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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. IryxBRO
    Which driver do you use? Win10 native or ASIO?
  2. jonny30bass
    I've tried both. They have the same amount of lag. 24/96 mode has the least amount of lag, but it still seems like 50ms of lag. I'm wondering if a different anti-aliasing filter will reduce lag.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  3. IryxBRO
    Never thought that USB DAC would be suitable for gaming needs, but I still don't experience apparent lag on Win10 native drivers. Of course, it should be vise versa - ASIO interface usually should give the least lafg possible after setting the buffer size and samples but ASIO drivers from Chinese manufacturers are even worse than native OS ones. Only suitable for music. You should get yourself some external audio card | interface like MAudio, Creative or Line6 with proper ASIO setup that work well for musicians during the recordings. I have Line6 for that and there is no lag with the guitar I/O.
  4. moisespr123
    It does have some lag. I tried both but prefer to use the Windows in-box driver, as it works great with all my devices, but on these DAPs, it definitely has some delay. It is sometimes even noticeable while watching Youtube videos, etc. I believe this is something on the DAP OS itself, since it needs to receive the data and then send this to the AP80 DAC. There's no specialized chip for this like on the DH1000 where it's a Hiby + SmartAction chip that handles the communication directly. At least that's what I think.
  5. jonny30bass
    Oh that makes sense. Well, I guess I'll stick with the Soundblaster E5 that I have, even though it's kinda failing on me. The micro USB port is messed up. Was hoping this could replace it. Also, does anyone know why 32 bit / 384 KHz is not available on Windows in DAC mode?
  6. cazone
  7. TooPoorForHiFi
    Hello, Have some questions.

    1. Can the AP80 be use as an LDAC receiver? Meaning If I want to stream Music from Phone to AP80 in LDAC Codec?

    2. Any Idea how the Battery life is in BT LDAC Only?

    3. Whats the Battery Life for FLAC files Playback

    4. General Pros & Cons about this Player?
  8. jonny30bass
    It can be used as an LDAC receiver. I stream spotify to it all the time.
  9. Santojob
    Hello friends

    I wanted to ask you for advice

    I bought my AP80 through Kickstarter

    Just a few months ago I have it at home, I like its sound. But the headphone jack has started to fail (it fails me with all the ones I have at home) the sound of a channel disappears and it returns when moving the jack of the connected IEM, it only sounds good if I keep the jack pressed in a certain position, if the loose sound fails again.

    I have treated the AP80 very well and not received any hits or misuses, what should I do to solve the problem, since I live in Spain and the company is in China?

  10. CactusPete23
    Sorry to hear about your problem.
    First, I would try cleaning the jack to see if it may just be dirty. Spray an electrical contact cleaner on the male tip, and insert and twist in the AP80's Female jack. If you don't have contact cleaner, try "rubbing alcohol" (isopropanol, or isopropyl alcohol) above 70% strength. A "pipe-cleaner" can also be used with the contact cleaner or alcohol. Just be careful to only insert the same length as the male jack. AND be sure to have device powered off while cleaning; and keep powered off for 5-10 minutes to allow cleaner to evaporate before re-powering the electronics.

    If cleaning does not work, jack may be bent or need repair. In that case you have 2 options: A) Contact Hidizs for repair at their customer service email. or B) take ithe AP80 to a local phone or electronics repair place. They should be able to take off the back and repair or replace the jack.
    I would contact then before taking to a local phone repair shop, in case they have local repair shops of their own.
    Let us know what you end up doing.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  11. Santojob

    @CactusPete23 thank you very much for your help

    I have contacted Hidizs through hello@hidizs.net and I can only wait for your answer to my problem.

    I have cleaned the contacts as you advise me, but the problem persists, it seems to be a welding problem of the headphone jack since, as I was saying, moving the jack of my IEMS correctly connects or disconnects the sound.

    If you can tell me how you can access the part of the circuits so that if it were necessary to open, I imagine that it will be a lid that is strongly stuck on the back of the screen .... but I do not know how I can take it apart or take it off.

    Again, thank you very much for your help and I will inform you with the solution I find
  12. CactusPete23
    @Santojob, You are probably correct, but cleaning is such an easy thing to try first.

    Removing the back is likely the same as with smartphones that have a glass back, You can find videos of doing this on youtube. First make sure that you have a good quality small suction cup, and some plastic pry tools (like a guitar pick). The method is to 1) use a hair dryer, or other source of hot air to heat up the back some. This softens the glue. 2) Attach the Suction cup, and pull on it. The back should loosen and come off. You may need to repeat steps 1 and 2 several times if it did not get hot enough the first time, or if the glue cooled and hardened before you were able to get it completely off. Once back is open, you have access to the battery and electronics. Remember that the back is glass and somewhat fragile. And use the minimum heat that softens the glue to prevent any damage from the heat. People who work on cell phones, know exactly how to do this. The "guitar pick" may help you to pry the back off, once you get a "crack" started. Or it may be unneeded. Again if you must pry, be careful not to damage the glass back. The glass is stronger than you think, but can still crack.

    Good luck !
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  13. moisespr123
    Hidizs doesn't have any repair shop. They will reply to you that you should send it back to China. As others have mentioned, you can try to fix it yourself or check with a local repair shop, but it will also void the warranty. Anyway, there are electronics that are worth fixing yourself :)
  14. Santojob
    Thank you for your advice @moisespr123

    I have sent two videos to Hidizs showing my connection problem & disconnection of the sound jack (3.5 mm jack), in which it is seen how the sound changes (mono & stereo) when moving my finger on the headphone jack ( IEM)


    Now I have to wait to see what they decide about the repair & replacement. The AP80 is under warranty, since only a few months ago I have it in my hands.

    I hope you answer me soon. I will keep you informed.

    Greetings friends and thanks for your help
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  15. moisespr123
    Found the AP80 FCC internal photos document:

    Maybe that can also help diagnose the problem :)
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