finds no music
    And folder browsing none too
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  9. j4100
    Never added anything, but never thought about updating the database. Makes sense. I'll try that tonight.
  10. moisespr123
    That's very strange. What format are you using for your audio tracks?
  11. AndySocial
    When you look at the System Information, does it recognize that there is any storage available at all? Could be a card format issue (assuming it's not a bad card entirely).
  12. cazone
    a mix of all kind. Mostly flac, some mp3, some wav and ape.
    I think the card is formatted fat32. Or exFAT. I'll check later

    jep. I have to check that again. But the card works fine on two type of computers (mac and win10) and in the AP60 ...
  13. Santojob
    Chapter II

    After several emails, I took several days without answer to my problem in my AP80 by the technical service of Hidizs. It's a pity that being a technically good product, you have such a bad customer service. I see that they continue with their campaigns to promote their various products, but they do not serve customers with problems. Is it so difficult to make a decision and attend correctly?

    I'm still waiting, I hope the next chapter is soon ...

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  14. AndySocial
    I would assume if it worked in the AP60, it would be fine in the AP80. Mysteries might make good stories, but they make incredibly frustrating tech support issues!
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